Thursday, February 21, 2008
Fixed! No more lopped off headli...

Great news -- we just released a new patch to the software that fixes a few things that were bugging us. My personal favorite, the truncated story headlines you used to see on story pages. Before the fix went out, the headline on the story page would get chopped down to just the first line, which resulted in some fairly silly stuff: "BREAKING NEWS Ketchup" instead of "BREAKING NEWS Ketchup assassinated," etc. Actually, that one's still pretty silly even with the full headline, but you get the idea. Also, we added in ellipses to homepage headlines that get shortened to fit in tight spaces.


We have more fixes coming in future releases. Here are a few of the big ones:


* Comments that disappear


* "Most commented" sort on main page not always right


* Posted time not always accurate on stories


* Stories with multiple photos not displaying on IE 6


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February 22, 2008
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At least it didn't say "BREAKING NEWS Ketchup ass"

March 20, 2008
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To the Politico Team.


I am offended that you sent me an email telling me you pulled my blog because it was too inflammatory. I found this quite amusing.  The reason I found this so amusing is exactly indicative of these times in which both African Americans and Whites across the nation all say they want to have a discussion about race. Give me a break no one wants to talk about race unless of course you are African American and you want to slam whites in the head or you are whites and want to make fun of Angry African Americans and walk away saying “see how angry they are.”   

This is even more reason why my comments in fact hit the nail on the head. If you go back and read any of my postings you will see that I am just a voter; contrary to the little hot heads on the Obama campaign and that of the CNN staffers who follow this blog. I am a voter. No more, no less. I am just a voter  with a little time on my hands, who as so many have been caught up in the progressive down slide of the democratic campaign. I am an independent who in fact has been undecided as to who to vote for. I lean toward the Republican side, but since I liked Bill Clinton I thought I would watch Hillary Clinton, but I voted for Bush last election, not once but twice, I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary hoping Obama would change my mind because we all want change… So basically I would say I am as many independents most of the time “sitting in the middle of the fence”. If you know anything about the independent party that is what we do…we are middle of the road on everything, but in the end someone gets our vote because we always vote.

So for all of you who said I was somebody from the Clinton campaign or from the McCain campaign get a grip. I am a middle age woman who basically retired five years ago from the corporate world as a Sales & Marketing Exec. to become a farmer.

So now you can all rest. I am not a “political agitator” I don’t feed stories to the blogs, or do anything else other than vote and farm. 

If I offended anyone in the past or do so now I apologize as that is not my intention but was most likely a “poor choice of words.”

But  I suggest you first read the entire blog not just the “snipits” which everyone seems to want to draw an opinion from an perhaps we might be able to have a discussion without the name calling, without the hate comments or without Politico being pressured into pulling my comments from the blog.  You can disagree, but disagree constructively; that is if anyone really wants to move ahead to grow from this and talk about race issues so everyone can see everyone else’s point of view.


Here is my point. The Dem’s started out on the same foot, It began with race and it will end with race; it came from both sides stop pointing the fingers. In any race issues there are always two, never just one, who participate….One the victimizer, and one crying the victim of it.. Same thing, same press lines different outcome.

That in it self sadly, will be the history of this campaign. Not the fact that we are all proud to be part of a country who is demonstrating that anyone, regardless of race, color, religious beliefs can have the opportunity to become  President in this and only this country in the world. Not the fact that every country is watching us “put the words of the constitution into practice. And sadly believe it or not, this is at a time when the United States needs friends. Important things are happening in this election and not just the selection of our President…. for whatever reason you choose to elect whomever….but because we do need real change. We need to improve our reputation as a national leader, we must gain friendships and cross over boundary lines and we must find immediate solutions to find new oil sources until our nation can move ahead through alternative sources without penalizing Americans in the meantime. That means new relationships with some of the oil countries we may have hated for their ideas and opinions of the past.  We also are in a war in which no matter who is elected, we as a country will have to downsize our army and pull some troops out. This is not because of any presidential move, but rather the pure economics of it. The Republican administration is already moving to make the war a “non issues” so don’t let the rhetoric about the war fool you into believing how any candidate voted on it or “if any candidate did not vote for the war really matters. It doesn’t. It is just more politics to get your vote and it prays on those who don’t follow economic conditions, economic sanctions or any other social situations that plague our country.  This is a must and everyone knows it is a must; the only real question is “how.” The when does not matter because we all agree it is an “economic must” and it must be done correctly so all candidates MUST consult with the armed forces to do ANYTHING.  Do not believe any of their rhetoric….because the outcome on that issue is the same. I will skip the oil issues but would honor the debate an exchange of ideas on that subject it is probably the most powerful discussion of this campaign.

Now, lets get to the race issue. We as Americans love sensationalism.  We get glued to the TV and stuck on the minutia of anything. We are a young, impatient society that can’t even read or listen to a full news clip without cutting someone else off in mid sentence, without voicing our opinions and overshooting others all without the facts being clear, we love the story, but we lack the patience to properly write one or prepare one. In this presidential campaign  everyone has consistently wanted Clinton to go home, bow out, at times so did I.   Because Obama wants to win but doesn’t really want to “win it” without going all the way to really “win it.” Ask yourself, is that right?  It is just indicative of these youthful times where most lack the patience and perseverance or attention span to continue on to the finish line.  So drop out so the other can win?

Race talk makes white America uncomfortable is rhetoric. White America is like African America; we all want to know more about it, we all want to understand it, but unfortunately there is no one to properly open up the dialogue without getting our head cut off or being called a racist, or worse told to “shut up”.

This is a “social condition of today’s youth, turning epidemic…. that is opening up its head again and turning us backwards to the 80-90’s. But stop and think for a moment….this is not the “baby boomer” generation talking here, we are not the angry ones here, it is our new youth and that is why we need to be careful how we discuss this race issue.  We have a generation gap here that is being mixed up in race issues  many of us older folks thought we worked through and through time we “learned to get a long and grow”.    Never before, have we had an election in which so many young people have turned out to vote. But these young people of today have opportunity that their mothers and fathers did not have except through Affirmative action and that was the point Ferraro was trying to get at before she so shockingly has been called a racist……’s youth do not have the history their parents had with race issues…because times have changed. They have changed quite a bit from the 80’s to now. But the media propaganda would have us think differently. Just like their old outdated war clips, running over and over combined with the rhetoric of the Rev. Wright.

Lets look at CNN, shame on you CNN, you propaganda yourselves….you pick from all of the African American community, two of the most angry African American women you could find, you bring on Roland Martin who was so angry during the OJ Simpson time that white America can’t get past that to even listen to his words. You rile up the youth….Ask yourself Why? If you did not add the  “angry” black component to the CNN format you would have an educated discussion that would in fact be comfortable enough for all to participate; black or white. Once again you use an “old media trick” to unfairly paint a portrait of Black America. Something Bill Cosby worked years to fight against in the media. Something youth is unfamiliar with, but the Baby boomers know this old trick intimately.


The media ads to the racial division under the guise that they are bringing  “us the message” when in fact they bring us a “ censored message”  without bringing  us the “total message.” 

Last night on Hannity,  Sean would not let the Black Panther group leader even speak, even get his point out… he had to shout to be heard….Is that right? Is that helping our situation? Is that dialogue….Come on, I wanted to hear what he said, I wanted to know why Obama removed this man from his web site…I am white, and yes I want to hear it, I want to know it without the censorship of the news media.

And final, in my comments I made previously I said “Martin Luther Kings dream died with this last speech from Obama”

I feel it did, Let me explain that. It died because Obama blamed the white man, not in the same tone and way previously used by the Jackson and Sharptons but in an educated cleaned up way and it was offensive and directed to rile up our youth voters- no different than the days of Louis Farrakhan who used our youth as he traveled from campus and campus to recruit the angry black youth of the 80’s. 

Once again the media clamped on it, praised it and compared it to that of Martin Luther Kings great speeches, Nonsense! Martin Luther King did not lie to the public, he stood proud and today he stands tall. He didn’t use those lies to poison our youth.

White America is uncomfortable about the Obama lies and  the Obama press machine, plain and simple, and they are uncomfortable about the way in the end no matter how much progress we think we made, it takes someone with no history at all in fighting for black rights to get us today to where we are; angry….one man’ speech took us back again to feel the shame of those times of which he himself had no experience of at all. And make no mistake Obama did so not to open up dialogue, but rather to stir up the youth vote. That is shameful.  

We have come far, just not far enough. Parents tell your children about what it was like to not ever have a black American on television, than progress a bit but be disappointed that for a black person to be on TV you had to be stereotyped as murders, muggers, and rapist. Tell them what it was like never to have a black news commentator, parents tell your children what it was like to be called the “n” word and feel the sting and bite of real racism as reflected by being turned down from every single job you applied for time after time after time again. Please tell your children what it was like being rejected from white college campus’s across the nation, because that was the 80’s slowly moving past that after the Jessee Jacksons and Al Sharptons came to fight, and the Bill Cosby’s, and  the Rev. Wrights, the Farrakhans, affirmative action, and on an on until the mid 90’s. Than tell them how far we have come, thankfully to all of these people who played a role in that progress positively or negatively, never the less they all played a major role in opening our eyes to the clear, un-blurred signs of those times.. As did affirmative action which is what Ferraro was trying to explain.


Today, we have a problem, a problem we baby boomers thought we talked out somewhat by having our faces smashed into the mirror of hate offered up by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton who; have all grown beyond those days and now we can actually talk to one another and even respect one another’s viewpoints.  We don’t forget those days, but we have learned to grow and move ahead for the sake of progress.


We are in dangerous waters here. People, do not let Obama for one minute make you think that today we are where we were in the 80’s, because we are not. We just need to help our youth move forward and stop calling each others names. And more important we need to keep moving forward towards progress.


And final, people;  be very careful, we are tattering so closing to the line of separation between church and state that it is so frightening to every one who actually knows and has read the full constitution.

December 4, 2009
December 21, 2009
February 6, 2010
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April 9, 2010
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