Thursday, March 20, 2008
You said it

Is it possible to have a healthy online discussion without it deteriorating into a hate-filled shouting match? Here at, we think the answer is yes.


Last night a heated discussion was born -- sparked by a video taken by iReporter skc of protestors being arrested in San Francisco on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war. The lively conversation began with concern for the protestors, and quickly evolved into discussions about the Iraq war, the terror attacks of 9/11, civil rights, civil disobedience, stability in Iraq, the economy, and the race for the White House, etc. Why is this worth noting? Because is more than just a place to share your stories; it's also a place to come to discuss your stories, and share your opinions. This is your site. So go ahead, join the conversation. There's one happening right now at

March 21, 2008
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where are all the people who are against the war. I hear about them all the time. So where are they??????

Boy do I remember the protests of the Vietnam war, Passion and resolve were the basics for that war. I fel no passion, It makes me very sad to hear and see the reports from the middle or left thet seem so unwilling to make some waves. The right seems to know how to rile up there masses, we seem to be just there....

Bush has really messed things up across the board, and he seems to be geting away with it. What's going on????

Wheather they win this part of the war now, give it a few years and it will be all the same thing again.

Just leave that part of the world alone and maybe we might not have so many enimies wanting to kill us.

Think about it, there always have been striff there and there always will. We should leave them alone.

Lots more to come....

Pete in Phoenix

March 21, 2008
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Comment on the Rev. debacle:



Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons really highlighted the fact that it has been politically ok, for blacks to publicly bash whites for years and years. People have been turning the other cheek on this for a very long time, and I feel it's a good thing that this happened. Comedians like "Chris Rock" and shows like "the Boondocks" are vessels to what has been creating a standard that has been creating more and more hate. I hope more people see this happening besides me and a few others. Either that, or people are just trying to ignore it.

March 21, 2008

My Pastor is off the chain too.  One sermon made me want to wait for him outside with a brick - then, there was another sermon where; i left sad and lonely and came happier than-a-lark..that was my last vist.


Mz. Ella @ Ladies Hood Journal - haviing church at home & cooking my Sunday dinner,service time: all day, hallalujah.

March 21, 2008

How to deal with DREAD.

rUN through it, like your on fire.

That's it.

Mz. Ella @ Ladies' Hood Journal reporting

April 4, 2008
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I know that Pastor's or whomever your spiritual leader is has said something you didn't agree with but you remained in the church for the times that you did agree and for your spiritual growth.  People don't always see eye to eye but you don't disown them for it. MLK said things when he was alive that people wouldn't agree with but he is and was a Great speaker and he understood people.  I am hoping that Barack Obama gets the presidency as he could unite our country and hopefully the different races and religions that live here in Our UNITED STATES!  I am a 58 year old white woman who believes that we should and Can live together as it says in the Bible!  We should all unite to make our country great again and to show other peoples of the world that we cannot be destroyed from within!  WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE!

April 8, 2008
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If we ask questions, is there some place to get the answers??

April 8, 2008
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@poulos, ask away! You might also look in the site's FAQ.
April 11, 2008
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I have noticed that some people judge others based

on the color of their skin.

Some people have told me that they don't like "black" people.

Some have told me they don't like "white" people.


I am confused when they tell me that because I can't remember ever seeing a person with black skin, or ever seeing a person with white skin.


At a recent gathering of Caucasians, African Americans and Hispanics I voiced my confusion.  People responded to me like I was nuts!


So, to explain myself, I suggested that all of the African Americans put a piece of black paper under their fore-arm. I suggested that the others put a white piece of paper under their fore-arms. Then I asked them if any of their skins were the same color as the paper under their arm. Every single person told me that their skin appeared to be brown. Not only that, but each African American who called themselves "black" said that their arm appeared to be a different shade of brown than many of the other "blacks", and the Caucasians and Hispanics also said that most of their arms all seemed to be uniquely different shades of brown.


So, I said, "That is the reason for my confusion. My eyes tell me that everyone has different shades of brown skin - and different colored eyes, and hair, and differently shaped bodies. Each of us appears to be like a snow flake -  no two are exactly the same. That's why I don't understand this Skin Thing - For me, our differences are what make each of us special and interesting. If everyone was just like me, I think, the world would be a very boring place."

Peace and Joy

April 17, 2008
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    Kawecki has transformed the dialogue of advance modern physics to a fantastic intermeiate literature. Believed to be a fact of the science in modern physics Rodney Kawecki beleives his theory is unique enough to be accepted as a sound and protective dialogue for future scientific exploration technology.  SEGUTT short spelling for the title of the book. Is an ambitious book literature comparable to quantum dynamics and relativity and those physicists in the developement of classical modern physivs advancements.  Even though The Supertellic Force'  asserts a faster velocity then relativity its mathematics are in sequence with relativity equations. Acting as an extension SEGUTT or The Quanta Physics Study ' illustrates an increase in objectal velocity traveling through open interstellar space assumed to Albert Einstein to be the same as his gravity field figures.  This diivsion of space and field desrciptions are separated in Q.P.T. study math and

explained as separate entity fields. That approach not relevent with Einstein's work that is contradicted.

    As such this book is a must read for community intterest groups that are most interested in science especially modern physics and controvercy about the Universe space time and future exploration technology. Written well enough that a layman can read. This book I guarentee won't let you put it down.


April 23, 2008
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I believe that it is not only posable but necessary to talk about this debacle of a war.

     Gorge W. Bush has used fear of the unknown, few outside of the faith of islam understand its long history and its attachment to Christianity and Judaism. So the fear of the unknown,  coupled with an unhealthy amount of religious  riotousness is  a dangerous brew.

     This concoction not unlike that used by the popes of the crusades to justify there crusade. The move from religion to militant holy war on both the islamist and the Gorge W. Bush and his fundamentalist views, of one being gods soldiers.  The other terrorists is fundamentally flawed both equally wrong. What we are destroying on both sides is our YOUTH. In other words our FUTURE!

      It's time for PEACE! Either side is right and the killing MUST STOP!

     We must see that both faiths spring from the same story.

     I am personally  not inclined to believe in a higher being but that is for a variety of reasons one being people of faith kill in the name of god to spite the fact that killing is forbidden by all 3 faiths.

I believe in finding common ground for all Races, Religions & Abilities, As I am disabled and have faced discrimination because of that difference.

      I am pleased to join this discussion and am ready to answer any questions provided that the question is asked nicely and that I do not conceder it too personal but I look forward to lively conversation. have a wonderful day.


      I hope you find a reason to smile. I find smiling even when you do not feel like it helps improve the way you feel. I hope it works for you too.

May 4, 2008
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? Obama's judgement?? They say that he should of known about Rev. Wright. But Hillary should of known about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, And that is in her own house.

Also in the Compassion Debate hillary was ask if she recieved the Holy Ghost, (she did not know) and they ask if God put her on theis journey and she said "no"

June 4, 2008
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August 19, 2008
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(I am sorry, tried for nearly an hour to email cnn with a general comment but no matter what will not allow me to so I guess I will post here and hope it trickles up the cnn chain)

An open letter to Rick Warren and all who saw/will see the “faith forum” with Obama and McCain:


I watched the “Faith Forum” on the weekend with great interest. As a born-again Christian who believes that the Bible IS God’s living world divinely inspired through His prophets and apostles and that God is LIGHT and CANNOT deceive and therefore the Living Word IS to be taken literally. To do so otherwise only creates confusion and God gives clarity. WHEN an analogy/metaphor etc IS used it is clearly given as such. For instance using similes such as “He is like…:” versus “I am…” So taking this as an exploration of each candidate in regards to their “faith” I felt I must compare each of their respective answers to what the Bible says IS. Here is what was revealed to me…(and others!)


You asked…what their faith means to them…


Obama- It immediately stuck me when he used “hopefully” his sins will be washed away! Hopefully?! God promises that IF we acknowledge we are sinners, repent and thus accept Jesus as our PERSONAL saviour we ARE forgiven (through grace as express through Jesus’s sacrifice)


McCain- Answer in accordance to the scriptures!


You asked….when does life begin…


Obama - said he could not answer as it was beyond his pay grade! We praise God for the Bible because in too numerous versus to cite right now God says it begins at conception and to NOT protect that life from conception IS murder! And in regards to Obama claiming women do not enter into the decision without great consideration is certainly contrary to MY personal experience. The VERY reason so many abortions take place that women put soooo little thought into it they don’t even honour their sexuality/bodies/sanctity of marriage and too often get pregnant without concern because they know they can to easily “fix” that.


McCain - again answered according to scripture! God states in the Bible he knows each and every one of us even BEFORE we are born. NO woman who goes through with her unplanned pregnancy  (despite any insuring hardship) ever regretted having their child. Too numerous women suffer from great regret/depression often years later or even their whole lives after having an abortion. Answer this…if an anti-abortionist is PRO life… what?! Is a pro-choicer against?!


You asked whether evil exist AND gave the following FOUR options

…should we      -ignore it?

          -negociate with it?

          -contain it?

          -defeat it?


Obama- did NOT answer. Instead he added a 5th option “confront” it! Very deceitful! As it is true, we ALONE cannot defeat evil we are still commanded to live our lives with the conviction that evil IS and WILL be defeated! Interesting that Obama didn’t even want to consider containing it! Which WILL happen during Christ return and His 1000 year Kingdom on earth before final judgement of the unsaved!


McCain-again! Without hesitation McCain triumphantly declared “defeat it!” The scriptures say that the selfishness and wickedness we inflict on one another abroad and in the home (as Obama alluded to) is part of Satan’s plan to distract and deceive us so that we do not find salvation/do not grow in Christ when we do/are made poor ambassadors for Christ through our reluctance to defer to God‘s will!


You asked each to give a $ amount for what constitutes being rich. Now IF you are asking as a question of FAITH (this WAS a FAITH forum) you CANNOT give a number! The scripture has much to say on this…

-we are NOT to build our riches on earth…

-we are NOT to worry about tomorrow ( “ye of little faith…” )

-it is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (through NOT impossible!)



Obama- was NOT answering in faith but using a secular measure!


McCain- recognized that richness was not necessarily a $ amount! Many rich men are very unhappy (which implies that some of the most poor are amongst the most happy-myself included!)


In summary…


Obama made great effort to avoid answering ANY of the pastor’s questions directly in order to give the “impression” of faith despite NONE of his convictions having ANY basis in scripture! I sadly believe McCain LOST the election answering as God dictates.


Other comments Obama made with NO basis in scripture/even contradict scripture include…


He did NOT know what lies beyond this life!?! The Bible clearly states COUNTLESS times! Paradise (Heaven) for the redeemed and the abyss (Hell) for the unrepentant! God is utterly by His very character UNABLE to deceive YET Obama who “professes” to be a Christian does NOT witness to this! If to be a Christian one merely recognize a power greater then themselves/greater purpose, believe that God exist and that Jesus died for our sins then TECHNICALLY Satan is a Christian! NO! To be a Christian  means we have repented and thus IMMEDIATELY all our sin-debts are COMPLETELY wiped away including ALL PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE transgressions!


The CHURCH refers to nothing  more/less then the “body of Christ” meaning the collective of ALL who have repented and been born again in Christ. The Church’s purpose…

- to fellowship with other Christians in order to worship God and to encourage one another so that we may grown in our reliance and faith in the Lord. That reminds me of Obama’s discouraging remarks regarding those who turn to God in their hour of need/trouble…that is what God TELLS us to do. For by ourselves we ARE incapable of overcoming our trials and tribulation thusly we MUST turn to God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son if we truly desire to defeat evil!


Various books in the Bible, including Daniel and Revelation, tell of the growing falling away and division of the Church through the deceptive divisionary tactics of Satan. It is not enough to acknowledge evil BUT also to know the author of LIES who encourages our blindness of God TRUTH and that Satan IS REAL. His greatest accomplishment being his convincing EVEN Christians that Satan is not a real person. Again, contradictory to the scriptures!


What McCain KNOWS that Obama is either oblivious to/consciously ambiguous about is that God is NEVER CHANGING! SIN IS SIN. Today as much as it has EVER been. We CANNOT/MUST NOT! Lower our standards of righteousness ESPECIALLY because our TOLERANCE to sin has increased!


Jesus IS coming! No one but the Father knows the precise hour as He will come like a thief in the night! But we must make our hearts ready and PRAY, amongst other things, for the revival of the Church (especially the complacent!) so that we step up our efforts in spreading the Gospels and using what time we have left to live as ambassadors of Christ in EVERY aspect of life (as Christians we cannot separate any aspect of our lives, even political, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people  - and it will! Just because they don’t want to hear doesn’t mean it is not truth and they do not need to hear it!.


Now I MUST be honest and confess I have numerous suspicions regarding Obama and not just regarding his politics! Admittedly many people are making accusations that Obama may/is the antichrist. But before you reject this conclusion too quickly consider the following…


YES! MANY of those online making  the claim online are “nut jobs” and are NOT making their conclusion based on scripture. MOST of these people ARE anti-Obama/racist/anti-Republican/anti-abortion/anti-gay marriage/”crazy” and MOST don’t even believe in God and/or the Bible! BUT, contrary to what many “Christians” who dismiss this claim forget is…


-while God tells us NOT to look for sings, we WILL see signs IF we DO NOT allow ourselves to be deceived! (One of the reason He gave us the Bible AND gives us the Holy Spirit)


-the Bible TELLS us that MOST, even the Church WILL NOT recognize the antichrist when he is FIRST revealed HOWEVER MANY will recognize him! AND those who DO first recognize him WILL be discredited/ridiculed as the Church has increasingly lost authority/been ridiculed/hated/compromised as part of Satan’s plan to deceive!


-the Bible TELLS us that while no one but the Father KNOWS the PERCISE time of Christ return, the generation that LIVES to see the reinstatement of Israel and the beginning of the return of the Jewish people AND the reclaiming of Jerusalem (ALL which have taken place in this generation’s lifetime!) WILL be THE generation that LIVES to see the rapture and the return of Christ AND His Kingdom here on earth!


-if you do not accept the WHOLE of the Bible as the TRUE LITERAL LIVING WORD of God, then ALL of it is loses authority and Jesus truly died in vain!


Many, myself included REJOICE in the revelation that Jesus is not only coming BUT we, HERE on earth NOW! Now know that His return is immenent! God’s plan is nearing fulfillment BUT time IS running out and we pray that those who STILL REFUSE to SEE will “get right” with God through redemption in Jesus Christ BEFORE ALL see and it is too late!


PLEASE do NOT lose sight of the Churches TRUE purpose and what it REALLY means to be redeemed through Christ AND what the Bible REALLY says!


God bless us ALL!


Nancy Eldridge

(I apologize for my long windedness, I even wanted to say more!)


I pray that Pastor Warren has NOT fallen under the sway of Obama especially without REALLY (word for word) SEEING what Obama REALLY answered/deceitfully did not answer/only answered in part/or answered contradictory to what God says! Please Pastor Warren, you are too influential a figure NOT to go back and truly compare the answers/declaration/hesitation versus lack of hesitation/conviction to which Obama answers versus how McCain answers! We cannot expect the media to pick up on these contradictions as even amongst the Church most people really have little if any idea of what the Bible ACTUALLY says versus what the (mostly) secular media portrays it as saying.

September 1, 2008
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RE: GOP Vice President running mate choice. I wonder how far they had to go to find someone that would appeal to the Evangelicals? A family bravely standing beside their pregnant unmarried daughter and proud of her choice not to have an abortion? Gad, how low!!! They are using this child!

Esther in Oregon

September 4, 2008
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Great speach Palin!!!

She will make a good VP.


Also during Palin's speach, I loved her little daughter licking her hand and fixing her baby brothers hair.  That was very very cute.

September 26, 2008
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Why is it that only people with cameras get to put in reports? I tried to ask a question and couldn't because I didn't upload a file. That's really annoying.

October 30, 2008
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All comments are worth a comment because we are wareing off of the fellinigs of war..durng the beginning everyone was in the threat of terrisism.  however as a regret knowone concidered the thret to innocent victims,and knowone concidered the multitude, thats including our loved ones in the military.  


Americans keep this notion alive, because  people are dying, and at the same time we're trying to finlly erict, an economical efficient energy reperimandimun, in an attemt to keep Mccain post Bush pocicies allive.  We need to trurn around to a progressive way of thinking for ourselves.


Vote your mind nov. 08

February 26, 2009
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They are talking about being able to bare arms they are talking about assault weapons; Are you kidding!!! I am a mother of three and I am concerned everyday about my children as well as my safety. Because people are able to bare assault weapons. They are not trying to take away a person's ability to have hand guns and protect themselves their homes their property. They are trying to eliminate a persons ability to get off more than one round at a time (Rambo type stuff) and here they go twisting stuff again. They are trying to prevent another University Killing Spree or take away the ability for someone to go POSTAL and kill a mass number of people at a time. I think this should have been done a long time ago. Assault weapons, whose worse the Victim or the Predator?

December 4, 2009
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December 25, 2009
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March 6, 2010
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I'm sure we can have a healthy discussion but sometimes it's quite hard without some shouting. 4tj
April 14, 2010
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April 15, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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