Thursday, May 01, 2008
Wildfire season begins

During the summer, dry ground parched by hot winds creates conditions that can unfortunately help wildfires to grow and spread. Sometimes, these fires endanger lives and homes. Several fires have popped up so far in 2008, some of them located just minutes from iReporters' homes.


Images from traintalk , defmatnyc and HighlandBear of the Sierra Madre fires in California have helped show how devastating these fires are. We've also seen PeterOjeda 's pictures of a brush fire in Texas . Another submitter, ronspics , sent photos of a blaze at Minnewaska State Park in New York .


Have you ever witnessed a wildfire? Check to see images already sent and upload your own . Wildfires can become dangerous and unpredictable natural disasters, so follow the guidance from local fire authorities and don't put yourself in danger. You can always see photos and video on your computer screen at

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