Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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February 13, 2008
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Site looks great!  And already folks are starting to swarm and contribute great stuff.  Great job CNN!

February 14, 2008
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Do users get paid?  How does this compare to http://www.moguling.com

February 16, 2008
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It is really good news that iReport has been demoted off the CNN.com domain name.  The biggest drop in ratings (Rank,Reach and Page Views) occured simultaneously to the launch of iReport, compared over the last five years at Alexa.com.  And the CNNfan community really felt that drop. Now, CNN.com can finally get back to the important business of raising there ratings which raises CNN revenues.  Alexa.com now shows CNN.com ratings are climbing in 2008!

February 17, 2008
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This is interesting but I can't find a RSS-feed. To be able to follow this blog it would be great if you added that and if you would have RSS-feeds for all the different categories of news.Groundreport.com does the same mistake. At least I can't find it.

March 7, 2008
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Approx. "19" hours ago I sent 2 photo's and some news copy down there. It is still pending. Will someone check and see if the scanner is plugged please? Thankyou!!!

March 12, 2008
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I'm so sick of hearing and reading of comments expressed by a white person is turned into meaning something racial. Geraldine Ferraro's comments were not ment to create a racial issue nor should it reflect on Hillary in anyway. What's going on? it's so obvious whats been happening that I'm really surprised that the news reporters are being fed all this garbage and loving it like it was candy. Wake up people. If any one has been mistreated in the past its the American Indian and the Jewish people during the second world war!  Stop crying and start appericating all the freedoms we all have now. What happened in the past should be left in the past, and learning from it is the most important so stop all this picking fly-crap out of pepper and get on with the contest. If you don't you could very well set us all back to a very unpleasent time in our history!!!

March 18, 2008
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What's up with Obama?? He says he doesn't want to use the race card but it seems like he is using it for everything!! What about the comment he made about his so called "Minister"? 1st off he said he NEVER heard it now he has (HMM let's think about that, and another thing he said he put his hand on his "family bible" what exactly is that?? I thought you had to put your hand on the Holy Bible now my Minister preaches on LOVE to ALL not just whites!! and if the blacks think white poeple keep them down then y not go back to Kenya!! Truth is they keep themselves down. Obama is 1/2 blk & 1/2 wht. His own grandmother was afraid to walk down the streets with blacks--and what does he say?? And why doesn't he have to answer questions like Hillary Clinton does?? Because he's black?? People need to get off the color train and realize the change we need is a woman and not another MAN!! And when is experience a bad word..when i got my job i sure as heck had to have experience..My mother worked pickin cotton at the age of 5..Did Obama's?? I think not!!

March 18, 2008
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Mr Barack Hussein Obama's messages need a great deal of clarification! He speaks one thing, does another, defends yet another, but none with any clarity or details, though it sounds really great for ignorant Americans. Regardless of what he says, though, HE'S constantly playing the race card every chance he gets. What he should play is the MAN card instead of whining away with his cry-baby anecdotes about his white mother, his black Kenyan father who "left him", his white grandparents who raised him and his vile black hatred preaching minister who introduced him to Christ 20 years ago (Right!). He owes this country the audacity of full disclosure! Who did he have the audacity of believing in 20 years before he found Christ through a hate filled ministerAllah? Jehovah? Buddha? Satan? He has the audacity of talking about moving forward and changing the country,yet he has the audacity to take the same messages that greater men have delivered decades before and "borrow" them. The generation who's been there and heard that is not impressed; they're insulted and outraged! They see the audacity of deceit in his eyes, in his nervous stammers, in his well-rehearsed and memorized single speech a trained chimp could deliver. He may have the audacity to fool the young naive ones, but certainly not the intelligent young ones who have read the lines he borrows from decades ago from anyone,as he is certainly not one to discriminate. Of course, the media has to play along with himnot because Mr Barack Hussein Obama's message of hope is so wonderful or credible--no, it's because they're afraid of the outrage and repercussions from the black communities! The only reality is that Mr Barack Hussein Obama has the audacity to work his chameleon skills to be just the right shade of black, just the right kind of black, just the right speaker. He needs the audacity of admitting that he's actualy the Bi-racial candidate, not the black candidate and that he's the "bone-headed" candidate who wants to be president!

Mr Barack Hussein Obama needs to place his hand on the Holy Bible,place his hand over his heart, say the pledge of allegiance and explore more places of worship that preach love, tolerance, unity and forgiveness instead of hatred and vile demonic messages if he wishes to be a credible Bi-racia candidate, lest he fall from grace yet again as he did in his youth and is slowly falling now. Furthermore, all the wonderful things he professes he has done should be qualified--he needs to put out the numbers of people other than Blacks that have benefitted from both his church of hatred and his personal noble efforts.

Mr Barack Hussein Obama, we're on to you, so "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres". Oh, and don't tell me you don't understand Spanish; that would make you a hypocrite preaching that everyone should learn a second language, and blah... blah... blah...

March 19, 2008
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Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama and the Unacceptability of Truth

Of National Lies and Racial America



For most white folks, indignation just doesn't wear well. Once affected or conjured up, it reminds one of a pudgy man, wearing a tie that may well have fit him when he was fifty pounds lighter, but which now cuts off somewhere above his navel and makes him look like an idiot.



Indignation doesn't work for most whites, because having remained sanguine about, silent during, indeed often supportive of so much injustice over the years in this countrythe theft of native land and genocide of indigenous persons, and the enslavement of Africans being only two of the best exampleswe are just a bit late to get into the game of moral rectitude. And once we enter it, our efforts at righteousness tend to fail the test of sincerity.



But here we are, in 2008, fuming at the words of Pastor Jeremiah Wright, of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicagooccasionally Barack Obama's pastor, and the man whom Obama credits with having brought him to Christianityfor merely reminding us of those evils about which we have remained so quiet, so dismissive, so unconcerned. It is not the crime that bothers us, but the remembrance of it, the unwillingness to let it go--these last words being the first ones uttered by most whites it seems whenever anyone, least of all an "angry black man" like Jeremiah Wright, foists upon us the bill of particulars for several centuries of white supremacy.



But our collective indignation, no matter how loudly we announce it, cannot drown out the truth. And as much as white America may not be able to hear it (and as much as politics may require Obama to condemn it) let us be clear, Jeremiah Wright fundamentally told the truth.



Oh I know that for some such a comment will seem shocking. After all, didn't he say that America "got what it deserved" on 9/11? And didn't he say that black people should be singing "God Damn America" because of its treatment of the African American community throughout the years?


Well actually, no he didn't.



Wright said not that the attacks of September 11th were justified, but that they were, in effect, predictable. Deploying the imagery of chickens coming home to roost is not to give thanks for the return of the poultry or to endorse such feathered homecoming as a positive good; rather, it is merely to note two things: first, that what goes around, indeed, comes arounda notion with longstanding theological groundingand secondly, that the U.S. has indeed engaged in more than enough violence against innocent people to make it just a tad bit hypocritical for us to then evince shock and outrage about an attack on ourselves, as if the latter were unprecedented.



He noted that we killed far more people, far more innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki than were killed on 9/11 and "never batted an eye." That this statement is true is inarguable, at least amongst sane people. He is correct on the math, he is correct on the innocence of the dead (neither city was a military target), and he is most definitely correct on the lack of remorse or even self-doubt about the act: sixty-plus years later most Americans still believe those attacks were justified, that they were needed to end the war and "save American lives."


But not only does such a calculus suggest that American lives are inherently worth more than the lives of Japanese civilians (or, one supposes, Vietnamese, Iraqi or Afghan civilians too), but it also ignores the long-declassified documents, and President Truman's own war diaries, all of which indicate clearly that Japan had already signaled its desire to end the war, and that we knew they were going to surrender, even without the dropping of atomic weapons. The conclusion to which these truths then attest is simple, both in its basic veracity and it monstrousness: namely, that in those places we committed premeditated and deliberate mass murder, with no justification whatsoever; and yet for saying that I will receive more hate mail, more hostility, more dismissive and contemptuous responses than will those who suggest that no body count is too high when we're the ones doing the killing. Jeremiah Wright becomes a pariah, because, you see, we much prefer the logic of George Bush the First, who once said that as President he would "never apologize for the United States of America. I don't care what the facts are."



And Wright didn't say blacks should be singing "God Damn America." He was suggesting that blacks owe little moral allegiance to a nation that has treated so many of them for so long as animals, as persons undeserving of dignity and respect, and which even now locks up hundreds of thousands of non-violent offenders (especially for drug possession), even while whites who do the same crimes (and according to the data, when it comes to drugs, more often in fact), are walking around free. His reference to God in that sermon was more about what God will do to such a nation, than it was about what should or shouldn't happen. It was a comment derived from, and fully in keeping with, the black prophetic tradition, and although one can surely disagree with the theology (I do, actually, and don't believe that any God either blesses or condemns nation states for their actions), the statement itself was no call for blacks to turn on America. If anything, it was a demand that America earn the respect of black people, something the evidence and history suggests it has yet to do.



Finally, although one can certainly disagree with Wright about his suggestion that the government created AIDS to get rid of black folksand I do, for instanceit is worth pointing out that Wright isn't the only one who has said this. In fact, none other than Bill Cosby (oh yes, that Bill Cosby, the one white folks love because of his recent moral crusade against the black poor) proffered his belief in the very same thing back in the early '90s in an interview on CNN, when he said that AIDS may well have been created to get rid of people whom the government deemed "undesirable" including gays and racial minorities.



So that's the truth of the matter: Wright made one comment that is highly arguable, but which has also been voiced by white America's favorite black man, another that was horribly misinterpreted and stripped of all context, and then another that was demonstrably accurate. And for this, he is pilloried and made into a virtual enemy of the state; for this, Barack Obama may lose the support of just enough white folks to cost him the Democratic nomination, and/or the Presidency; all of it, because Jeremiah Wright, unlike most preachers opted for truth. If he had been one of those "prosperity ministers" who says Jesus wants nothing so much as for you to be rich, like Joel Osteen, that would have been fine. Had he been a retread bigot like Falwell was, or Pat Robertson is, he might have been criticized, but he would have remained in good standing and surely not have damaged a Presidential candidate in this way. But unlike Osteen, and Falwell, and Robertson, Jeremiah Wright refused to feed his parishioners lies.



What Jeremiah Wright knows, and told his flockthough make no mistake, they already knew itis that 9/11 was neither the first, nor worst act of terrorism on American soil. The history of this nation for folks of color, was for generations, nothing less than an intergenerational hate crime, one in which 9/11s were woven into the fabric of everyday life: hundreds of thousands of the enslaved who died from the conditions of their bondage; thousands more who were lynched (as many as 10,000 in the first few years after the Civil War, according to testimony in the Congressional Record at the time); millions of indigenous persons wiped off the face of the Earth. No, to some, the horror of 9/11 was not new. To some it was not on that day that "everything changed." To some, everything changed four hundred years ago, when that first ship landed at what would become Jamestown. To some, everything changed when their ancestors were forced into the hulls of slave ships at Goree Island and brought to a strange land as chattel. To some, everything changed when they were run out of Northern Mexico, only to watch it become the Southwest United States, thanks to a war of annihilation initiated by the U.S. government. To some, being on the receiving end of terrorism has been a way of life. Until recently it was absolutely normal in fact.



But white folks have a hard time hearing these simple truths. We find it almost impossible to listen to an alternative version of reality. Indeed, what seems to bother white people more than anything, whether in the recent episode, or at any other time, is being confronted with the recognition that black people do not, by and large, see the world like we do; that black people, by and large, do not view America as white people view it. We are, in fact, shocked that this should be so, having come to believe, apparently, that the falsehoods to which we cling like a kidney patient clings to a dialysis machine, are equally shared by our darker-skinned compatriots.



This is what James Baldwin was talking about in his classic 1972 work, No Name in the Street, wherein he noted:


"White children, in the main, and whether they are rich or poor, grow up with a grasp of reality so feeble that they can very accurately be described as deluded--about themselves and the world they live in. White people have managed to get through their entire lifetimes in this euphoric state, but black people have not been so lucky: a black man who sees the world the way John Wayne, for example, sees it would not be an eccentric patriot, but a raving maniac."


And so we were shocked in 1987, when Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall declined to celebrate the bicentennial of the Constitution, because, as he noted, most of that history had been one of overt racism and injustice, and to his way of thinking, the only history worth celebrating had been that of the past three or four decades.



We were shocked to learn that black people actually believed that a white cop who was a documented racist might frame a black man; and we're shocked to learn that lots of black folks still perceive the U.S. as a racist nation--we're literally stunned that people who say they experience discrimination regularly (and who have the social science research to back them up) actually think that those experiences and that data might actually say something about the nation in which they reside. Imagine.



Whites are easily shocked by what we see and hear from Pastor Wright and Trinity Church, because what we see and hear so thoroughly challenges our understanding of who we are as a nation. But black people have never, for the most part, believed in the imagery of the "shining city on a hill," for they have never had the option of looking at their nation and ignoring the mountain-sized warts still dotting its face when it comes to race. Black people do not, in the main, get misty eyed at the sight of the flag the way white people doand this is true even for millions of black veteransfor they understand that the nation for whom that flag waves is still not fully committed to their own equality. They have a harder time singing those tunes that white people seem so eager to belt out, like "God Bless America," for they know that whites sang those words loudly and proudly even as they were enforcing Jim Crow segregation, rioting against blacks who dared move into previously white neighborhoods, throwing rocks at Dr. King and then cheering, as so many did, when they heard the news that he had been assassinated.



Whites refuse to remember (or perhaps have never learned) that which black folks cannot afford to forget. I've seen white people stunned to the point of paralysis when they learn the truth about lynchings in this country--when they discover that such events were not just a couple of good old boys with a truck and a rope hauling some black guy out to the tree, hanging him, and letting him swing there. They were never told the truth: that lynchings were often community events, advertised in papers as "Negro Barbecues," involving hundreds or even thousands of whites, who would join in the fun, eat chicken salad and drink sweet tea, all while the black victims of their depravity were being hung, then shot, then burned, and then having their body parts cut off, to be handed out to onlookers. They are stunned to learn that postcards of the events were traded as souvenirs, and that very few whites, including members of their own families did or said anything to stop it.



Rather than knowing about and confronting the ugliness of our past, whites take steps to excise the less flattering aspects of our history so that we need not be bothered with them. So, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for example, site of an orgy of violence against the black community in 1921, city officials literally went into the town library and removed all reference to the mass killings in the Greenwood district from the papers with a razor blade--an excising of truth and an assault on memory that would remain unchanged for over seventy years.



Most white people desire, or perhaps even require the propagation of lies when it comes to our history. Surely we prefer the lies to anything resembling, even remotely, the truth. Our version of history, of our national past, simply cannot allow for the intrusion of fact into a worldview so thoroughly identified with fiction. But that white version of America is not only extraordinarily incomplete, in that it so favors the white experience to the exclusion of others; it is more than that; it is actually a slap in the face to people of color, a re-injury, a reminder that they are essentially irrelevant, their concerns trivial, their lives unworthy of being taken seriously. In that sense, and what few if any white Americans appear capable of grasping at present, is that "Leave it Beaver" and "Father Knows Best," portray an America so divorced from the reality of the times in which they were produced, as to raise serious questions about the sanity of those who found them so moving, so accurate, so real. These iconographic representations of life in the U.S. are worse than selective, worse than false, they are assaults to the humanity and memory of black people, who were being savagely oppressed even as June Cleaver did housework in heels and laughed about the hilarious hijinks of Beaver and Larry Mondello.



These portraits of America are certifiable evidence of how disconnected white folks wereand to the extent we still love them and view them as representations of the "good old days" to which we wish we could return, still arefrom those men and women of color with whom we have long shared a nation. Just two months before "Leave it to Beaver" debuted, proposed civil rights legislation was killed thanks to Strom Thurmond's 24-hour filibuster speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate. One month prior, Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus called out the National Guard to block black students from entering Little Rock Central High; and nine days before America was introduced to the Cleavers, and the comforting image of national life they represented, those black students were finally allowed to enter, amid the screams of enraged, unhinged, viciously bigoted white people, who saw nothing wrong with calling children niggers in front of cameras. That was America of the 1950s: not the sanitized version into which so many escape thanks to the miracle of syndication, which merely allows white people to relive a lie, year after year after year.



No, it is not the pastor who distorts history; Nick at Nite and your teenager's textbooks do that. It is not he who casts aspersions upon "this great country" as Barack Obama put it in his public denunciations of him; it is the historic leadership of the nation that has cast aspersions upon it; it is they who have cheapened it, who have made gaudy and vile the promise of American democracy by defiling it with lies. They engage in a patriotism that is pathological in its implications, that asks of those who adhere to it not merely a love of country but the turning of one's nation into an idol to be worshipped, it not literally, then at least in terms of consequence.



It is theythe flag-lapel-pin wearing leaders of this landwho bring shame to the country with their nonsensical suggestions that we are always noble in warfare, always well-intended, and although we occasionally make mistakes, we are never the ones to blame for anything. Nothing that happens to us has anything to do with us at all. It is always about them. They are evil, crazy, fanatical, hate our freedoms, and are jealous of our prosperity. When individuals prattle on in this manner we diagnose them as narcissistic, as deluded. When nations do itwhen our nation doeswe celebrate it as though it were the very model of rational and informed citizenship.



So what can we say about a nation that values lies more than it loves truth? A place where adherence to sincerely believed and internalized fictions allows one to rise to the highest offices in the land, and to earn the respect of millions, while a willingness to challenge those fictions and offer a more accurate counter-narrative earns one nothing but contempt, derision, indeed outright hatred? What we can say is that such a place is signing its own death warrant. What we can say is that such a place is missing the only and last opportunity it may ever have to make things right, to live up to its professed ideals. What we can say is that such a place can never move forward, because we have yet to fully address and come to terms with that which lay behind.



What can we say about a nation where white preachers can lie every week from their pulpits without so much as having to worry that their lies might be noticed by the shiny white faces in their pews, while black preachers who tell one after another essential truth are demonized, not only for the stridency of their tonewhich needless to say scares white folks, who have long preferred a style of praise and worship resembling nothing so much as a comabut for merely calling bullshit on those whose lies are swallowed whole?



And oh yes, I said it: white preachers lie. In fact, they lie with a skill, fluidity, and precision unparalleled in the history of either preaching or lying, both of which histories stretch back a ways and have often overlapped. They lie every Sunday, as they talk about a Savior they have chosen to represent dishonestly as a white man, in every picture to be found of him in their tabernacles, every children's story book in their Sunday Schools, every Christmas card they'll send to relatives and friends this December. But to lie about Jesus, about the one they consider Godto bear false witness as to who this man was and what he looked likeis no cause for concern.



Nor is it a problem for these preachers to teach and preach that those who don't believe as they believe are going to hell. Despite the fact that such a belief casts aspersions upon God that are so profound as to defy beliefafter all, they imply that God is so fundamentally evil that he would burn non-believers in a lake of eternal firemany of the white folks who now condemn Jeremiah Wright welcome that theology of hate. Indeed, back when President Bush was the Governor of Texas, he endorsed this kind of thinking, responding to a question about whether Jews were going to go to hell, by saying that unless one accepted Jesus as one's personal savior, the Bible made it pretty clear that indeed, hell was where you'd be heading.



So you can curse God in this wayand to imply such hate on God's part is surely to curse himand in effect, curse those who aren't Christians, and no one says anything. That isn't considered bigoted. That isn't considered beyond the pale of polite society. One is not disqualified from becoming President in the minds of millions because they go to a church that says that shit every single week, or because they believe it themselves. And millions do believe it, and see nothing wrong with it whatsoever.



So white folks are mad at Jeremiah Wright because he challenges their views about their country. Meanwhile, those same white folks, and their ministers and priests, every week put forth a false image of the God Jeremiah Wright serves, and yet it is whites who feel we have the right to be offended.



Pardon me, but something is wrong here, and whatever it is, is not to be found at Trinity United Church of Christ.



Tim Wise is the author of: White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son (Soft Skull Press, 2005), and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White (Routledge: 2005). He can be reached at: timjwise@msn.com

March 19, 2008
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In respons to Finkenhof...If you read in the Bible, Jesus was of a Jewish Desent..Not a white man!! Not a black man!! and if people choose to believe everythig their Pastor, Minister,etc: says instead of reading the Holy Bible themselves then SHAME ON THEM!

March 20, 2008

Time out people.

Barack's Pastor was merely speaking according to the book of revelations- THE END.  and like it or not YOU CAN'T STOP THE RAPTURE.... so, let's allow this subject to expire with interest.

Meaning: Don't feed it and it can't grown.


Ladies' Hood Journal 

kick'n it on the ireport.

March 20, 2008

As a matter of fact, how would people like it if; Barack bowed-down on a piece of carpet and faced Mecca to pray.


All's I'm saying is - there will always be hold-outs; just like the one's who held down Ohio's 12th Congressional District against Hillary's best shot.


Ladies' Hood Journal - iReporting from the field.

March 20, 2008


how about if he prayed to Lucifer?  Can the man please have a vocal pastor - like the rest of us.   After all, he is Black you know. 


Ladies' Hood Journal reporting.

March 24, 2008
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We Chupacabras agree, "been there, seen that,done that"  

By the time Blacks, Bi-racial Blacks, African-Americans, whatever kinds of Blacks in the USA caught on to the whole concept of Liberation Theology, all they had to do was re-spin, re-package, re-falsify and re-dress in theological terms the original Marxist model that failed in the 60's in South America. How unimaginative could James Cone and his followers be? They had to copy a South American model to launch in the 80's. Por favor!

There's nothing new and certainly nothing unexpected going on here with Mr Barack Hussein Obama. It is now time for Mr Barack Hussein Obama to kneel, bow, or lay prone and pray, whine, whatever to whomeverfacing north, south, east or westwith all his Audacity of Black Liberation Theology of Hatred...and he should do so with the greatest Audacity of Hope...

We intelligent Chupacabras know how it really is and what's going down with Mr Barack Hussein Obama and the company he keeps and we know all too well what that whole burden of white oppression is all about. We see through him, cringe at the things his scared granny used to say, balk at his possessed pastor and denounce the whole Black Liberation Theology.

We already know about that revolutionary humanistic philosophy claiming a spiritual basis is nothing more than ...

false doctrine with a whole new fancy name so Black Americans in the USA can think it's all brand new.

After all, they have every right to seek social justice through populist revolt, tryng to get ahead, that's all. We Chupacabras know that false doctrine is still false, no matter what name is attached to it and revolutionary fervor is still that--that's all we Chupacabras say; it's so transparent --so pray...and hope and have the audacity to continue...to change...to whisper si se puede if he can once he's through.

March 26, 2008
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I wonder if someone could please explain to me, how does it work, when I noticed that in state of Texas Hillary Clinton has obtained from primaries 65 delegates and from caucuses 29 delegates, total of 94 delegates.

Obama on the other hand got in primaries 61 delegates and 38 from caucuses, total of 99 delegates. How come that on CNN page in politico still shows that Hillary C. has won, when in the fact Obama has more delegates in total in the state of Texas.

April 8, 2008
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Can someone tell me what exactly does Obama mean by a "Typical white woman"? If he is saying his white grandmother was afraid to walk down the street cuz there were a gang of blk men,,then I sure as hell don't blame her!! Being a woman my self I'm afraid of the gangs, whether their blk, wht, hispanic or any other color. HAVE YOU PEOPLE NOT HEARD OF RAPE!! And as far as typial goes ,,the jails & prisons are 75% blk. now should we say "Well typical blk men"? I THINK SO!! what's good for 1 is good for the other..This racist crap needs to stop. Martin Luther King said WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER not just the blk people,,HMMM them people must be listening to the ignorant man called Malcolm X and yes I said it!! We women have very little rights and if they think Obama is gonna do something for them they better think again. DO YOU NOT REMEMBER HE WAS A SLUM-LORD!!!!!!! White man does not keep the blk man down they keep themselves down by thinking WE owe them something..WE owe them NOTHING!! Why do they not go out and get a damn job like everybody else!! And by the way doesn't Obama even appreciate his WHITE grandmother raisng him and supporting him?? His blk ass wouln't be where he is if it wasn't for his TYPICAL WHITE GRANDMOTHER!! and beside we whts and blks need to stick 2gether to concur these foreiners!! Think about it people.

May 24, 2008
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You know this election is about to make me sick. Why is it that Obama can say and do anything but when Hillary does or say something the media and the news crew people get on her?? Well paybacks are a bisquit!! That's why Ted Kennedy is getting his now because he actually left a woman to die and she did die because of his neglience!!! Well what goes around comes around...now he has cancer!! Should we feel sorry for him..I say HELL NO because who felt sorry for the woman he left for DEAD!! Or did you ppl 4get about that?? You better realize Berry Obama is a muslim and he will try to help the pesident of Iran wipe Israel off the map!! BAD MISTAKE! The Bible says "No man shall take Israel",,,that's why were having all this BAD weather. Have you noticed the states Berry won has been devestated in tornados or some other type of sever weather.. You need to read the Bible!! Not the karan, not the satan bible, or the any other crap..Read King James and learn from it!!

August 6, 2008
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Never was a Rebublican but after Berry Hussain Obama got in I sure am changing my mind on that 1!!!! He has some kind of ties to the Islamic world or right down a muslim!!! We DO NOT need that kind of trash in the White House.. He IS NOT gong to ANYTHING for the blk. community but maybe put they asses in the Ghetto homes that he HAD at 1 time!!!! Keep believing his B.S. and you watch & mark my words if this doesn't come to pass.. Good Luck People

September 28, 2008
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Obama is a LIER and the father of them too!!!! If you think he is going to do anything for anyone but himself you got another thing coming!! He is lieing to the people and you people are believing his crap!! He took money from Fanny Mae,,what the hell do you think he did with it??? And this is my PERSONAL opinion---The man is an idiot,talks like someone with a paper mouth that needs to be set on fire!!!! So go ahead and listen to his stupid ass cuz u will see he is going to do nothing for the blacks or anyone else..Like he said, off welfare and go to work..HAHA  so looks like no more free ride for the LAZY!!! Get a damn job like the rest of us people have to and quit bitchin about the white ppl keeping you down..Go and try to find a job like the rest of us have to!! You need to quit looking at the color of his skin and start listening to his words and u will see he is a lier!! All he is a Ghetto owner and a lieing SOB.

December 4, 2009
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January 7, 2010
January 7, 2010
January 12, 2010
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February 6, 2010
March 16, 2010
March 16, 2010
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April 9, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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April 18, 2010
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April 19, 2010
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April 19, 2010
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