Tuesday, July 15, 2008
iReport.com maintenance on Wednesday

We'll need to pull the site down for a few minutes Wednesday morning so that we can roll out a fresh version of the software that runs the site. We'll start around 8 a.m. ET and should be finished in 30 minutes. Stay tuned to the blog for details and updates. And if you've got stories during the outage that just can't wait, please e-mail them to ireport@cnn.com. Thanks!

July 15, 2008
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My wife and I live on the big island of Hawaii. Gas prices have been over $4.00 for awhile Therefore we only drive four days aweek unless absolutely necessary. Arrange all our trips to drive in a circurious circle. We compost,have solar only and propane for refer,stove and hot water heater. we have started a garden where we grow our own vegetables. We are both retired and our home is paid for. Thks

July 15, 2008
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why are there freelance reporters reporting for i-report? Isn't this meant for the public (lay people, of course not in the strict sense)

People who report for a living have the upper hand (i.e. better equipment, more access, etc)

It seems a little unfair that some people who already report for other channels or outlets post on here. Shouldn't they be directly sending CNN the reports and leave this for aficionados or amateurs?

July 16, 2008
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I am trying to upload my story but it is taking long time and not being uploaded. Once I did but after that I could not. Please help me.

July 17, 2008
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Hi Anbika - I'm sorry you're having trouble. Could you send the URL of the pending item in your My Stuff folder to contact@ireport.com? That way someone can troubleshoot and help you out. Thanks!

December 5, 2009
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April 15, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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