Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Crowning the Fresh Prince of Gotham


He could have been chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool, but Magus5311 passed on shooting some basketball outside of the school. The 19-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina, spent the days leading up to the release of "Batman: The Dark Knight" putting a Gotham-style twist on Will Smith's performance of the theme song to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." When the time came for the big night, he donned a full Joker costume complete with ratty green hair and scarred clown makeup for the pre-midnight queue at the theater. Afterward, he submitted his video with a review of the film. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Reader dpkronmiller traversed a more critical road with his detailed spoken-word analysis . He used Final Cut to splice it together with footage of the long lines at the theater. These were only some of the amazingly creative stories that came in about the release of "The Dark Knight." Props to all, and we hope to see what you have to say about future movies to come.

July 24, 2008
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Hey! Thanks for the article! I saw it featured and was super excited; I enjoyed making it and will love making more. Thanks again.

July 29, 2008
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STOP THE “War on Drugs” IT’S STUPID     

     Tax payers are spending billions of dollars housing non-violent criminals for ridiculously long sentences and it has not proven to be successful in stopping the use or distribution of drugs. Clearly the drug laws are really stupid as long as smoking and alcohol are legal.  Ask yourself this question: “If I placed food on a stand in the middle of a neighborhood full of homeless or extremely poverty-stricken people and made it illegal to eat from, could I in good conscience consider condemning them as a common criminal if they were to eat from it?”  To the point!  Allowing drugs into this country to some of the poorest neighborhoods and saying you can’t deal them or use them is almost the same thing. WHY???? In a poor neighborhood people are hurting more than ever, good jobs are almost none existent, drug dealers are most times seen as role-models, and people do most of these drugs to help them make since of their pitiful lives. As a result the “War on Drugs” is rendered ineffective. The only real result from this “War” is the fact that the jails remain over populated with non-violent offenders from predominantly poor neighborhoods that were only trying to reach a weird shimmer of success that they were cultured into.

Like I alluded to earlier, many drug dealers in poor neighborhoods are idolized in a since and seen as some-what successful people in the eyes of people from these neighborhoods. What also kills me is when I see people act as if drug dealer’s aggressively court their customers, or court them at all. For the Record DON’T Believe the Smearing Propaganda the Government and Media have fed you… “DRUG DEALERS DON’T GO AFTER THEIR CUSTOMERS TO TRY TO GET THEM ADDICTED TO DRUGS”… Most of their customers if not all were doing drugs before the drug dealer started selling drugs to them. So all these commercials showing drug dealers standing outside of school trying to get kids addicted drugs are just “NOT TRUE”.  The people in our society that do drugs are simply the same people who have being doing them from generation to generation like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Al Gore, your parents, and many, many, many more. Weather it was the people who were doing opium in the 1800’s to the hippy’s of the 1970’s, and many others. People Will Do Drugs, either to escape their realities, or whatever reason they have. Rather over the counter prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol, gas, Listerine, or who knows. It will continue to happen until we as a society learn how to fight the root of the problem which is the CONSUMER.

We need to be treating the addictive behavior to drugs in a much more aggressive way, giving more assistance, better remedies, and expanding our psychological treatment centers to stop people with psych issues from becoming drug users because of mental illness or whatever other reasons would be the first step. Second, reduce the time drug dealing offenders spend in jail to about 2 years and do not put the first drug offence on their record if they comply successfully with either a school or work program for a certain mandated time. Not doing so only creates more career dealers. Most drug dealers don’t sell drugs to be cool or bad. Most do it for the money where financial opportunities are either low or non-existent. If you have not ever lived in these neighborhoods you really have NO CLUE. People are so easy to pass judgment on others not like them but quickly overlook the sin of those conveniently that fit their ideal mold. Like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Al Gore, and ext. HINT, HINT. I personally know many good people behind bars on drug convictions with ridiculous sentences just because they were trying to feed their families. Don’t believe the movies and stereotypes of the evil drug dealers on the corners or kingpins with no regard to human life. It’s just NOT TRUE. Most of them are the exact opposite, just regular people trying to get ahead just like everyone else. I honestly feel that if we’re going to put people in jail for illegal drugs. We might as well put anyone who sells liquor, cigarettes, propane, or anything else that gets people high in jail as well, because they all cause societal problems.

People will always use drugs until treated correctly for using, and people will always sell drugs when someone is willing to buy. As one drug dealer is incarcerated another one will soon replace him. Just simple Supply and DEMAND… Statistical studies have shown the “War on Drugs” as a sham that has been in NO WAY successful. If anything, perpetuated the problem and drugs since the so called “War on Drugs” have began have become more accessible, and cheaper to get.

One more Point. It’s really strange how people in our country who have held the highest office in the land have experimented with illegal drugs at one point in their lives almost risking their chances of ever becoming president of the United States; but just didn’t get caught, Sits OK on the conscience of most Americans. Yet, if they had been accused of child molestation, murder, or rape and had gotten away with it, it would have by no means sat well on the conscience of most American and would have probably heavily prevented the possibility of them ever becoming president. But yet child molestation charges start at 2 yrs. and the typical drug charge can get one 15 yrs to life. WOW!!!

September 27, 2008
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I was watching the debate tonight and had equal 0pinions and once i watched the whole thing and then saw the news footage what is going on. Obama was so not ready point for us regular folk but for some reason the press is following obama. Obama called McCain Jim and said he would take out pakistanwhich took my breath away. He referenced the word Orgie and agreed with McCain so many times i lost count.

To me it was a no brainer but i now realize he does not have enough experience and i am so mad that when it comes to a countrys leader the press would take the risk to get the vote and the viewers. It was so obvious it was insulting to watch the news footage after. McCain should get the job and we dont need to put a kid in office.



February 6, 2010
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March 16, 2010
April 9, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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