Friday, March 21, 2008
Fun on Fridays

Thanks for being a founding member of the community. We're always up for trying something new -- and we'd like to start something fun on Fridays. Every week, we're going to ask you to take part in a creative assignment. We promise to keep it fun and informative.


This week, we want to see your fun with time-lapse photography . If you've ever captured a sun setting, snow piling up, a flower growing -- whatever -- we hope you'll share your incredible creations on Go here to share yours .

March 22, 2008

This is Not a comment. 

I am sharing right now.

Today is cold and blustering and I'm feeling soft and gentle, so I called my gentleman/roofer trying to bait him home with fried chicken and a cherry pie,,,,, he didn't take the bait tho'

He said: It ain't buying it and that he will remain out in the field until he can't take it anymore - before he heads my way.



Have I been that hard on the Man?

Mz. Ella @ Ladies' Hood Journal - closing with you and not my Boo.

March 23, 2008
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March 23, 2008
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I love time lapse photography, of every day life, passing by in a blink of an eye.

It would make nice '30 second timeouts' on CNN. Time to breathe for half a minute twice an hour, every hour. How does time lapse Audio work? Digital age should make conjunction possible.

Cheers everyone, Happy Easter, Thank God for His Freedom and look forward to seeing what time-lapses are uploaded.




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March 23, 2008
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March 23, 2008
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This will be interesting to see what what my fellow colleague's create. I have yet to experiment with time lapse. Great idea Tyson..

March 25, 2008
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Hi there,


I just joined Ireport Blog, but did not find a way to post a new topic


Can anyone help?





April 13, 2008
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hello every one can you help me with some thing

i have exams and i cant read

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