Friday, July 11, 2008
Fun on Friday, iPhone style

The iPhone 3G is here!


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August 5, 2008

Hello Corporatist

We are approach to inviting  every nation commerce chamber  and globally every top & bottom industry/commerce giant to gather join participate to are Web & Tech systems  innovation for Mobile Banking Barter & A/C for product  marketing @lowest cost insurances premiums remittances  credentials through ours  going public(IPO)kindly visit

That ours new venture Antique  Brand window  Mobile handset(Barcode )Tech& Web page electronic distribution payment network and every deal and bill pay/sell processing application will function with are lowest cost insurances premiums refiling credentials systems partnership with Microsoft, we are going to launching  ours  Antique banks(Mobile Bank) in India globally  for the rural market in next couple month  With the multi functional India globally Pay terminal insurances premiums attached  installed by ours  Mobile web& Tech  the Merchant outlet as well as carried by our home delivery & Waste distribution management network, that our distribution can not only sell and get paid for their own products & services but can also become an agent / distributor for your goods & services without lot of capital investment.

We plan to introduce innovative Antique Bank Mobile payment processing services in online, offline payment processing and have significant experience in processing very large volume of transactions in rural India, we are expecting similar volume of transactions yours product advertise /marketing deal in city and rural area responsibility globally.

Kindly visit demo:  http://AntiqueBank.Spaces.Live.Com


(Under construction)

joins with are first in to electronic largest producer/consumer chain of demand and supply circle in to metro city rural where yours every product deal with life non life insurances premiums  pay credentials where every product/commerce deal to fight global poverty & stop global warming following ways.


We now focus on rural markets in the every country, the Finnish major has announced towards

this Antique Global  Inc. Purpose, ours company has outlined initiatives in areas including micro finance & free insurances, food, water, transportation distribution, agricultural services by ours mobile IP web page &Tech, systems will affect in to rural area to all deal before/after sales and support services. We are sharing the company's vision, on rural economy growth with mobile banking micro finance that will affect, "India, china, Africa consumption of mobility is growing at a phenomenal pace, and it has the potential to make a major contribution to the every country's socio-economic development. Ours mobile web page application and Technical innovation recognizes its micro finance on mobilize in to rural area responsibility, and our aim to try and bring more consumers into the folds of mobility by maximizing Green IT & marketing value creation."

ours idea to innovation Micro finance & free insurances cover by mobile banking is going to be one of easy to fight poverty and carbon credits follow to necessary by method to every industry and there product deal generate more supported with others product will arranged to buy, ours barcode scanning systems ours idea is innovation to under soliciting that while rural community of India china and Africa may be adding million of million subscribers a month, the every country still has a huge untapped base to the generate initial lowest costs insurances premiums refilling of buying/selling deal through ours Antique Brand window mobile phone.

Kindly visit

ours pilots project will run rapidly create demand supply in largest producer/consumers common masses of rural trials to gauge consumer response in markets to come out with specific offerings that ours chain of circle recommended brand co. product’ deal apply on ours online IP Banking web page application function more easy to operate in rural area will window mobile phones uses  more affordable for mobile banking there own language in the further company will leverage its vast distribution of waste management network setup on mobile plus its support for every community language to team-up with a host of content providers to provide mobile solutions tailored to the needs of poor, farmers& fishers. It will easy to use of IP network to expand pro-actively into remote and unserved rural markets. As a follow-up to this plan, it will also start rural care centers in these geographies.





This is ours Public issue of Green IPO Antique Global incorporate (proposed) where without invest poor people will be come shareholder, this way they will invest to agree with ours recommended product/brand co. investment that will create proper rural social pick stock it will happen by ours business intelligences  forecast has to create more employment opportunity to  next Generation by IP on mobile entertainment & poverty less rural area will solicit through ours  Tech& web page application & product marketing enrich generation mannerly.

Comprehensive effort to creating best mobile tech& web page application will affect by ours mobile innovation marketing by Green IT talented combination will be give to next Generation Entertainment & Rural economy growth affecting by IP web page application to soliciting for mobile banking for water, food,& insurance, TV & videos and game, in the world has suffered most from these changes value by Green IT from every corner of the world, we plays a little vital role in promoting tolerance in all areas of Green IT & human behaviors.

It is time to go public listing at BSE/globally  support  from every industry  with  India Government/international   entrepreneur in this issue we are under processing to  allow/arrange conferences for possibility for legalizations under soliciting ,telecom regulatory authority,(India)and RBI, and  public issue  to rural social picks stock  family, group, and community share with life time free Banking, micro finance ,insurance, food  pure  water circulation on mobile credentials to first priority for poorest& under poverty line common masses in city and rural area,

ours official organization partnership ID 2383194  with  Microsoft 

Ours web page application development is very deeply necessary to rural area developments by Microsoft product need to function Barcode scanning by mobile handset technique that ours joint  recent innovation that Microsoft inspired  under construction that ours first priority to ours Green IT &IQ intelligences to provide in rural area by Microsoft product  and that will expand with others  marketing entertainment business develop through  Microsoft  support to every product marketing development particularly for Rural economy growth through every deal of  product value date of produced and expire, with free demit  VAT/ bill Invoice   deduct government sale tax and born with History Card advanced registration of every  e.g. birth certificate, ration card, mobile/cell No, four/two wheeler and more license facility  that will increase follow to carbon credits for every industry to improve there product  in city with rural economy  growth defiantly.





we have improving ours Green IT talent utility on Microsoft platforms will creating A to Z web page application &Tech systems to making every kind of every product marketing expertise to enrich rural common masses will come out there victimization with rural social pick stock economy with post purchasing growth by Rural self depend individual business developments that will increase talent utility Green IT will participate to connect entire worlds information through ours mobilization web innovation &Tech will affect to every product/commerce in every emergency alert to post lost recovering and increase every product carbon credits and study to improving standard quality product/ commerce will generate demand &supply credentials through ours chain of circle from entire world's consuming common masses will be affect by ours expertise surrounding learn to make Green IT

Thanking you

Yours truly

Mr. Pradeep Gohil

September 26, 2008
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December 17, 2008
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Why At&t is forcing Iphone customers to have and pay additional $30 data fee? I told them i have internet access everywhere my office,home,and every hotspot so I don't understand why would I pay an optional service if i am not interested? I am just wondering how many people are upset about this hidden fees charged by at&t and apple to American consurmers.

February 5, 2009
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...some music to load into your precious iphones!!!

December 6, 2009
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April 16, 2010
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