Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Trying new things

iReporter dpkronmiller got our attention a few weeks ago when he posted an essay on the marketing failures that hurt Will Smith's superhero flick "Hancock." Kronmiller is a writer, actor and producer in Los Angeles, so he has a lot of interesting insights into the film industry. He's also a Mac user, so when Apple's MobileMe debacle knocked his Web sites offline, Kronmiller got out his camera and discussed his frustrations in a video commentary. Since then, Kronmiller has posted an audio review of the "Dark Knight" movie and sounded off a variety of topics. His latest iReport shows how a Los Angeles theater is using burlesque shows to help fund their productions, and to help provide theater education for young people. He interviewed the cast, shot footage of the performance and edited it together into his most elaborate story to date. It's exciting to see iReporters evolve and experiment with different types of storytelling. We want to challenge you to try something new and we're looking forward to seeing the results.

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