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Don't pass Gas, take a look

iReporter PrarieGhost first caught our eye last month when she sent in a photo and story about gas prices in a rural Kansas town called Gas .


The submission not only led to catchy headlines, it inspired thoughtful discussion among iReporters, with 58 comments and counting. And as severe weather rolled through the Midwest, she was on the scene with video footage of lightning and heavy rain and a photo of dark clouds in the sky.


Her latest iReport offers a closer look at Gas, a witty and engaging video that captures the spirit of the small Kansas town. We'd love to get a closer look where you live. Capture a slice of life in your town or show us why you love the city life .

May 5, 2008
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Why are the new stations avoiding asking Hillary Clinton about her past? Dont the public as well as all reporters needing to understand what is true or a lie by Hillary Clinton. After all that is the person who is trying to become president of the United States. I say, if she is honest as she claims to be, then Hillary Clinton needs to come clean about her past. All news stations as well as the public need to ask her about the following past problems:


I was reading online about some of the good and bad things about Hillary Clinton before I decided to support her in her race to the White House. But I came to the conclusion that I need truthful answers to something of the things that happened while she was in the White House as the first lady. I am not saying it has not been discuss on television already, maybe I missed it. But as a citizen and if she wants my vote. I need answers and I am sure that the nation needs to be re-ensured of some of her positive and negative faults. I have copied and pasted here what I read along with the questions needing to answered by Mrs. Hillary Clinton.


Untangling Whitewater


Editor's Note: This special report is an archive of coverage and related background information on the Whitewater investigations. Some information has been updated, but most material here is intended for reference. The latest news on the aftermath of the investigations of President Clinton and his associates, including links to archived coverage of Clinton's impeachment and Senate trial, can be found in the Clinton Accused special report.


Before Monica Lewinsky, there was Whitewater.


The impeachment report that Kenneth Starr delivered to the House in September 1998 was the product of only one of many lines of inquiry the independent counsel has pursued in more than four years of probing the president.


Originally appointed to investigate a failed Arkansas real estate deal involving the Clintons almost 20 years ago, Starr's scope expanded over time to include a bewildering range of accusations of fraud, obstruction of justice and abuse of power allegedly involving President Clinton and the first lady, as well as some of their closest friends and advisers.

Our Clinton Accused archive contains background and breaking news about what happened once Starr began investigating allegations related to Monica Lewinsky in January 1998.


This special report explores the vast web of allegations known as Whitewater. It includes key stories from The Post from 1998 and earlier, a time line of events and revelations, key legal documents and Web links and resources.

These topics are covered in the following introduction:


The Beginnings

Key Elements

Major Questions

Where it Stands


The Beginnings

It all started with a little real estate deal 20 years ago. In 1978, then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, joined a partnership with James and Susan McDougal to buy 220 acres of riverfront land and form the Whitewater Development Corp. The goal was to sell lots for vacation homes. But the partnership did poorly and finally dissolved in 1992, leaving the Clintons reporting a net loss of more than $40,000.

James McDougal also owned a savings and loan association, for which Hillary Clinton did legal work. Due in part to a series of fraudulent loans, McDougal's Madison Savings and Loan was one of many thrifts that went bust at taxpayer expense in the 1980s. Some Clinton associates clearly broke the law during the Arkansas years. The McDougals, most notably, were both found guilty of fraud. Over time, the investigation known as "Whitewater" grew well beyond allegations related to the Clintons' financial and legal dealings in Arkansas. It also encompasses the Clintons' responses to the allegations – and such unrelated events as the firing of White House travel office clerks.


Key Elements


Some of the key kinks in the Whitewater tangle:


A fraudulent $300,000 federally backed loan to Susan McDougal, some of which went into Whitewater Development Corp. David Hale, a former Little Rock judge whose company issued the loan, told investigators that Bill Clinton pressured him to do so.


The mysterious disappearance and rediscovery of billing records showing the extent of Hillary Clinton's legal work for McDougal's savings and loan. Missing and under subpoena for two years, they turned up in January 1996 in the Clintons' private quarters at the White House.


The firing of seven members of the White House travel office in 1993, possibly to make room for Clinton friends – followed by an FBI investigation of the office, allegedly opened under pressure from the White House to justify the firings. Sometimes called "Travelgate."


The 1993 suicide of White House counsel Vincent Foster, hard on the heels of the travel-office imbroglio and his filing of delinquent Whitewater Corp. tax returns.


The collection of hundreds of confidential FBI files on prominent Republicans by a minor White House operative in 1993 and 1994. Sometimes called "Filegate."


The more than $700,000 paid to former associate attorney general Webster L. Hubbell, most of it from friends of President Clinton and Democratic Party supporters, just as the former law partner of Hillary Clinton was coming under intense scrutiny by Whitewater investigators.


Until the Lewinsky matter, the Clintons came through allegation after allegation with their credibility shaken but not destroyed.


The original Whitewater special prosecutor was Robert B. Fiske Jr., a moderate Republican selected in January 1994 by Attorney General Janet Reno, who had the authority to make the appointment because the independent counsel law had expired.


In August 1994, with the law renewed and Fiske under fire from conservatives for being insufficiently aggressive in pursuit of the president, the three-judge panel in charge of appointing independent counsels abruptly replaced him with a conservative activist named Kenneth W. Starr.


Starr had been a top aide in the Reagan Justice Department, a federal appeals court judge and then solicitor general under President George Bush.


Major Questions:


Starr's Little Rock grand jury, which was investigating the Arkansas aspects of Whitewater, disbanded in early May 1998, and activity moved to Washington. Among the major non-Lewinsky questions investigated by Starr and his allies:


Did the White House arrange payments to Hubbell in an effort to buy his silence about things he might have learned while he and Hillary Clinton were partners at the Rose Law Firm?


Did the White House pressure the McDougals not to talk during their fraud trial?


Did Hillary Clinton obstruct the investigation by lying or hiding her records?


Did Bill Clinton lie in sworn testimony in 1996 when he denied any knowledge of the fraudulent $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal?


So far I have notice two things that have been delayed to prevent questioning Hillary Clinton:


1st - The files needed for the Whitewater investigation ( 2 years).

2nd - She delayed releasing her tax returns to keep something from being known.


I got this from:



Over the years Hillary has been implicated in many different criminal actions. The most recent is the illegal handling of 1.6 million dollars that was donated by Peter F Paul in Hillary’s 2000 Senatorial Campaign.




Cattle Futures & Conflicts of Interest:


In 1979, Hillary Clinton’s trades in cattle futures contracts generated criticism regarding conflict of interest and allegations of disguised bribery. Her initial $1,000 investment generated $100,000 when she stopped trading ten months later. Furthermore, in his book Devil Take The Hindmost : A History Of Financial Speculation, Edward Chancellor noted that Clinton made her money by betting “on the short side at a time when cattle prices doubled.” Marshall Magazine, a publication of the Marshall School of Business, found that “Two-thirds of her trades showed a profit by the end of the day she made them and 80 percent were ultimately profitable.” According to the Washington Post, “[w]hile Clinton’s account was wildly successful to an outsider, it was small compared to what others were making in the cattle futures market in the 1978-79 period.” However, the Post’s comparison was of absolute profits, not necessarily percentage rate of return.


Chicago Mercantile Exchange records indicated that $40,000 of her profits came from larger trades initiated by Clinton’s lawyer and friend, James Blair, an experienced futures trader and outside counsel to Tyson Foods. According to exchange records, Robert L. “Red” Bone, the commodities broker that facilitated the trades on behalf of Ray E. Friedman and Co. (Refco), reportedly because Blair was a good client, allowed Clinton to maintain her positions even though she did not have enough money in her account to cover her activity. For example, she was allowed to order 10 cattle futures contracts, normally a $12,000 investment, in her first commodity trade in 1978 although she had only $1,000 in her account at the time. Refco was fined for violating Chicago Mercantile Exchange rules governing margin trading. Leo Melamed, a former chairman of the Mercantile Exchange who reviewed the records for the White House, said in an interview that Clinton violated no rules in the course of her transactions.




The Whitewater controversy was a series of events and actions that had its origins in 1978. While in Arkansas, the Clintons were partners with Jim and Susan McDougal in a real estate venture known as the Whitewater Development Corporation. According to reports, the Clintons lost their financial investment in the Whitewater business projects. At the time the McDougals operated a savings and loan that retained Hillary Clinton’s legal services at Rose Law Firm. When the McDougals’ savings and loan failed in 1994, federal investigators subpoenaed Clinton’s legal billing records for auditing purposes. Hillary Clinton claimed to be unable to produce these records. After an extensive, two-year search, the records were found in the first lady’s book room in the White House and delivered to investigators in 1996. The delayed appearance of the billing records sparked intense interest and another investigation about how they surfaced and where they had been; Clinton attributed the problem to disorganization that resulted from her move from the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion to the White House. After the discovery of the ‘lost’ records, on January 26, 1996, Clinton made history by becoming the first First Lady to testify before a grand jury.


The Whitewater investigation was initiated by Independent Counsel Robert Fiske appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno. The case was later taken over by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, and concluded by Independent Counsel Robert Ray. Several other allegations were also investigated under the Whitewater umbrella. The investigations, which took place during Bill Clinton’s presidency and cost an estimated $40 million, resulted in the McDougals being jailed and Webster Hubbell pleading guilty to felony charges of lying to federal investigators about Clinton’s role in both Whitewater and the savings and loan failure. No criminal charges were brought against the Clintons themselves, as Robert Ray’s final report on September 20, 2000 stated that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that either of them had engaged in criminal wrongdoing.


Travel office firings:

On May 19, 1993, several long-time employees of the White House Travel Office were fired for alleged incompetence or illegal activities. Accusations were made that Hillary Clintonwas involved in the firings and that they were unjustified and were done in order to give the business to friends of the Clintons; she denied any role in the firings. Supporters claimed that the employees in question were officially political appointees (although they had served under Presidents of both parties) who served “at the President’s pleasure” and could be fired or reassigned at any time. The affair became known as “Travelgate”. On June 23, 2000, Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray stated in a final report that while there was substantial evidence that she was involved in the firings, it could not be proved that she had deliberately lied about the matter, and so no charges would be brought.


Vince Foster:

On July 20, 1993, White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster died by suicide. The general Whitewaterinvestigation included an examination of Foster’s death and the circumstances around it. Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr‘s investigation, as well as investigations by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the U.S. Park Police, all concluded that Foster’s death was indeed a suicide.


In 1996 Hillary Clinton was accused by the Senate Special Whitewater Committee of ordering the removal of potentially damaging files (related to Whitewater or other matters) from Foster’s office on the night of his death.


Other critics of the Clintons have made more lurid allegations: that Foster’s death was not a suicide, that it was connected to Whitewater, and that Hillary Clinton was somehow involved by covering up activities together with Foster before his death or in that her relationship with Foster was an intimate one. Other conspiracy theories claimed that she had killed Foster herself or had him killed.



In June 1996, White House security head Craig Livingstone improperly asked for and received several hundred FBI background files, including ones on White House personnel from former Republican administrations. It was claimed that Hillary Clinton had requested these files and that she had recommended hiring the supposedly unqualified Livingstone; she denied these charges. The affair became known as ”Filegate”.


What I don’t understand is, all I keep seeing on the news are the things that really want hurt the U.S. from the other candidates, but not enough information being discuss about the things Hillary Clinton has been involved in that has effected the United States.




Maybe it’s a good ideal to start blogging this information and questions to the public so that the news will respond to getting more information about all of this. I would like to know, the public would like to know. And I am sure all of you who report the news needs to know more after all, voting for the right person to be president effects you to.

May 7, 2008
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I'm tired of the gas prices, Why isn't the senators ,congressmen , and anyone else helping middle class ????  President Bush should NEVER been in office , he hasn't done one thing to help , only have more problems , causing taxpayers pay for something that should never started .


President Bush , all about Oil , he's filling his bank acct before he's out of office . Republicans are tired of him , actually everyone is . He took office while a bible standing in front of him , and guess what he didn't care what's going on in USA , as long as he get whatever he wanted.  


It will go down in history ....President Bush is the worse past president .  he's horrible .


He's a Disappointed President . He can do something if he wanted too but he doesn't , he can stop these high prices Oil , Food , Economy , Jobs , and much more .


If I had to grade him ....."- F". the worse grade

anyone possible can get .


So the next President will have to clean up the mess , what Bush didn't do . This will be a bad legecy for Bush. 


NO Taxpayer should pay for his daughter's wedding either , he can pay that out of his huge bank accountsssssssssssss.


It's not going to matter if you're a republican , democrat , independent , everyone will be mad at him .


I don't trust polictians they tell you one thing , do another ..... They all should be FIRED .


YOU ever noticed , when clinton was in office you didn't see a mess like this ?????????


Republicans are all about big businesses why bcause big businesses will donate millions of dollars to there acctssss...........


Even Reagan didn't make it this bad when he was in office .   It's only certain Past / President who doesn't care about his country , we're being sold out to foreigners .   Foreigners are taking over ......

May 7, 2008
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I'm sick of ALL politicians! They haul up the CEOs of the big oil companies for what? So they say that they tried to do something about it? They aren't doing squat!Obama says he's against the gas holiday (suspended gas tax) because it won't provide any real relief, only approximately $25 per household. Does he realize that I can use that money NOT to buy more gas, but food staples (milk, bread, eggs . . . ) We need any and all the help we can get, no matter how small. We've been cutting back like crazy to make ends meet. What would he propose that would enable me to buy food in lieu of gas? I agree it ain't much, but at least it's something. Obama is big on ideas that are way out in the future and not much to provide any help in the immediate future, then again what politian can do anything of substance really?

May 16, 2008
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this is steven live in baltimore md so i know why oil went up because of iran they want money to collect for nuclear bomb so that what they are doing iran is world second large oil feild and oil too so if u dont mind  my email is ok thanks bye steve

October 24, 2008

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Thank you


December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
April 14, 2010
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