Monday, April 28, 2008
Welcome to the fold is expanding as each day of news and reader commentary passes by, and we're welcoming tons of new users to the site. Some of our newest contributors are sharing really awesome stories and we want to take a moment and recognize them.


An outstanding iReporter by the name of brettbum sent us amazing video he shot near the Colorado River resort community of Laughlin, Nevada, while mitchthrower documented a shark attack near Solana Beach, California. And don't forget BDrenning , who showed us lights over the sky of Phoenix, Arizona, as well as cute baby chicks. iReporter sankofa1867 spoke up about Sen. Barack Obama and aumaster , has documented aspects of life in Flagstaff, Arizona. Finally, matthewmilam submitted videos about cyberbullying and the Sean Bell verdict.

April 28, 2008
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Rev. Wright is a phenomenal man of God! He is extremely educated, informed in mdern and world history, intelligent, and highly versed in the scripture. On top of it all, he actually has the balls to tell the truth!!!!!!!!! (unlike a lot of these "damned" televangelists!)I am disappointed in the media that has looped the divisive "sound bites" and misquoted him so terribly! His message today was extremely powerful and deserves much study. I am personally challenged that I was not even aware of many of the events and historical figures that he sited.

I realize that this man is talking on a level that most Americans unfortunatley can not even concieve or fully understand. His life and spiritual experience are on another level entirely! I am again very disappointed and disgusted by the major cable news networks that did not have the integrity or guts to get the whole story. (I LOVE PBS!!!!!!!!!) He is correct in saying that the media was "making a fool of itself" SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

As for Senator Obama...He should continue to run the cleanest and best presidential campaign that we will probably ever see in our lifetimes. If America is truely ready for change, then he will get elected, if not, then we will continue down the same road to misery and stagnancy (not to mention war, poverty, divisiveness, scandal, lies, etc.... If I were Senator Obama, I would politely (and ever so eloquently  shut up the next member of the media whores that ask me a stupid question about this or any other scandal. Let's stay focussed on the main issues. TO QUOTE ANOTHER GREAT, BUT NOW MISGUIDED FORMER PRESIDENT....."IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!!!"

April 28, 2008
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I feel that the Clinton's are dangerous people and i think they also had something to do with Ron Brown death . He was the only one that could had tied Enron  to the Clinton's . and if you remember in 1997 his body was intact when the plane went down but their was a bluet wound in the back of his head . But more people then just the Clinton were involved with Enron but one was more powerful then the all Mr president and Mis Clinton

April 28, 2008
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I don't understand why all the fuss about Reverend Wright.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but unless Barack Obama wrote Reverend Wright's sermons, what responsibility does Mr. Obama have for them?  Also with all the terrible things that happened to black Americans in the 60s under the excuse of American Rights is it any wonder that black Americans feel frustrated and bitter with the system under which they have lived?

April 28, 2008
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When are we going to look at this "Rev. Wright vs. Obama" situation objectively?  Consider the fact that in spite of Barack Obama being introduced to Christianity by one such as Rev. Wright, Barack had the strength and the intelligence to wisely choose the good he learned from Rev. Wright and repudiate the bad, once he was made aware of it.  In spite of being exposed to racism and criticism, Barack strives to take the high road and reach across racial divisions for commonalities in the human race.  This is not a candidate who throws the race card in anyone's face or makes excuses for anyone, himself or the Rev. Wright included.  Can't people see that if Barack has not, does not, and will not crumble under the pressure put to him in the "Rev.Wright" allegations, which are NOT his words, nor do they represent his principles, he more than demonstrates the strength, courage, and fortitude to withstand the onslaughts of anyone or anything, including the Republican party in November.  This is a man who is truly of noble character.  Let's not nail him to a cross because of the sins of others who had the privilege to meet him, know him, and interact with him.  Jesus did not avoid interaction with those whose earthly actions or words he condemned, simply because he had a heavenly mission.  He resolutely stuck to his purposes and goals despite the accusations, one of which was:  "Here is a man who eats with publicans and sinners."  Will we deny one of the most promising presidential candidates the right to compete fairly because he inadvertently associated with those we deem to be "publicans and sinners"?  Will he be judged by someone else's words, not even his own?- words of which he was not even aware because he was not, in fact present at the time?  Would you like to be responsible for ALL the words of your friends, whether you know of those words or not? Whether you agree with them in substance or not? Let's be fair. This man is highly intelligent and has a fresh approach that can work.  He deserves a chance.  Barack has already distinguished himself despite great odds.  What makes you think this man would not continue to achieve the most, if he is not stopped in his tracks by media sound bites that keep looping the negative?  


April 28, 2008
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I get so tired of blacks crying about 200 years ago. My people got here after the 1900;s slavery was over. Had I needed a slave I wouldn't have picked a black to do the job. Rev wrong stop crying about white people and take a good look in the mirror, I'm pure white and am darker than your faded old butt.The hipe just pays your bills. You take the money from week minded blacks and you go live in a white neighborhood like the hypocrite you are.If you are obama's friend I'd hate to see his enemy.

April 28, 2008
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John McCain was endorsed by right wing evangelical pastor John Hagee who has called the Catholic religion "The Great Whore" and made many anti-Catholic statements. Hagee also claims Americna policy towards Palentstine is causing God to attack the US with terrorist. His bizarre rants can be found on


I think if the presidential race is going to be judged on people's associations, the same standard must be held for every candidate running for president.


This year, Americans have a choice to reach beyond race, class and gender to aspire to the best in our society and the focus should be on the many problems we must face. The economy, the war, health care and education should be the headlines not Rev. Wright.


Every candidate in the race has associations that are less than perfect. The list would be too long for the Clintons alone (Whitewater, etc.).


I just think this moment is too important in time for voters to get wrapped up in a sideshow.

April 28, 2008
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I was born in 1967.  In school, work, life experiences...and thru a network of friends and associations, I have learned many things.


Oppression is such a major term used continuously among many of the Black people of America.  I have many Black friends.  I consider some family.  I've lived in a lower-middle class neighborhood of Los Angeles that was predominately Black.  The people, my friends and neighbors, went to work every day...we worked hard for our money but, we lived full rich lives and enjoyed each other as just friends and family do.  There was never a word about oppression, racism or hate tied to religon, race or creed.  Sometimes times were tough financially...especially when Bush Senior was in office.  Clinton was a great time.  Two terms of Bush have oppressed EVERYBODY.  Not the blacks, asians, gays, mentally retarded...I mean, EVERYBODY.  I hate statistics but, lets look at them for 2 things.  The majority of crimes commited...hate crimes, brutal murders, rapes, stabbings, shootings...etc...are commited by people of the Black race.  Some outspoken, unexperienced, biased person might say..."oh, that's because the Black people have been oppressed for years..." or "...they are never given a chance..." or "'s not their fault...society and predgudices have forced them to live like that..."  etc...

People like the Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Wright...among many like them...including Whites...seem to seize the opportunity to preach HATE and DAMNATION and loud and's no wonder why there are so many conflicts.  I've been to many churches.  I'm a Catholic.  I've been to an "all Black" baptist church...Jewish name it...I went.  I've never been subjected to such massive hatered...from a man or woman of God no less...during a sermon or in a "house of worship." 

Let's look at some things here.  How about what the "white people" have sacrificed, been subjected to, or condemned for what they have done for the Black population.  For every poor, uneducated, sick, starvining, sad child, person or family that is Black...there are just as many of those "white people" that are in the same boat.  I do not see any specific programs set up exclusively for those poor, uneducated...never given the opportunites to better themselves, their culture or their world...for "those whites".  If their was a "blond haired, blue eyed, white people, only" college fund set up for them exclusively...the likes of Sharpton and Wright would gather as many as they can to screech, FOUL, PREDUGICE, ARROGANT, IGNORANT, ELITIST and point the fingers at "those white people" and damn them for not including the Black population.  I, as a white, blond guy...didn't qualify for special programs, funds, education, donations, assistance, sponsorship etc...set up for the Black population exclusively.  I think EVERYBODY has a fair matter what their upbringing...and do you know what?  Especially Black people have the extra advantages set up exclusively for them.  Generations of Blacks have been taught that "those white people" have "oppressed" them, just because they are black...families since slavery began and ended until now are teaching their children this kind of "you should auto-matically" hate "those white people" because, look at what they've done to us.  It's more like, someone in the black community shoud stand up and say...look at what I"ve benefited from what "those white people" have done.  There is affirmitave action...funds and programs for Black people exclusively to benefit from.  Set up by a huge majority of "those whites".  Well, those "whites" like me, have been taught in home, school, history, name it...LOUD AND CLEAR...look what we have done to those poor, poor Black people.  We should always be ashamed...for what those "whites" did to them many, many generations ago.  It's personally my fault that a black, uneducated, oppressed, pregnant again(and not sure of the father) 16 year old was shot and killed by a "black" oppressed, uneducated, never had opportunites of those "whites" guys, gang-member boyfriend challenged an opposing "black" uneducated, oppressed...blah blah blah rival gangmember on "neutral" turf.  From kindergarten on...I was taught that this kind of thing was all my fault...and the fault of, Ma, Nana, Dad, My Sister and all the way back...and unitl my nephew was born not too long ago...and by looks of it...unitl his great-great grandchildren are dead and buried, just because we're those horrible, elitst "whites"


I'm a lower middle class guy.  I work 40+ hours a week.  I had opportunites I didn't sieze for certain personal reasons...those being, taking care of my family.  Opting out of opportunites to do some un-sung charity work.  I've volenteered a lot of my time to benefit those I really care about.  The lonely forgotten senior citizens (white and black) The homeless shelters (white and black)  Delivering lunches to dying people with AIDS (white and black) because they were shunned by the world.  Many of them deemed "abominations" by closed minded religious leaders teaching their followers of this hatred for them because as "abominations" they got what they deserved because of their sexuality.  Volenteering for the mentally retarded (white and black) because...I care.  I love.  I hope.  I BELIEVE.



I, swear to you on all of those I love...that I'm NOT a predgudiced person.  I'm a first hand eye-witness to these implorable accusations.  I lived right smack in the middle of the L.A. riots.  Killing, Looting, Burning Hating for days...because, "those white" policemen beat a "Black" criminal because he was guilty and dangerous and could have had a concealed weapon...Does anybody remember this?  I'm always surprised at how conviently everyone over looks what that criminal did...had done...and after burning down a city in his name...continued to do.  I don't get it.


Ask yourself some challenging questions...and answer with great thought...from the brain and from the heart.


Wright has been Obama's pastor for 20 something years.  Obama received councel and guidence from Rev. Wright.  Until this information became public...they were and are in great support of each other.




What has Obama done that has really made a difference so far?  What are his credentials?  What does the public really know about him?  A question for white and black folks...are some of you voting for him just because he's black?  Point out just ONE thing he's done to benefit us as a Senator.  Why did he refer to his "white" grandmother as, " know, she was your typical white person..." when he was asked about race, creed and his youth?


Why doesn't he put his hand on his heart...EVER...during the pledge of allegiance.  How can an "American" representing and leading our wounded country not honor his OWN country...let alone breaking racial divides and "making a change" for the good of the country and ALL it's beautiful people...then the rest of the world.  Remember...great things start at home.


Why is he so evasive with direct questions about himself or his plans for us?


When a really big commercial airline...was overtaken by a CEO of the George Bush kind...filed for bankruptcy...hid money...Bonused the heck out of the heads of the company...all at the expense of it's everyday, hard working, frontliners...that keep the company going.  United (based in Illinois) stripped the employees...that have remained until this day of their pensions, benefits, gave the employees 2 massive pay cuts, outsoursed tons of jobs to India and the underqualifed airline reps.  Just to save more for the elite at the top...people lost jobs...lost everything.  United has had a ton in hidden reserve.  No secret.  Making major unhideable profits.  Now, they are looking to reduce more use more automation.  They are trying to dissolve the Union.  When United's Union the IAM begged Obama for his support...he was in support of the crimes commited by yet another Corporate America fattening the wallets of those that are busting at the seams.  Stealing from people, mostly democrats like you and me, with no remorse or shame.  Yet Obama supported the heck out of the Wealthy and Powerful.


Did you know he didn't contest Bush's tax cuts for those making over $200,000 !!!!


Oil? Gas? Fuel? Economy?


Many of our young men and women have died, are dying and will die because of the War.  Most don't even know why they are really there.  Ask yourself this.  Please.


Why are all our soldiers dying in the Mid-East?  I know Bush's answer.  What's yours?


Obama was in support of the War.


Now he claims to have, "made a mistake".


He's accusing people in the heart of America of being bitter elitists because they have his number and wont support him.  When you have a question about life and things...who do you go to?  I always go to the older and wiser...they are the wise and true.


Why does Obama hide his full and complete name?  Where is the bin or the Hueissein?


Why was there such an uproar of the photographs of him in traditonal attire from his father's home country?


I'm very interested in peoples take on things and for the reasons behind their support of Barrack Obama.


I hope you place your country in the hands of one of the 3 that you think will do it best.


I'm not going to vote for a president just because he's black.


I'm not going to keep a vote from a president just because she's a woman.


I think the Clinton years were great.


Before you condem a man for cheating on his wife...look in your own bedroom or in the bedrooms of the men that do it every day...and the women.


Look at the history of our country when the Republicans have taken office.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The poor fund the rich people's Wars...The poor "white" and "black" folks.


I cannot belive that the crimes committed in this very country by rich people "white and black" (like Oprah) when our "freedom was bought changed hands...and was sold..."  By the republican party.


I truly believe Obama is a Republican in disguise. 

There is good and bad in everyone and everything.  It's a balance thing in nature.  You can't have the good without the can't have the happy without the can't have the sun without the rain...and you can't have black without white.

Pray for help, hope, health and happiness.

Pray "hate" to return to hell.

Pray for answers.

Pray for thanks, love...

...and Pray to do the right thing.


I, LOVE you all...and I pray that you will be touched by an angel....

April 28, 2008
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For all the naive non-intelligent white people and ignorant black people out there that are calling Rev. Wright a racist obviously didn't listen to his speech or are just that ignorant.  First of all, he repeatedly said that he is not divisive, he is descriptive and different doesn't mean deficient. And a lot of Revs. in black churches move all over the pulpit when they speak and sometimes tell a joke or two. Most black people in America go to churches that discuss this all the time, and for white people to be astonished is laughable. He served his country in the Marines and the Navy. He didn't get his Doctorate degree and two Masters degrees by accident. Just because he speaks up for black Americans doesn't mean he is a racist or as the media would say (as they always say about black people that speak up for themselves) CONTROVERSIAL!!  Oh, by the way, Rev. Wright didn't want the attention and didn't just pop up out of nowhere, the MEDIA and the CLINTON CAMPAIGN, started this whole mess with Rev. Wright and not fully heard sound bite speeches on television and YouTube.  Rev. Wright had every right as a United States citizen to defend himself. The media usually does start crap, and then wants somebody else to take the blame for it.  Fortunately for black America, there are plenty of black churches such as Rev. Wright's that teach our history, what is going on in the present and where we should be going in the future.  I challenge white America to listen to his speeches again and tell me where Rev. Wright says anything racist or says he hates America.  I do remember him saying we should come together and understand one another and respect each other's differences in order to make a better America.  Oh, and by the way O'Reilly, when was Irish Americans slaves in America? Did the Irish have to obey the Jim Crow laws like my grandmother did?  Don't be so personal when you are on the air when you are talking about Rev. Wright. (Didn't they teach you that in Journalism 101?)  You and other media insult black people all the time and laugh, and unfortunately half the time you probably don't even know when you do it because you are so used to your own little world. Oh, and Lou Dobbs, are you really going to go to Rev. Wright's church like you said and learn something or was that just talk?

April 28, 2008
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Welcome newcomers! Nick

April 28, 2008
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Rev. Wright, he knows how to "grandstand"... yes indeed....C'mon!!!

April 28, 2008
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Diversity- funny, but one of the campaign adds continually showing here in Indiana from the Obama camp is about how "the present administration has divided us"-A wonderful part of being an American is our "diversity", however the fine line is that it can be, as today's news shows a sword to divide us as well. When I was a girl, we were taught that America was a "melting pot" of our differences, which when combined made us stronger. I am saddened by the inflamatory statements of Rev. Wright, as I feel he preaches nothing but "diversity" "diversity" "diversity". This is, last time I checked, "one nation, under God, indivisible" There are many diverse white european backgrounds here, my husband is Irish/Scottish, I am Polish. We each have strengths from our family traditions to lend to this great land. But part of our being "one nation" is that we do not divide into camps regarding our color, our family ancestry and our religious background. We must learn to embrace our differences, yet remain one nation, one people. Prior to todays events, I looked to Senator Obama as the man to lead us as one people and one nation, to help us put our differences behind us and be a stronger more unified nation. I still feel he is the man to do this, but given the divisive comments of Rev. Wright, I fear that many Americans may see and hear the clanging of division and not the sound of freedom ringing when they they think of Obama as president. I am still with you, Mr. Obama- I think you can bring us together, but we as Americans of all color need to quell the division, be we Hispanic, black, Asian or white, and think Union.

April 28, 2008
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Dear Mr.Beck,

As a Morman, why to you SLANDER Dr. Wright? Since your religion  is a significant victim of Slander and your religion could be a accused of RACISM until the 70s as Mormons excluded African Americans.

Yet the Glenn Beck program can be rightfully accused of demogogery and  slander. Your SICK program is the POSTER CHILD for the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE.

I have Confederate solders on both sides of my ancestry

but have many African American friends and employees.

You are so ignorant about history.Do you know that the British freed 25% of the American slaves in the Revolutioary war and loaded 20,000 plus up on British ships and took them to Canada,Britain and Sierra Leone

to prevent their reenslavement by Americans?

I love my country warts and all but you are a demoguoge and if you were in Postwar Germany you would br well received by your fellow fascists who employeed some of your inethical and disgraceful media slander tactics.

Who were the victims of slander in Germany? Your racist

rant is following along the same path except this time with AFRICAN AMERICAN.


IN OBSCURITY. When you meet your maker you will have to

account for your lies ,slander and exagerations.

Glenn,have a nice day!

April 29, 2008
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Sen. Obama, everything is being thrown at you including the kitchen sink.  And you're still standing strong.  People still believe in you and your ideals. Those that call you all kind of names are those that never wanted you to run in the first place.  Those are the ones that didn't vote for you in the past and won't vote for you this fall.  You didn't need their votes then and you won't need them this fall.  Tell you the truth, the more the mud is being thrown at you, the more resiliant you are.  That is the kind of person we need in the White House.  Maybe one day, the color of a man's skin won't matter in this country, his character will be what's important. 

Love and respect Sen. Obama. 

From a die hard supporter

Obama 08'

April 29, 2008
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Guess who will bankrupt the country. You will by voting for another incompetent presidential candidate.  CNN...look at yourself and what you are doing to the country.  If Ted Turner was still running CNN, i'm sure he would not put up with todays bias commentators.  There are good candidates running for the highest office in this country and "CNN" have nothing but negative information to give the public.  CNN used to be my first line to defense when it can to news and information.  To bad they have fell by the wayside.

April 29, 2008
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Well everyone...I just got through listeneing to Sen. Obama's press conference and I am extremely impressed and continue to be inspired by this man that I pray for everyone's sake will be our next President! He continues to do the right things, say, the right things, present the right policies, and show right judgement! I just have one question that I want to throw out there...Do you all think that the media has finally had enough of this "Cruci-fiction of Obama" (not a spelling error)?! Or do you think they (the media) still wants more blood? Let's make no mistake about's the media (not the people of America)that decide who our presidents will be through their incessantly looped sound-bites. Tey might just be the final frontier in special interest groups. VERY SAD:-(. May God help us all...

May 29, 2008
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WHERE is my comment?


May 29, 2008
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I mean the comment that we believe Scott McClellan was a democrat "plant."

and the comment that the democrats make up their rules as they go along, leaving ANY vote uncounted is a crime.

December 4, 2009
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