Friday, May 02, 2008
Typos, be gone!

We're really excited about an update  that just went live to Starting today, you'll be able to edit your  stories after they've posted. Here's how:


  • Make sure you're logged in

  • Look for the "Edit Your Story" button on the story pages (it's blue and right under the video or photo). You can find a complete list of your iReports on your "My Stuff" page, and "Edit Your Story" buttons there, too.

  • Click "Edit Your Story" to go to a page where you can adjust your headline, description, tags, location and date.

  • Hit "Save" and you're finished. Your changes should show up almost immediately.


Please go give it a try and let us know what you think.

May 2, 2008
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Very Nice-Already my stories have seemed to gain 25% more in I.Q. Points.

Keep adding those features!

Thank you,


May 2, 2008

I cant even access this site, it takes ages, everytime i click on a ireport that I want to look or make a comment or even go to my stuff, it takes about 5 minutes to open.

May 2, 2008
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BREAKING: Team Clinton 1992: Hoosiers are "worthless white ni**ers"

by dehydratedcracker

Fri May 02, 2008 at 06:36:34 AM PDT

This video was just posted on youtube.  The video speaks for itself.  Also says something about Boy George who the slur was made to.  Lets Rec this thing.  I wonder who leaked it now?


dehydratedcracker's diary :: ::

May 2, 2008

Good but cannot upload a missing picture to the already added photos, and would appreciate if there was a delete button to delete all those 'processing failed ' ones.

May 2, 2008
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I would like to add more photos to my iReport (already posted). I did originally try to upload more photos, but only one actually arrived.


The Edit button is wonderful. I had an annoying typo that was grating on my sensibility. I hope I spelled that correctly, haha.

May 2, 2008
Click to view A11's profile

Please add a user search function.  Also, user mpmpmp actually went through the entire user list from a-z and sent spam messages.  Expect a huge influx of spammers now that one was able to get away with it.

May 2, 2008
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Hi A11 - there is a user search function! Just head to the search page and select the "iReporters" button beside the search bar.
May 2, 2008
Click to view lila's profile

Hi horsefeather - there's not currently a way to edit the photos and videos on your stories. You might try uploading the remainder of your photos as a new story, and commenting on the old one to let folks know where to find it.

May 3, 2008
Click to view A11's profile

Thank you!

May 3, 2008

From morning i tried to put a comment on the fun on friday page, but no comments can be added to that page.

May 3, 2008
Click to view TibetVideos's profile

Thanks for the Edit button..... spectacular.... !

May 3, 2008
Click to view moneyman's profile

Yes I agree. It is hard to find things through here...

but I guess I am really going to have to learn it.

Have a great day all

May 3, 2008
Click to view janmarbol's profile

people give (and get) a lot of slack for typos from "oops, you did it again" to you don't know how to write... so thx!

May 4, 2008
Click to view CuringAutism's profile

Loving the edit botton, thanks.  Waiting for a "most rated" column. Also wondering how you pick stories to put "ON CNN" TV? Not one of my almost 100 reports have ever been picked.  Why?  Do I need video or something? I think others with photos have been picked though.  Just curious.  Thank you.

May 4, 2008
Click to view CuringAutism's profile


1) I edited ireport #17622 and photo #8 ended up in #1 spot somehow, and photo #1 moved to spot #2, #2 to #3 and so on somehow. Very strange, but wrong "COVER PHOTO" now. Please have that fixed if possible. 

2) Also, SORT option would be nice to group artices by either topics or most viewed to see what topics seem popular, by our own choosing.

3) Another thought is to be altered as someone comments on our articles so we know to respond back. 

That is all for now.  THANK SO MUCH!!! --All the best!

May 6, 2008

Poor poor poor Smokey cant upload anything  today and smokey is dead dog doggone tired !!

May 7, 2008
Click to view Ryn's profile

Love the new edit feature. Use it all the time.

I too have had photos left out and wondered the reason.

Does it have to do with how many other post you are handling?

I would also like to know how we can tell when we are going to air on CNN. My parents do not have access to a computer and would like for them to see on television.

I never did catch my report on gardening. I am referring to those reports with the on CNN label.

Thanks for all the improvements. It is great. I totally enjoy ireporting. It has opened a whole new world to me.


May 7, 2008

I truly appreciate the edit feature - now can get spell chek; prior to sending?


Mz. Ella @ Ladies' Hood Journal - iReporting her needs.

May 9, 2008

I uploaded a news alert about Sri Lanka about 4 hrs ago, and it is still pending

May 14, 2008
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Stop acting like a fool. Save time and save your money and efforts. No matter what you do, Barak IS the nominee. Your Virginia victory IS NOT ENOUGH to make-up for Baraks delegate number and popular votes.

December 4, 2009
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