Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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April 15, 2008
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Right to Fight Discrimination




My name is Marian Townsend and I guess you all are wondering why I writing to CNN.  I’m on a quest to inform everyone I know and all I hope to meet soon about the back water thinking of our State of Texas.  If you delete it without reading it’s ok no hard feelings.  But, I hope you take the time to see what’s happening to the African Americans that stand up for what’s right. Or forward the email to someone who cares about being black in America.


Here’s my story!

I have been in a daze for about 10 years.  My grandmother raised me with the understanding that people are people no matter what their skin color.  For every action there’s a reaction or nothing at all.  Think first, Be kind, dress for success and always keep Jesus in your heart.  These are the morals she taught daily.  Even though she and her mother and mother’s mother picked cotton.  She was still color blind.  Now  I take care her and my disable mother, but they taught me the skills for living.  Being able to pay my bills and take the kids shopping every other weekend.  I thought “Thank you God for helping me break the stereotyped black family.”  Single-Teenage Mother, unemployed on welfare.   Yeah  That’s what my transcript said when I retrieved it for Austin-Community College.  Even though I had a 3.9 GPA my name no longer existed, it became a single-teenage mother.  I guess I should have caught the drift than but I was focused on a goal and nothing was going to get in my way.  I attended school for 4years straight in hopes of being a Cardiologist. On the fifth year of school I had to make a decision continue with school reach my goal and stay broke for another three years?  Or discontinue school for a while and get a job so I applied with the city and was hired.

Now  Remember everything was going great.  I had finally erased the description from my transcript mentally.  I had finally become the person I fault so hard to be.  But, on May 25, 2007 I was reminded that I was black and will always be black? Denied for a promotion due to my color. What’s wrong with being black?  I thought knowledge was power?  This was a new challenge how could I jump a hurdle when I just started walking?


So, I filed an EEOC charge on 06/19/07 against my employer. EEOC findings inclusive. Don’t you hate when your looking for something (keys, socks, favorite shoes) but can’t find it even though it’s right there in your face right where you left it?  Sometime the eyes-only let you see what the mind wants you to see.  That’s why I refuse to give up the fight on discrimination. So I went out seeking representation so far, I have met with 51 attorneys each advised ~ “The city will never sue the city.” All of the Austin and surrounding area attorneys are afraid to stand up for what’s right or they want to charge a large retainer fee that they know you don’t have.


So, I filed my case Pro Se(Filing the lawsuit yourself) in District Court for Race Discrimination and Retaliation/Harassment for filing an EEOC charge.



Recently, I received multiple documents regarding my case. I need representation because the city should be held accountable when they break the law not just the citizens . . .   Silly me going to school to learn how to fix the heart now I can’t even fix mine.  If I don’t obtain representation before my court day I will give my all and if I fail at least I tried and came to realization that my next goal is become a Civil Rights Attorney for Austin to help all fight against discrimination.


Action vs. Reaction now I know what she meant.

April 17, 2008
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We just had the opportunity to record the views of two Nobel Peace Prize recipients on the subject of human rights and China and the Olympics.


We think you might be surprised at the different paths each suggests.




April 17, 2008
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Great feature addition by the way... when we get that edit button... this will all be in one post....


We have the two Nobel Peace Prize recipients in a single post... and we are thrilled



April 20, 2008
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Life, as we burn our desires:

After we have what we don’t want,

Should be burn into the flames of all ours egos

Impress in our self esteem,

That snatch our self essence

Without telling, whispering

In the loneliness of nature of mankind

In the wildness of passion.

Trickiness melancholy,

Slackness muse,

Full of sublime sorrow and regret,

Eloquent madness, master distress

Exercise by reckless thoughts 

That pierce like swords;

Should be erase from mind,

There is nothing more painful that solitude itself,

What we do in life it echoes in the eternity.

- unknown

May 15, 2008
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AARP-Foundation funded with $290,000,000 dollars of federal monies from D.O.L. Older American Act funding has been employing illegal aliens in over 100 offices around the country.


This national nonprofit division of AARP has failed to check out Soc. Sec. numbers they request from the enrollees inorder to prevent this abuse and therefore illegal aliens have been taking tax payer's money away from citizen eligable for these funds.

December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
January 18, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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