Wednesday, April 23, 2008
It's a draw!

Are the Democrats coming down with a case of hoof-in-mouth syndrome? The tense battle for the party's presidential nomination has inspired a number of cartoons posted on What do you think? Check out these cartoons and post a comment to share your thoughts, or draw your own conclusion .

April 24, 2008
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It's a draw? Are we talking politics, or CNN postings? In the past, as well as today, I have sent video's down to CNN. I wait hours, and days for a posting. Many times, nothing. But, other people send 1 down and wait a few minutes and get a posting.

Are we playing "media circus" or what?? Things seem to be running strange at CNN.

Have a good one, Slick Nick!!

April 24, 2008
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On 1/21/07, the New York Times published an article with the headline "Shushing the Baby Boomers". The first line read: "The time has come, Senator Barack Obama says, for the BABY BOOMERS TO GET OVER THEMSELVES."


The question no one seems to be asking is: Does Sen. Obama have the EMPATHY to care enough about, not only the 77 million Baby Boomers, but about all of us?


I have serious doubts about it. What do you think?

May 4, 2008
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? Obama's judgement?? They say that he should of known about Rev. Wright. But Hillary should of known about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, And that is in her own house.

Also in the Compassion Debate hillary was ask if she recieved the Holy Ghost, (she did not know) and they ask if God put her on theis journey and she said "no"

May 12, 2008

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May 12, 2008

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September 24, 2008
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If I could draw a cartoon, I would draw one of Bush, Bernanke, Paulson, the heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sitting at a poker table, with a large ATM in the background labeled TAXPAYER MONEY, with Bush asking for the code again so that he can stay in the game.

October 24, 2008

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February 21, 2009
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The cartoonist who published the stimulus chimp cartoons should be fired and the people should stop buying the newspapers, I for one i stop already buying thier newspaper and watching Fox. Think they are all racist, eversince before the elections you will noticed their bias and racist arguments with regards to President Obama. They instigating fear to the public.

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