Friday, April 04, 2008
Fun on Friday

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April 4, 2008
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I watch what they say about how things are with the African Americans today...  They talk about how they aren't getting the chances that the white People are getting...  You check out the Colleges...  There are almost as many African Americans in them as there are Whites...  You see the Media...  There are almost as many African Americans in there... There are almost as many White Poor than there are African Americans...   The main reason there are less...  African Americans have more Children than most white People have...  

   In Calif... in the 50ties...  I had good friends that were African Americans...  Today I have Friends of African Americans...  My Adopted Son is African American...  The African Americans I know some are even better off than I am...    I see in wars as many whites & Others dieing as African Americans...

  I remember Martin Luthar Kings speech... I remember when he was killed...  It hurt Me as much as it did the African American...   When there was riots...  It was the White Jews that were the once getting burned out and merchandise stolen... 

  The Jewish People to which is hated because of Their up brending even though they have what they have... Had the same chance as any one else...  But yet they better them selves instead of crying that they were being hated...   Know one ever gave them the chances the African americans ever got...  but still they better them selves...  My father came from Austria at the age of 16 years old...  He never got higher than the 6th grade...  But he learned a trade and from that trade...  sent two children through UCLA...  He build apartment houses to help take care of my Mother until her death...  He always made sure that the children had cloths & food...  This wan't given to him he earned it...  I see Obama with a College education...  I found out that Martin Luthar King & Sister had a College education...  I'm a white Man that My Parents couldn't send me through College because they were sending My Brother & sister...   The Government didn't make it so I could be able to go...   But the way they Talk...  They are the only ones that have been left behind...

  I listen to Martin Luthars Speech...  I felt he was talking about me as much as he was just talking about African Americans...  He was such a great person that he wanted not only for His People but all People in this Country & through out the World...   I cried when  Martin Luther King Died...   Not because I was black...  But because Great Men are always being Killed because of Their Believes...  Look at the Men who died with in that year...  I listen to the speachs of the different People today...  the one speech that brought a tear to My eyes was Hillary Clinton...  Because I could identify to what she was saying & feeling...  The Afican Americans think that they are the only ones effected by His death...   I think the Deaths of Him and the other Greats of that time made a difference to everyone not only in this country... But the Whole World...  I'm sorry that what i wrote wasn't want you asked from... But it is something I has to say because of My hurt of a White Jewish Man and how it effected me and my life!!!


                       Thank You.

                           Larry M. Kegel

                           Valencia, calif.

April 4, 2008

Mr. Kegel,

Despite all your empathy, you can never feel our pain.

They aren't lynching us on trees out here; but they're branding us as felons; with modern day flesh peddling.


Take us out the game and destroying any chance of being competitive, not to mention the corporate climb.


To make matters worst - they are denying our Boyz federal student aid, because they are convicted of a  drug offenders of rock cocaine, while their white counterpart dealing powder cocaine is granted federal student aid to pursue high education.


How can you rob a man of his dreams?  The very ones (drug dealers) in need of a change of life are denied education?


The rungs in the ladder of higher education have been removed from their path and they are like salmon, trapped at the damn.

Something has to give, because if you think they won't make it to your neigborhood - your wrong.  They will send their seeds home to you - in the belly of your daughter.


Mz. Ella @ Ladies Hood Journal, A digital platform, designed for the Urban Voice and iReporting for CNN.

April 6, 2008
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In 1977, my friends Patrick Hunter (now a college professor) and Tony Liveri (an actor) and I went to see James Whitmore playing Teddy Roosevelt in "Bully!" at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles. After the performance, we left out a side exit and one of us noticed the stage door ajar. Both Pat and Tony thought it was a good idea to sneak backstage (I didn't like the idea myself) and so we did.


Huddled inside the backstage waiting area were 5 or 6 other people looking a little nervous. And since there wasn't any security or usher present, we just decided to hang around for a while. Hunger got the better of me and there were some vending machines so I had just put in money for an ice cream sandwich when I heard Pat say, "MR. HESTON!".


I turned around and to my amazement appeared Charlton Heston! Pat started talking to him. Pat was a tour guide at Universal Studios at the time and spoke to an image of Charlton Heston on screen all the time so he wasn't fazed at all; Tony and I, on the other hand, were dumbstruck and our mouths were probably open as this huge movie icon towered over us.


Mr. Heston had just come down the hallway from having congratulated James Whitmore on his performance and he was in very high spirits. He wore sunglasses and towered over each of us by at least a foot and had very broad shoulders.


Then Pat told Heston that I was a Theodore Roosevelt "expert" (I'm not but wasn't and am definitely a TR buff). And I was shocked when Charlton Heston turned to me and said, "Well, what did you think of the play?". OMG! In my brain I was shouting: CHARLTON HESTON JUST ASKED ME A QUESTION!!!!


In what seemed like an eternity, I finally spit out that I thought it was a great play. Then Heston said, "It's very nice to meet you boys (we were in our early 20s at the time)", shook each of our hands and disappeared out the stagedoor exit. To top it all off, an usher appeared moments later and said, "Mr. Whitmore will see you now" and we went back and got to chat with him while he was removing makeup. Altogether an AMAZING night for all three of us.


I will always remember how very nice Charlton Heston was to us. That he would actually stop and engage us in conversation was incredible enough.


I've always loved his movies: Ben Hur, It's a Big Country, The Ten Commandments, Omega Man, Touch of Evil and, my personal favorite, Soylent Green. But I will never forget how a movie icon took the time to commune with mere mortals. I liked the actor but loved the man.


God bless you, Charlton Heston. Say hello to Jesus andMoses for me.

April 17, 2008
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How about it - to the stars...

  A new theory for Faster Then Light Speed Space Travel has hit the book market. The name of the author is Rodney Kawecki of Los Angeles California. The book title " The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory ". The author of this defiines the means for faster then light space travel within the frameworks of the standard model of the Universe. His formula stems as an extension he calls 'The Quantum Constant that mathermatically is equal to 372,000 miles per second. THE FIRST BOOK EVER COVERING A MATHEMATICAL FORMULAAE FOR FASTER THEN LIGHT SPACE TRAVEL.

  The basis of his theory illustrates a passage in the Universes physical structure that allows for FTL within the framework of relativity and E=Mc2 entailed by Einstein's atomic energy constant. But what does cahnge is the velocity. Kawecki explains that the theory of relativity developed by Einstein is a science of gravitation. Gravitation being the interuption entity that slows objects as they accelerate. Since matter velcoities on the earths suraface are slowed down by gravity which he explains is not an actually field as Einstein claims. But that gravity slows objects from them having the ability to travel at their full potential. It is this potential that in empty interstellar space allows a speed of an object to increase by. From traveling at the speed of light - 186,000 m/s the light constant called the Kawecki Constant in the Supertellic Universe book increases to twice the velocity or as I mentioed 372,000 m/s. The interuption of TIME in Kawecki's theory is bound by the new velcoity that in relativity the infinite future is dialogued. But in The Quanta Physics Study " is increased where time flows backwards as a result from traveling at the speed of light and traveling the infinite future dimension frame.

    Kawecki has transformed the dialogue of advance modern physics to a fantastic intermeiate literature. Believed to be a fact of the science in modern physics Rodney Kawecki beleives his theory is unique enough to be accepted as a sound and protective dialogue for future scientific exploration technology.  SEGUTT short spelling for the title of the book. Is an ambitious book literature comparable to quantum dynamics and relativity and those physicists in the developement of classical modern physivs advancements.  Even though The Supertellic Force'  asserts a faster velocity then relativity its mathematics are in sequence with relativity equations. Acting as an extension SEGUTT or The Quanta Physics Study ' illustrates an increase in objectal velocity traveling through open interstellar space assumed to Albert Einstein to be the same as his gravity field figures.  This diivsion of space and field desrciptions are separated in Q.P.T. study math and

explained as separate entity fields. That approach not relevent with Einstein's work that is contradicted.

    As such this book is a must read for community intterest groups that are most interested in science especially modern physics and controvercy about the Universe space time and future exploration technology. Written well enough that a layman can read. This book I guarentee won't let you put it down.


December 5, 2009
December 25, 2009
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