Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Let's get visual

One of my favorite parts of iReport.com is the iReporters page , where you get a peek at many of the faces of the contributors who fill up this site with personal and global news stories every day. But lately it's gotten a little less interesting as several folks in the superstar ranks have declined to upload a profile picture, leaving us with the plain brown default.


As Mz. Ella of LadysHoodJnl put it in a recent message to me, "I don't mingle with iReporters without credentials in here: No photo - no clips; get no reply from me, because they serve as distractive sidebars." Don't be a sidebar, y'all. Let's see that mug. All you need is a 120x120 photo of yourself. Head to your Edit My Profile page to upload it.

May 20, 2008

I tried to upload some Wesak decorations in my city in Kandy, but was unable to do so, as they got stuck at No.7 so I gave up.

May 20, 2008
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Hi, I have been trying to upload songs for days now and all that shows up is my pics.  Can you help me, please?

Peace And Blessings,

Margaret Ann

May 20, 2008
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Same old gripe. No photo, no profile and no posted reports. Disagreeing and stating an opinion is one thing. Kicking someone in the gut is hard to take, especially when they hide behind a blank face.

Attacking someones personal life and integrity is uncalled for. All it takes is for one person to get personal in a derogatory way and the blog is nothing but hate and hurtful comments. It does not matter if you have posted on a controversial subject or a flower. They are out to cause problems. If I were new coming on to the site and saw all the anonymous reporters, I probably would not come back.

IDs are still being taken and propaganda posted under them.

Even if they don't want to use their own photo, it seems to me they should post some type of appropriate icon.

Well, after a personal email and now this I am outta here!

Thanks for hearing me out over and over again!


May 21, 2008
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Right now, as a flaw in iReport, we have at least 4 folks who have made fake versions of our profile and used our photos. We also know of at least 3 others who have had their IDs and ID photos coopted... all of this activity is directed against anyone who challenges China's policies.


Also, the computer tracking mathmatics has created a full rack of "Superstars" that have neither profile, or photos  and who have never loaded a single iReport. Their superstar status (including one or more of the fakes) comes simply by posting insults and fake comments on others iReports. Again, a symptom of the China Webwatcher crew on iReport...


Finally, lets get a block button on the email... Simply because I post for the Tibetan exile community, my email is filled with just plain vile hate male from a standard cast of China's non reporting "Superstars" 


iReport is deffinately a work in progress.

May 21, 2008

unable to upload photos - getting stuck.  have to upload one by one

May 26, 2008
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BEHOLD  http://www.godtube.com/brightandmorningstar


                      a votre service


                Roya Dayspring - "The Name"


                      The Hidden One





May 31, 2008

Agreed what are they hiding about...

June 1, 2008
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It is time for Ireport to modify,re-design. People should have a picture, some ID. Also the engineers should have the site prepared for all videos to be uploaded.

December 4, 2009
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