Sunday, April 20, 2008
Pope Benedict: Rock star

There is no shortage of excitement surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States. Crowds packed Washington, D.C.'s Nationals stadium to see him celebrate Mass on Thursday, and are expected to do the same at Yankee Stadium Sunday.


iReporter James Krehely of Greenbelt, Maryland, was electrified by seeing the Pope in D.C., and says, "It was almost like going to see the Stones or U2! A lot of excitement, but also a lot of spirituality. The spectacle was of course only something the Vatican could achieve with it's own brand of Christianity."

April 20, 2008
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James Krehley's photos can be found here!
April 20, 2008
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About the Pope's visit and the celebratin of mass this afternoon in New York. It was very disturbing to have Soledad O'Brien's voice as well of other voices interrupting with their useless chattering, the devosion and concentration catholics such as was in my case, trying to follow the mass spiritually, but those "out of place" voices with ignorant comments was disturbing and broke my concentration trying to follow the mass. I was not one of those lucky people who were right there in Yanqui Stadium and the best I could do was to listen the mass on TV. This "non Catholic reporters" were making comments as if they were covering a "circus" happenings. An spiritual event is not to chatter all you like with no significant to the event in this case a mass. Even at the hightest point in mass, the elevation of the host and chalise, this commentators were chattering as if they would be at a cocktail party. where is the respect for other's religion and faiths? If the mass doesn't mean a thing to you, at least you could "SHUT UP" and let us (the ones who are following the mass, do it in peace, with out being pounded by your constant NONSENSICAL comments that were not following the train of the sacred events during the mass.

PLEASE!!!! yOU MEDIA PEOPLE DID IT AGAIN!. YOU DID IT DURING THE VISIT OF POPE JOHN PAUL II, AND DURING HIS FUNERAL. Just shut up!!!! make all your comments after mass is over. If you don't understand because you are not a Catholic person make only the absolutely necessary comments.

Also this comments about "LATINOS", "HISPANICS", who are you refering to???

Another lack of attention. The screen kept saying ("Latin language") when people from different languages were reading thoughts for peace. I hear French, Ilocano, and other languages, and CNN call them all LATIN LANGUAGES. WHAT AN IGNORANCE!.Have someone who can make a distintion among the different languages in the world!!!!

CNN, if you don't know something, do not pretent you do. That is a lot of arrogance. If you do not know that there are 20 different countries in the Spanidh/Portuguese-America, why do you pretend you know it all!!!!! Every single country is different and there are differences within each individual country. Also the language is Spanish as official language, but most of the "illegal immnigrants entering from Mexico, have Spanish as a second language and are the majority non-educated in the Spanish language, therefore, all the badly translated papers are a waste of tax payers money.

Also, stop stereotyping people and treating everyone else as CLONES.



as if it would be the easiest thing, as fast food, and where is the money going to come?

Catholics are of all languages and do not stereotype all. Each country is unique and even each individual is different.

The universal language of the mass is LATIN.

I am already geting tired of listening so much blasfemy in your "voluntary ignorance" in subjects you know nothing about. Get informed before you open your mouths and deliver in your mikes.

April 20, 2008
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My previuous comment was unedited. I have a poor vision and I am sure there are a lot of typos. I could not go back to edit, my eyes got tired. I prefer to talk in the phone . Is there a phone number I could phone and speak with Soledad O"Brien, Lou Doub, Larry King, of any one who will be willing to dialog about subjects on 'ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION", LANGUAGES AND CULTURES OF SPAIN AND THE 20 COUNTRIES ONCE COLONIZED BY SPAIN AND PORTUGAL?


April 30, 2008
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when black liberation theologins use the term white enemy don't get upset unless the shoe fits.  The white enemy still exist today in the hearts and minds of many Americans. I agree it should be confronted and destroyed on a daily basis through the empowerment of minorities who recognize it.

April 30, 2008
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God is not G-gold ,O-oil, or D-drugs. This the god many

politicians seem to trust in. I agree with Obama,it really is time for change.

December 21, 2009
January 1, 2010
January 1, 2010
January 4, 2010
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January 18, 2010
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