Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Teen en route to DNC, stuck in Philly

iReporters were once again a very reliable and unique resource for CNN during breaking news coverage. The most recent example is 16-year-old iReporter Trevor Dougherty , who found himself stuck in Philadelphia after an FAA computer glitch caused nationwide airport delays. While waiting for his connecting flight to Denver, where he plans to attend the Democratic National Convention, Dougherty, known as maddogza on, shot video of the raw, intentional reactions of travelers in the airport. In the style of any professional reporter, Dougherty appears on-camera telling us first-hand the situation from an area other reporters were unable to access. As well, Dougherty interviewed his fellow passengers about their thoughts. Within moments of Dougherty transmitting his report to, I had Dougherty on the phone telling me about his travels. “No one in the airport has told us anything…except for CNN,” Dougherty told me. “I’m pretty worried.” Dougherty’s video is another great example of how valuable iReporters can be in the midst of breaking news. So often they’re on the scene first, sending out some of the initial shots. It was during a webcam interview with CNN International’s Errol Barnett that Dougherty finally heard some good news – his flight would be taking off soon. Like Dougherty, so many iReporters are now equipped with mobile devices that allow them to send out images instantly from the scene of breaking news, and even report back to CNN live via webcam. We’re happy to report Dougherty’s flight to Denver finally took off and he will be sending more iReports when he gets there. And whether you’re in Denver or in your living room, you too can report on the happenings of the conventions by sharing your thoughts on .

August 27, 2008
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my feelings after the nomination,

I wanted to share my feelings as a 48 yr old black woman , a military wife for 16yrs and now a mother of three black men . I have lived in these united states through the civil rights movement, i have cried when Martin L King was shot and as a girl i remember when the kennedys both were killed, it felt like all hope we had as black people was taken away . This day as i watched history being made i cant help but think of all the people whom were killed for the equal rights of people of color , starting with Harriet Tubman John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin, As i listened i thanked God for my being alive and being able to reconize this moment in history. I know we have a long way to go but please people stop listen and think of all the people whom gave there life for this moment. God Bless this country

September 5, 2008
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I am Black voter, I have no doubt that John McCain's  the right man for the job. After listening to his speach

last night that confirm my believe.

September 5, 2008
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These comments represent just a few concrete arguments that the Republican National Committee (RNC) should focus on when they determine their campaign & convention theme.   And some what the media should focus on when they report the stories... 





"Country first"?  What kind of country unleashes uninformed, brute force henchmen on civilians and press performing usual, and CALLED for, not to mention, expected, protest rallies?   What kind of country polarizes a population that cannot withstand any more undue polarization?   What kind of country supports a candidate that oh, could know a little bit more about the "issue of economics"?… What kind of country puts forth politicians that know nothing but defensive, dirty name-calling, mud-slinging politics – RNC convention – and can't you come up with a better line of strategy than putting down the other side's camp?  Well, at least be civil about it.




"Country First" – get a grip!   Everyone knows that!   And then on Day 4: "Change is Coming"?   Stop borrowing the other Party's themes… Yes, the Senator Obama and the Democrats got it correct!  They realized it 2 years ago, not some 60 days before Election Day.   Senator Obama and Biden said it nicely: it IS time for a "real" change in Washington.   And when the Republicans created this mess over the last 8 years, can we really trust them now to make a *change*?






Now, here are additional noteworthy points the RNC (and media) should concentrate on when selling (or at least, trying to sell) "Country First":






1) If it's "Country First", then given more than 5 months of possible vetting (i.e., Senator McCain securing his party's nomination on March 4, 2008), and given that the VP choice represents the biggest decision a candidate for President will make, why did McCain make a decision of choosing Gov. Palin while only speaking to her for 15 minutes, just a day before the big announcement?  Is that really putting "Country First"?  Why doesn't the media at the convention focus on that?





2) "Country First" also means how the country stands with the global world.  Now, for the *first* time in her life, VP choice Palin got her passport in 2007:  that means she's never been out of country before she was some 42 years old.   Wouldn't picking someone like Angelina Jolie been better?  Jolie even has more foreign policy experience than a choice such as Palin.  Even senior spokespeople of McCain's campaign can't give a *single* example of Palin's foreign policy experience.    Is that really putting "Country First" in this global world?





3) The media compares Sarah Palin to Hillary Clinton to in-part attract women voters.  But several women have noted this is "demeaning" when comparing the credentials and qualifications between either two individuals.  These same women voters are part of this country.  Has Senator McCain forgotten that?  Is he really putting "Country First"?


4) Lets not forget that Gov. Sarah Palin in the 1990s was even debating issue for Alaska to secede out of the union.  Yes, the mere fact of even considering that option -- yep, to remove one star on our American flag (from 50 stars to 49).  Now is that putting "Country First"?   




5) Even some Republican Party insiders are worried of Palin as the choice for VP.   The mere failure to openly disclose that to the country, well is that putting "Country First"?





6) Senators Obama and Biden have spent several years of there life defending and working for the citizens of this country.  They've served their communities and these communities as we all know, represent the backbone of this country.     And remember, ask Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin (esp. Gov. Palin) whether they really believe that community workers are important.   If they answer "yes, they are important", then just follow it up directly with Gov. Palin as to why she publically ridiculed community workers during her acceptance speech.   Nonetheless, bottom line:  Senators Obama and Biden have not only put country first, but they also realize change is needed.   And this change is gonna come from the backbone of America!






Sorry, Senator McCain and Gov. Palin:  the "Change" theme is already taken by the other campaign.  So probably there was no choice for you to choose the "Country First" slogan.  But now go back and think hard on the first 6 points above to realize if this was really the best judgment & call to use for a convention and theme.  Yep, the country is now beginning to worry about McCain answering that 3 a.m. phone call!   McCain & Palin, it's not just "Country First" but it's also "Country: Issues That Matter First"!!




p.s.  Oh, maybe today we all should thank sarcasm Governor Sarah Palin for her mere acceptance speech at the convention, where her constant scorning of everything that matters has helped the Obama Campaign raise some $10 Million and counting!!   Yep, a record-breaking $10 Million in less than 24 hours!   Who knows, maybe that "Country First" theme really paid off for the Republicans!

September 5, 2008
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I HAVE ONLY THIS LITTLE QUESTION, which I even heard Radio show Lindbergh comment.We are always busy even condemning Britney Spears, how about our own daughters.


How can Christians whom you call themselves Evalengicals, say its okey for Gov. Sarah Palin to parade her l7years old pregnant daughter and even her boyfriend.  Where is the moral standing of America. This girl because of lacked  proper parental care, got pregnant at l7years, needless to say, may be she started sexual episodes even maybe earlier.  The boy repsonsible for this ACT, must be more than l8 years, from the look of his stature at the Republican Convention, I thought the Gov. Sarah Palin should bring him to justice, for Statutory Rape. I thought Federal Government was chasing the girls at Texas Ranch of the church of LSD, and had to take the children from their parents because some of them were pregnant. I thought the same rule applying to north, east and south,west in the whole USA should apply to every body. There are even some boys who are in prison for Statutory Rape. Why not this man who raped the Alaskas Governor daughter. I also not impressed by Gov.Palin, where was she when the daughter was playing sex at l7 years. Is this okey. If its okey in America, why do Evagelicals who are supporting Gov.Palin go to the world and preach the Good News to other Nations. Double standards.


Mary ann Simon

September 7, 2008
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Hi Guys anyone seen the movie Airforce one I'm watching at this moment and Harrison Ford is the President and the V.P. is a lady to me John Mc Caine president and Sarah Palin the Vice President. Do you think that John got the idea from this movie? What would Senator Obama do in this situation with the Russian terroist, what would John Mc Caine do or Sarah Palin?

September 7, 2008
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On the movie airforce one send feedback to

September 7, 2008
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What would any one of us do that includes Borako Obama the person has to have guts to be a tough Commander in chief wow.

September 7, 2008
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John McCain is pedalling his military service like a harlot.  I am a Marine veteran and it make me sick to see John McCain prostitue his service to country.  Palin is just a parrot.  She keep repeating the same thing over and over.

September 7, 2008
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Yes, McCain served his country well militarily.  Do not see why that should be a big plus to be president.  He previously said that he was picking a running mate who had experience.  Come on, we all know why he choose his current running mate.  Think he put his political ambition first.  I lost my home to foreclosure.  He really dont know what it is to lose your home. He has too many.  Tax cuts should not be given to the millionaires.  Listening to his speeches, if you are not aware, you would think that he is in the opposition.  Time to stop relying on your past military achievements. Also, at 72, and having a history of cancer cells, I really think that you should have taken choosing a running partner more seriously.  In the first few days after choosing your canidate, you could easily see that the two of you did not know each other that well.  I am sure that I read, that she was not too excited with the choice for president.

December 5, 2009
April 14, 2010
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April 14, 2010
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