Monday, May 12, 2008
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May 12, 2008

Barack, what r u going to do about so many blacks voting for u on the basis of ur color only?  U know that this is not only NOT a fair cast of votes fer u, but one in which u r surely going to reap the benefits of nothing but problems cum the general election in November.

May 13, 2008
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May 13, 2008
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i have a problem and im still waiting to solve it but its mad me becose for now i cant post any reports becose im fool girl when i regester it first time i didnt go to see my nbox mail and to confurm my mail and my mail now unconfurmed and i cant post any from my reports im soooo mad and nervous becose the best reports in lebanon is gone from me i would like to be the first one who post my news about my country lebanon and about lebanese ppl damnnnnn we have war now and im wishing someone help me just to confurm my mail,i tryed lot of things to confurm it the company cnn sent me alot of mails but it didnt confurm i dont know whyyyyyyyyyyy

thank you:(

May 13, 2008
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online friends are ppl we may never meet,we see pictures we see cams it isnt the same,we grow close,we care and love one another,our heartswill break all we see is a name on messenger out we dont see the person anymre,we pray "pleaze come back"all i ask is that you remember me in the good times we had...keep me close to your heart.....i love cnn and all friends in here with all reports becose it put the smile on face for everyone,and give the last news and the importent news arround the world....and i would like to be in relation with cnn and all friends. my regards to all in us military special the soldiers whos gone from this life but will never gone from our minds and our hearts,hope my friends there will be well......and peace to lebanon we must be together and forever one hand to put the peace int hsi world

May 13, 2008
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My name is Marcy Brandow and my friend Greg Long was at an office building in Dujiangyan China when the earthquake hit. He is American and we have not been able to get ahold of him or even know where he is. How can we, we live in the U.S. go about trying to locate him. He has a wife here in TX. who is very worried as I am and we just want to be able to find him and make sure he is ok and alive. I know that things are bad over there and that alot of the cell phone services are down and the suspense and waiting here in the states is wearing on us all. Could you please advise on how to go about finding him. He was there on business.


Thank you for your time

Marcy Brandow


May 14, 2008
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I am a native Arkansan. I visited my mother, who still lives in the capital city, for Mother's Day last week.


As we were driving around town, I lamented that the more things change, the more Arkansas stays the same. The growth has been limited, and has not benefitted non-elites. All of the amenities are in West Little Rock or in the suburban bedroom communities in Northwest Arkansas. Meanwhile, South Arkansas, East Arkansas, and places on the outskirts of town (parts of Jacksonville, Sherwood, Lonoke, Bryant, Benton, or East End)  - communities that have always been known for their history of low-income Whites and Blacks see no change.


Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary spent 12 years in Arkansas' Governor's Mansion. As much as Hillary touts her vicarious experience in the Governor's Mansion and the White House, she should point out that taxes were raised so much and so often that the only person that has surpassed Clinton in taxation in the state of Arkansas is Mike Huckabee. Hillary touts her experience in education and the formation of Arkansas' Blue Ribbon Campaign (an initiative for public schools), yet rural communities lag behind the national average in education and funding.


No jobs are coming to the central part of the state. They are saturated in Northwest Arkansas, with Wal-Mart, Tyson, J.B. Hunt, etc. And, like West Virginia, Arkansas lags behind the national average in wages and earned income.



She couldn't get her Universal Health Care initiative passed and implemented in the 8 years she was in the White House - particularly between 1992 and 1994 when the Congress was controlled by Democrats. How is it that so many people trust Hillary Clinton to deliver on her promises?


It baffles me that  American voters continue to vote for candidates who say that they are in it for the "little man", the "hard-working White Americans"... yet, in every administration, they get left behind. They voted for Clinton - twice... didn't work. They voted for Bush - twice... didn't work. Yet, these people, as poor, undereducated, and underserved as they are, cannot see themselves voting for someone like Barack Obama because he's Black. It's almost like they are saying "Yeah, I might be poor, but you're still a n***er".


So many of these Reagan Democrats and a few Republicans don't understand that the problems that Black people face in the inner cities and in the Mississippi Delta are the same problems they face in their trailer park community. I wish people would quit the racial B.S. and see the truth for what it is. Barack Obama is the ONLY person with the wide range of personal experiences to identify with people from ALL walks of life. He has the political experience and understanding of policies on both sides of the political spectrue, and can negotiate with all branches of government to get legislation that benefits all of us.

May 14, 2008
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I'm trying any means possible to get the word out about my nephew and his family who are missing in China.  They are Americans who live in Wanchuen (sp?)--he teaches at the University and his wife is a nurse and takes care of their 2 1/2 yr. old son. No one can locate them or has heard from them since the quake.  Who can help us?


wilma miller

May 15, 2008
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Trying to find a way to report a tech problem. Emails to Tech Department not working... This is for CNN iReport for CNN TV program Website


Broken links to videos part 2 and part 3 for this weeks show. page comes up but videos do not run.


Start here

There are the broken links

May 18, 2008
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hellooo everyone i have a problem again mail now is confirm but the problem i cant post pix when im wrtting my reports i cant see the pic box what i can do?i wait like 30munt just and nothign change i refresh the page lot of times and ntohing change so plz can anyone help me?

and another ques why im not superstar?i was form one week when my mail is unconfirmed and now im not its changed can anyone help me? plz

May 19, 2008
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I'm new to this blog. got a question from viewing "911 call gone awry". 

My father passed away 2 years ago. My mom knows little English, and called my sister, Cindy, for help. Cindy had to use her cell to call 911 from out of town when he had his heart-attack.  Cindy then jumped on a train to get back home from her place of residence 2 hours away.

Cindy lost signal while on the train, but got it back upon exiting half an hour later. The message was from my mom stating that no ambulance/help had arrived. Cindy then had to get back on to dispatch, which was a slight ordeal because they had to patch the call through to different locations.

As it turned out, an ambulance service was dispatched from a town 1/2 an hour away to our neigborhood. However, it went to a nearby address which they were familiar with. The house number was 1624 and ours is 1642. The ambulance was accustomed to going to the other house because the resident had an emergency call button that he wore around his neck, and it often went off by accident.

The ambulance was then canceled and left without verifying any info. At the end of all this, it took about an hour for any help to reach my father.  According to my mom, he was responsive for a great while of the wait. 

My mom and sisters did not want to pursue this matter. I was in the military and due to leave for training. But I whole-heartedly regret never having to report this to any news media.  I tried talking with the ambulance service, dispatchers, and got some legal advice from a friend.  Nothing looked positive, and I didn't want to go at this alone.  But it's not fair to my father for having to go through this before passing away, for my mother for never receiving an apologies. Or even Cindy for feeling guilty that she's at college instead of at home.

I guess  my question it too late to somehow report this?  How long do ambulance services/dispatchers keep their phone records?  Does anybody know? 

I know my family wanted to let things be, but I believe accidents like this will not be learned from if someone is not held accountable publicly.  It would most likely be swept under the rug to protect the county and companies.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Comments? Thank you.

May 19, 2008
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“Richly detailed, awesomely sourced…a granular record of the nation's march to war with Iraq , gleaned from interviews, memos, phone records, and PowerPoint presentation.” -David Cook, The Christian Science Monitor



“The best and I judge the most accurate picture yet of how the United States got into war with Iraq .” -Bob Schieffer, CBS News Face the Nation



“How good is this book? Well, if discomfort caused is the measure of greatness achieved, forget the Pulitzer -- Mr. Woodward deserves a Nobel…This is the craft of a journalist without peer.” -Robert Sam Anson, New York Observer



“Digs deep…projects a reassuring neutrality…Woodward is manifestly a great reporter -- an unparalleled getter of facts.” -Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker



“In Bob Woodward's new book, Plan of Attack, readers get a privileged insider's look at the preparations for the war in Iraq. The veteran Washington journalist demonstrates once again that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.” -Susan Larson, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)






Dear Mr. Woodward:


Above, are just a few samples of the rave reviews that your 2004 best selling book, Plan of Attack, the second in your Bush at War trilogy, received.  A literary masterpiece that touts itself as “the definitive account of how and why President George W. Bush, his war council, and allies launched a preemptive attack to topple Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq.” 



In the Q & A section of your personal website,, you answer the question, “What impact did Watergate have on the field of journalism?” with “Watergate proved that it was worth the effort to dig deeply and spend sufficient time on stories in order to ensure you’re presenting the truth as completely and honestly as possible.”



On the strength of your reputation, which I have every reason to believe is as sterling as sterling gets, I believed that in reading your three Bush at War books that I was getting the closest, most objective, impartial perspective of the truth as humanly possible.  When I saw and heard numerous leftists like Michael “Cut and Paste” Moore, Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington, etc. smear the Bush administration with their disingenuous slants, I simply reverted to Bob Woodward’s account of “what really happened” and it was easy to dismiss their discredited axe-to-grind criticisms as ignorance and nonsense.



However, four years after Plan of Attack was released, a major discrepancy has been charged by an immensely credible source: former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph Peters, syndicated columnist to dozens of worldwide newspapers whose reputation is so revered that John McCain selected him as a top military campaign advisor.  In the world of journalism, this man is a juggernaut whose words carry a lot of weight.



In Peters’ May 5 op-ed piece that appeared in a New York Post, “Saudi Stick-Up,” he states that the reason why gas prices have risen so dramatically is because the Saudi royal family is “punishing” America because President Bush defied their “order” to not attack Iraq.



Now after reading your book(s) that in your own words, present “the truth as completely and honestly as possible,” what do you think about this?  In your 1,400 page Bush at War trilogy, never once do you cite that the Bush White House and the Saudi royal family were anything less than on the same page in toppling Saddam Hussein and removing this scourge from power.  In fact, you portray the Saudis as doing everything possible, including offering logistical and military support for the invasion and even giving Bush a political favor by keeping oil prices in check on the run up to the 2004 election. 



This is the “definitive account” by you, the man who claims he was given “unprecedented access,” and yet along comes Ralph Peters, a top McCain operative, who completely contradicts your side of the relationship between the president and the Saudis all to exploit the emotions of a fed up public about the hyper sensitive issue of $4 per gallon gas prices during an election year.  



Mr. Woodward, there’s an old saying, “A good lie will make it half way around the world before the truth gets out of bed.”  Ralph Peters has made the unsubstantiated claim that America is being punished with exorbitant fuel prices because President Bush defied their “orders” to not attack Iraq.  That goes completely against your insider version of “presenting the truth as completely and honestly as possible.”  Are you going to let this blatant lie (?) go unopposed without racing out of bed and standing up for what you know is the truth?





Eugene R. Dunn


Medford, NY  11763

May 21, 2008
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I and many Americans would like to know why our elected officials are letting Bush destroy our country.

I have a relative that tells how our oil reserves were empty, still guarded and paying on land rent, now Bush is filling them up as not to be caught, he also has told by gov. letter that our flour mills are not to sell to our countrymen, that China has received our wheat less cost than what we pay, and they are stockpiling their food.

This man and all of you in power are trying so very hard to make us a poor and rich nation only, with the poor becoming more and more. I call all of this Treason!

Why are these politicians allowing oil to ruin us??

May 21, 2008
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If Costa Rica can afford National Health Care why Cant' the US.


I am a 36 year old US. citizen living in Costa Rica. I have heard politicians and news casters who fear socialized medicine say how wonderful health care is in the US. and that people are clambering to take advantage of that care. I am sure that the health care system is wonderful, if you can afford it or if you have the health benefits that Congress enjoys, but there are millions who can not afford basic health care. While our government argues about who should get free or low cost health care, there are people in one of the richest country in the world dieing of phenomena. That would never happen in a country with national health care.


I have also heard news stories which encourage parents to rush their child to the ER for a  fever or cut or any time they don’t know exactly what is wrong, as if they think that isn’t a mother’s first instinct. What they fail to realize is that if trip to the ER will put your family in debt for months you are forced to take a “wait and see” attitude. It is a horrible feeling to have to weigh the need to buy food for your family against the necessity of a trip to the emergency room for a sick child. Our working poor can’t afford to run to the doctor every time their children get a cough or a sprained ankle. They have to be sure that the illness or injury truly needs the expert opinion of a doctor.


Yet here in Costa Rica, an admittedly poor nation, health care is considered a basic right of the people.   Here public schools take the students on field trips for doctor’s check ups and dental exams. Nursing staff comes to each school to give vaccine shots and health inspectors make yearly home visits to ensure that vaccinations, pap smears and mammograms are kept up to date.


Here every child enrolled in school gets free medical and dental care. They simply take their school identification card with them to the hospital or clinic and they receive treatment and medication for infections, broken bones, stitches, you name it, at no cost. They can also receive dental care: fillings, tooth extraction's, crowns and teeth cleanings, all free. If the United States is the best and wealthiest country in the world why is it a pour nation like Costa Rica takes better care of it's children.


Once a child in Costa Rica leaves the high school and moves into the work force they are guaranteed health insurance through their employer. Costa Rica doesn’t have the loop holes we do in the states where a business can hire four part time employees instead of two full time employees and avoid paying anyone’s health insurance. Business here who fail to pay their employees benefits face stiff penalties.


If a person is unemployed and can’t afford to pay for treatment by law they can not be turned away. Even if you are a foreigner and don't have insurance, health care here is affordable. If you go to the hospital with an ear infection in the middle of the night, look to pay $25 to $45 and that includes medication which is dispensed while you wait. Foreigners can get health insurance through AARP for about $2,000 a year which is less than many people over 55 would pay in the states and here you don't have a high deductible. My mother recently came to Costa Rica to have her gallbladder removed. She was unable to get insurance in the US. due to her pre-existing conditions which is why she needed insurance in the first place. The operation would have cost between $22,000 and $27,000 in the states. My mother paid under $7,000 including airfare and got excellent care. She even commented that the hospital food was better than in some 4 star restaurants.


Then there is the inexpensive dental care. I have always had poor teeth and in the US. I struggled to afford fillings, I even had a tooth pulled because I could not afford a  $3,000 root canal. I just got two porcelain (fused to metal) crowns for about $80 each. I did an internet search and found I could not get the same crown for less than $375 in the states. My son got a couple of fillings for about $15 each and a tooth pulled for $10. The best price I found for same procedures in the US: $66 each filling and $49 for the extraction.


None of this seems very important to a person who can already afford health coverage and dental care which is perhaps why Congress and our Legislators have not been in a rush to find a solution to  the health care crisis. What about the millions who can't can’t afford to pay for these fundamental needs? Perhaps our government officials should receive the same care as our country’s working poor until they find a solution to the problem. 


I moved to this developing country four years ago. We now have healthy bodies and teeth because for the first time in my life I can afford to pay for our treatment. If a poor country like Costa Rica can afford to meet the health care needs of it’s people, why can’t a world supper power like the United States offer it’s citizens the basic right of good health.


Solutions? Some say it is a huge problem that can’t be fixed over night, there are many factors to consider. So start at the bottom. Doctors should not go into medicine for the money. Do you really want your surgeon to see dollar signs when they wheel you in? Wouldn’t you rather know he is getting a decent living wage no matter how many or few surgeries he does and he is there because he enjoys helping people. If the incomes were good wage designed to make people comfortable but not rich we would attract medical professionals who were in the business because they wanted to heal.


Then there is the cost of education. After all the debt that is raked up in med school it is no wonder doctors have to charge so much when they go into practice just to pay back all their loans. What if the system recruited young people who wanted to heal but couldn’t necessarily afford an Ivy League education? They could pay back their tuition debt not to the bank but to society by serving four years at a set pay rate at public hospitals.


There is also the high cost of malpractice insurance which is passed onto the consumer. Laws need to be changes so that a person can no longer sue for emotional distress if their teenager’s rash isn’t cleared up by prom. There is a need to allow people to receive compensation for errors which cause grievous harm but in to many cases settlements are made in frivolous suits which just causes health care costs to soar.


Then there are the pharmaceutical companies. This is big business out of control. They make huge profits on new medications until the generic is made available and then they develop another similar but more expensive drug designed not for the best possible treatment for patients but for the highest dividend to their share holders. Pharmaceutical reps make good money to push these drugs to doctors even offering incentive to prescribe their drug as opposed to cheaper drugs which are just as effective. Special interest groups insure that less expensive drugs are not made readily available to the public.


Hospitals are also in the profit business and pad their bills at every turn. Anyone who has ever stayed overnight in a hospital bed knows what I mean. If you look at the itemized bill you will see charges like $12 for Tylenol. It would cost half that for an entire bottle at Wal-mart.  It’s all of these things and more that got our country in this position now it is time to reverse the situation and get us out of it.

May 23, 2008
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On Sustainable-Energy/Global Warming/Ozone Depletion and Eco-Responsibility






Personal Novel Energy Concepts/Inventions/Policy and Practice








Aaron M. Billet



Personal Introduction


My name is Aaron M. Billet, I am a self-taught Inventor originally from Shamokin, PA who has been intrigued with alternative energy and advanced technology from childhood.  I am also a survivor of nearly two dozen neuro-surgeries due to congenital hydrocephalus, thus, my brain structure itself has been dramatically altered, my mind, hence, tends not to function along the same lines as most people as a consequence thereof. 


     I consider global stewardship to transcend and eclipse all other world issues at the moment, by this I mean to say that it is only that in first securing the basis for life-support of the human race and of all living things that the matters unique to human experience may be relieved accordingly: war, oppression, terrorism and other forms of unjust treatment.  The consequences of affecting even unknown peoples and cultures of the world are far to selfish of a venture to allow for a developed nation to permit knowing that there are no options for planetary options for relocation.


     In the following manifest I will discuss some of my personal concepts and proposals for what in my opinion may lead to revolutionary and novel pursuits in the fields of: Sustainable-Energy/Global Warming/Ozone Depletion/Creation and Eco-Responsibility and their practices.


Photo-Voltaics at a New Level


     Solar power has become more popular, yet, is (in my opinion) should not a matter of popularity, but rather a matter of penalty for non-use thereof.  I will discuss and explain some of my of my extremely advanced concepts, theories and applications which I feel not only will may impact the outlook for the nation’s needs in this century, but the need for the world demand for energy in the emerging markets of the Far-East in the new Millennium and beyond. 


Solar Power/Lite-Brite/Distributor Caps/Tesla Coils and and Mirrored Boxes


     The average person is familiar is with an external solar panel or array, but, I propose an internal array as a secondary power –supply.  Firstly, I need to discuss and explain the Lite-Brite and distributor cap concept.  Those who have played with one of these toys understands that the concept simply involves a fixed light source with peg holes through which light passively through colored resin pegs.  I will use this analogy to expound upon my theory of fiber-optic –broadcasting as applicable to photo- voltaic arrays.  Since U/V light is the power source required to power solar devices, it would stand to reason that if a fixed light source were was used in the same manner as light bulb in a closed container, there were resin panels leading from the light source like a distributor cap, and the non-exposed surfaces of the array could receive their light vis-à-vis reflected light from mirrored surfaces, it would be possible to build a laminar array to conform to any space, and even create a structural element of a power-plant of a car, for example.  Structural elements of buildings, e.g. flooring, ceiling tiles, etc. could passively become part of an autonomous power supply specific to the individual room with this type of design concept.  Low voltage is the advantage of this system in that most of the “power” present is that of passive light.  L.E.D.’s are also excellent sources of U/V light which have low power requirements, high reliability and low cost.  I propose a solar panel system which may take in minimal external solar power, charge on-board battery supplies, and self-illuminate by broadcasting full-time 24/7 U/V light across its own surface area.  Furthermore, Induction motors exist which can transfer solar power directly into usable electricity.  This system, if used at a cellular level, meaning building-by-building, car-by-car, plane-by-plane, train-by-train level, with allow for reliable non-interrupted power free from the grid, and completely “green” in its operation, all with little loss of efficiency.  In building a self-illuminating P/V array, it may be further possible to build such an induction motor which used magnetic levitation as a means of torque to impart current.  In so doing, it provides for efficiency of operation by reduction of non contact of moving parts.  This lack of friction provides longevity of use and reliability.  Further design elements may be things like: dimpled surfaces of the discs for decreased drag resistance, evacuated super-cooled chambering, etc. 


Nikola Tesla proved that static electricity could excite and illuminate inert gases in an open-air environment, this technology, and his genius, is too important is to forget and discard.  Inert gases are very plentiful and harmless by their very nature, as their name implies.  We know that inert gases can be used to create various frequencies of UV light; hence, any use natural or artificially created static electricity which may be used to ionize inert gases should be applicable to P/V technology.  I propose the following design concept(s):  Using the concepts introduced above, let’s expand further.  Externally, a photo-voltaic array collects daytime sunlight while simultaneously ionizing internally contained inert gas, in essence, this allows a solar array to be built inside of a light bulb, which in-turn provides ambient light for any other P/V application in an aqueous state.  All of these technologies are fully scalable. 


Making the Sound Choice


     Ultrasound, while out of the range of human hearing, is within the range of many animals, and may be harmful to them, this is undoubtedly a drawback of the following design proposal, yet, may be a necessary evil towards its intended end.  One of the discoveries brought to light in ultrasound research is that it can be used to slow down air-borne particles causing them to collide, condense, and hence, cool-down in-turn.  The following design concept I propose should, theoretically, use several known and proven technologies which have simply been synergized to alleviate certain effects of global warming. 


I feel that through use of the following principles and processes, on a scalable level, significant yet progressive impacts may be made by the implementation of photo-voltaic ultrasound “farms”, cellular/stand-alone pods etc. 


Proposal: If a solar farm were built in a polar region which could take advantage of the extended months of daylight, these solar farms may be used to power ultrasound transducers to condense the atmospheric moisture and “refreeze” the ambient air which has been so drastically compromised by ozone depletion and consequent global-warming.  This, while theoretical at the moment is in my humble opinion too important of a potential to “shelf” for sake of its eccentricity.  In further linking this concept, in creating autonomous devices, and severing ties to all need for petroleum-based modes of transport etc., it further propose the construction of such “farms” to charge re-chargeable batteries as power-supplies using what in essence is a six month free charging station for those batteries. 


The Great Salt Lake, could it be a battery in waiting?


     Battery power in solid-state/dry-cell form has not been, to the best of my knowledge, pursued as a resource able to be “tapped” as a source from a stable alkali soil sample.  I propose the following concept for consideration.  Conduct soil samples of the Great Salt Lake area, analyze its electrolytic potential, pursue studies as per its viability for use as a solid-state dry-cell battery supply as a power station.



“Ion Combing “


     “Flying Wings” have been built for atmospheric studies using solar array covered top surfaces as power-supplies for their propellers.  My proposal is that using this existing proven technology and combining it with ozone science, it may be theoretically possible to generate ozone through flight/land and/or sea travel.  Using the above example, I will demonstrate how it may be possible to use known weather phenomena, Tesla’s technologies, and modern advancements to potentially replenish ozone every time an external power-supply is exposed to the environment using these technologies in combination. 


Weather:  Lightning ionizes atmospheric gases, principally with respect to ozone, mono –atomic oxygen. Ozone cannot be created without being stripped of ions by an electronic event; hence, it should stand to reason that if static electricity were created in a reliable constant way, ozone should be able to be created at-will.  Using Tesla Coils and creating a static arcs in the atmosphere whether land, sea or air-based, ozone may be progressively returned over time.  If pods are mounted as rooftop fixtures, under-car mountings, aircraft intakes etc., these devices may serve as agents to actually create ozone as an exhaust product.  Furthermore, insofar as its relationship to aircraft design specifically, plasma created by the intake of the ionization of the atmospheric gases actually created further efficiency of propulsion via non-traditional fuel combustion as per non-CFC consumption.



There are more energy concepts and designs to come.


Aaron M. Billet

May 23, 2008
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Just once I would like to see a response from a leader who is willing to address the issues that need to be addressed.  I would like them to answer the issues I addressed in my blog at

I would like to see their answers.

May 23, 2008
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When is Ex-President Bill Clinton going to rein in his wife, Hillary from making such outrageous comments? Hillary deliberatly just marked Obama for all the loose cannons out there. She should 1) resign her senate seat immediately, 2) step down from the presidential campaign,and 3)give a real national tv apology. Her comments do not come what is acceptable from an ex presidential "first lady". She just lost what i consider to be a "first lady"'s  stature. Now, she is just like any other common person on the streets. The Kennedy's do not need this kind of comments in lieu of what Sen. Kennedy is going thru right now. This lady thinks we owe her the presidency? Lady, grow up and move on, you're old news.

May 26, 2008
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Write Me in !


  Name is Roya Dayspring. It is going to come as a slight


  surprise that I'm not snatching people off the planet,


  but I've got work to do cleaning up this mess. By the


  way, I Am the "Hidden Imam" too. Let me get down to


  business. See account ADONAI888HASHEM at You Tube.


  Google- Me as dumb as it sounds. Just follow the yellow


  brick road. SHALOM Peace to the world, Morning Star


                                      Dayspring/ Mehdi

May 27, 2008
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why does your network and CNN refuse to cover the news like JOURNALISTS??? If you want to know who would win against John McCain then go to It's an up to date electoral map count of all the states and how they would vote in november. Clinton would TROUNCE McCain with over 300 Electoral votes...Obama would tie and in most swing states is losing by 4 or more points to McCain. WHY IS NO ONE COVERING THIS OR DOING THIS TYPE OF POLLING???? WHY??? Caucus wins won't mean anything in November. Electoral maps WILL. Wake up CNN and take your nose out of Obama's butt for a few seconds to actually cover the campaign objectively.

May 29, 2008
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June 30, 2008
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I am a Christian. I supported Billy Graham's ministry with over $100.00, then I became homeless.I asked them after I could not get a job and had became homeless, to please help with correcting a mistake by the government but they wrote that they will pray and could not talk to the President on my behalf etc. Just e-mail or $1.00 from over a hundred dollars to ask if  a problem could be corrected for a sponsor of their ministry?

I did not give money to get something from them when I gave the money. I am a born again Christian and give because it is commanded in the Bible to bring all the tithes into the store house or give tithes or one tenth of your income. People give money for others to be helped with ministry organizations. It is bad when you need help when you give money to some ministry and they won't even help you. They have not given me a Born again Christian money-$5.00 or one cent who have been without a job over a year and in a homeless shelter because of lack of job, like I give over a hundred dollars to them and they can pay some one who won't have to live in a shelter because of a constant income or salary. You give people your money and something they can give you free with ministry like you give them money, they act like it is too good for you.They could maybe just ask people who have missionary houses or like I give them money find a house or apartment that I could live in free Until I can get a job.There was food lion speed street in Charlotte. I told homeless people who could get free cinnamon crunch cereal, honey nut cheerios, sealed drinks-capry sun, bottle water from food lion and energy drinks, cheese it crackers, chocolate,Betty Crocker brownies,  entertainment for their children etc. There are free movies the public library is having at Imagion on 7th street in Charlotte that I told homeless people about and freedom park movies with free popcorn that I told homeless people about, to brighten someone's life, show God's love and help someone in need.I did not have to give them my money but knew of these free events that someone in need can use and their little ones.When I told homeless and poor people and others about free safe food etc. it helped with the high cost of living now etc. Billy Graham ministry should be able to find an apartment that I could live in for a while until I can find a job like I help homeless people have the above free stuff.(cost a lot of money for someone who have to pay for all the above and can't afford that).

I am not demanding. I give the money to God through their ministry, in obedience to God's word-Give and will leave it with God to judge.I have been blessed like all I got from Food Lion Speed street and others bless me and give money sometimes, who I have not given money to like Billy Graham Ministry.I just don't have enough money to pay bills for an apartment. But it would be nice if they could help me find a place in Charlotte or help with job stuff that will solve the problem of homelessness now.I could have even given them more money like I give before I became jobless and homeless with another job. Billy Graham parkway in Charlotte and Library and honor-they should obey God and be lights to America as much as they can and people who sacrifice to help them. (not another ministry with my tithes theirs) They should do only their best. Christians are not super humans and make mistakes but God holds ministers responsible to be lights for others to follow and do their best.We don't do wrong because God knows we are humans.We will be held accountable.Could you let them know and if they want to help with housing now so I can get out of the shelter, I'll appreciate it.I am hurting and helped people with free stuff I knew about that helped them with this energy crisis and high cost of living now.I want them to accept correction as Christians and am not demanding, just asking as a born again christian in need who helped their ministry.



Chinco Brownell

Charlotte, North Carolina

July 10, 2008
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Is this still in beta? The interface is terrible. It is so hard to navigate.


September 2, 2008
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I like watching CNN I have it on from morning to nite. The person that I really like is Lou Dobbs.  I do have a comment about Campbell Brown.  Why does she have to nick pick about every candidate?  She really did with hillary and that was so wrong. and now she is doing it with Sally Phelps from Alaska.  She wants Obama in office and I do not see why.  Sally has far more experience thatn Obama has ever had.  All he has had is esperience in the Senate and I do not trust him.  I am a Democrate and have been all my life,but, the Democrats made a mistake not nominating Hillary for V.P. Joe Biden will ot be able to help Ovama with Pa. and that is where I am from. From what I heard Pa. will got to McCain and my husband and I will vote for hi,m. I think it si awsome thathe picked a women, time for a woman to be in office and she has all the experience she needs  Alot more for running the country thatn the black man.  I am sorry, not ready for him in the white house. So, Campbell Brown, stop nick picking every woman that is running for something. Gie them credit, Hillary started the dooor open for us and I am proud of her./  She would have made a good V.P.  You will see what Obama will do for you and you will not like it.   He is no God or Messiah although you and a whole lot of others think he is.  That is al I got to say about that>  Just speaking my mind, I am allowed frredom of speech/  Patricia

September 5, 2008
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Just watched the "class warfare" segment... nice touch..propagate the Elephant Rich, Donkey Poor stigma... I really liked when we discovered that Michele Obama gets her close from Target and the Gap.  Yeah, and Donkeys Fly!

September 5, 2008
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sorry.. close should be clothes...above..but you get the point

September 18, 2008
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Will someone please check and let me know how many cars and trucks are we aloud to ship to those foreign countries and how many are they aloud to ship over here... And how much do they cost here and how much do american cars and trucks cost in foreign countries...and please let them know that every foreign plant that is built here and employ 5,000 people...15,000 are layed off from ford, general motors, and crysler companies auto makers 5,000 from each plant are layed off which is 15,000 total from our automotive plants...So tell me how this is benifitting the united states....that trade agreement signed by president clinton and started with the republicans that he is that helping the american workers???

October 11, 2008
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Here's a story:


I just heard that North Korea has been removed from the US State Deparment listing countries that sponsor State Terrorism.  According to the Department of State Department on it's website, this is the current listing with North Korea being effectively removed today:




Country  Designation Date


March 1, 1982


January 19, 1984

North Korea

January 20, 1988


August 12, 1993


December 29, 1979


Interesting listing indeed.  I'm not a big fan of Cuba but why is it that they're right smack on the top or even on this list ? I'm not Cuban. This country has so much in common with my latin heritage: the food, music, language. I'm actually Puerto Rican and proud to be an American, but sometimes I wonder why such moves as this one.  These North Koreans will lie, lie and always lie.  They can never be trusted. Are there any nuclear plant facilties in Cuba ???

October 24, 2008

I would like to invite you to a new forum called


Thank you


December 9, 2008
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I am a 26yr old black male from the westside of chicago. With dreams of becoming an inventor, for many years, but the enviorment that I grew up in made it pretty hard to shake the atmosphere of that said enviorment. I have left Chicago many time threw high school and adult hood so I say that to say before my life becomes in the spot light I have really had a tough road to find my nitch. So to the point...I was not aware of the project 10 100 for 10 mill, so I was wondering since the votes end in Jan. Can I please submit this late game changing paly. I was wondering if we could take one city mabe the smallest in the unitedstates, and take the power lines that we already have, that runs from house to house in rural areas up to the vertical street to the main power line pole. If we take those wires and plug them into solar powered batteries and power that perticular block it would be a big help and be the best for the project 10 100. I can come on cnn anytime to tell my story and my idea with the world because this can work and the only bad thing would be that the payments could and should be taken out of our taxes and this would make all of our light bills go away. This idea should win me many votes for project 10 100 and change the way we power our rural cities and towns. Because we should be able to aviod converting all of the houses into solar powered and just use or make new power lines that can run from houses to solar powered boxes that hold and push out power. It doesn't matter how or what it takes to make a certain "box" because it will be ran off solar power and every block would have its own so it will not have to be very big. Thank you and please enter this to the project 10 100 because the world should not suffer because of my past and low income life.

January 9, 2009
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The People's FREE Independent Online Guest Book

Open thru Black History Month 2009

Be a part of history.

March 4, 2009
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hi,if jobs are needed,then why are the robotic arms and the postal letter sorters and the electronic cashiers still working? it would seem to me they should be taking out and people should be taking there place,theres probally 10.000 jobs or more in that alone,if the president wants to raise taxes on something let it be on the machines that take the human's job's the economy can't support these deadbeat machines!!

December 8, 2009
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I'm 22years old and $30,000 in college debt, and I';ve only completed two years of college, This passed semester at IUPUI I have only taken two classes equivalent to 6 credit hours and it cost me $10,000! Sounds absurd, I may be out of state but there needs to be some resoution to an out of state student taking only 6 credits, I moved to IN because my job had transferred me and I wanted to continue my education, not stop it, but because of this debt I cannot go any further, I could of gone to med school and on my way to get a PHD. This out of state tuition cost is an issue for evvery single student that decides to transfer in this country! international I can see it being a reason to charge 3times the amount! AHH!

January 18, 2010
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February 6, 2010
March 15, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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