Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Keeping things together

The iReport.com assignment desk just got a lot better. It's always been full of story ideas on topics in the news, but starting today, each one of the assignment links on the page takes you to a place where it's easy to see all of the stories on that topic and to contribute your own. So you can see what other iReporters have posted before you jump in, or just take a spin through all the stories on a topic that interests you.


Right now there are topic pages for baseball , autism , political cartoons and weight-loss success , to name just a few. What do you think of the new page? Add a comment to let us know.

April 1, 2008


Well, since I can't make the main screen, that's one way to get out of this box.

Mz. Ella

April 1, 2008

I have been trying to upload the usual photos to ireport. but I have received processing failed. when I clicked on the contact us button, even that did not work.  I shall be grateful if you could look into the matter, as I am unable to upload any filed. my email address is shari.atukorala@yahoo.com - joined on 23 March 2008 or so I think.

April 1, 2008
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I'm not sure how to get this out so I am using this web page to get your opinion and hopefully others on an idea I have.  I have come to the conclusion the core of our economic problems stem from fuel prices.  Fuel prices drive up the price of everything else and by making it too expensive to do business, jobs are loss and so on.  Most people would say agree and of course response 'so'.  But while this is the problem it is also where the solution should be found.  When an oil company responds to 'supply and demand'  they raise prices.  While this creates an opportunity to increase prices it is done not to keep the oil companies solvent but to increase profits as noted by Exxon taking in record profits of $400 billion.   The powers of a government allow it to enforce price controls.  If the government would just roll the prices back by 50 cents the consumer would on average would have around $12 a week to use in other parts of the economy.  That is $12 for every vehicle and even it that is only 1/2 of the 62 million vehicles in the US or 31 million time $12 that would be $372 million per week back into the economy for other business.  This would create jobs and keep other business viable.  Am I missing something because this seems too simple?  I currently live in the UK even though I'm an American citizen and won't talk about the price of fuel here.

April 2, 2008

I would like to know why my profile has been removed from the superstars ?  Kindly let me know



April 4, 2008
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RemusG:   I had a Gasoline Station in 1959...  Gasoline then was 50 cents a gal.   We would clean the window, Check under the hood & Check the tires...  Today Reg here is $3.69.9 gal. and you have to ask for a recipe...  The Minimum Wage was $1.50 hour...  It's only gone up $5.35 since then...  Everything is more expensive... But wages still hasn't cought up with the cost of living!!!

   The problem has nothing to do wit Race... Because every American in this Country is in the same bolt...  If it wasn't for People like Martin Luthar King, Bobbie & John F Kennedy and even Bill Clinton that tried to do everything they could to make this Country better for the People...  They either kill Great Men that try to do their best... Are they try to Impeach that person...  Richard Nixon was one that was impeached because he was trying to help this Country...  What People have to remember...  It's the Republicans that has made things bad in this Country....  Nixon was the only Republican that tried to do whats right!!!  We have to get the best person to run against McCain...  Because we can not afford to have 4 more years of the Republican...  We are having two great People running for office for the office a African American & a Woman...  We have to make sure that the one running against McCain is the one person that will win for sure...  I just hope that the People choose the right one!!! That is why all I ask... Is listen to what the Candidates say not what the Media says...  Because that is the only way you will pick the one ready for the Highest Office of this Country...

December 5, 2009
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December 23, 2009
January 18, 2010
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