Monday, September 01, 2008
Gustav felt far and wide

All eyes are on New Orleans today, but Hurricane Gustav's powerful reach is affecting iReporters along the Gulf Coast. Dave Mungai lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida, about than 200 miles from the eye of the storm and is seeing 3-4 foot storm surge in his backyard. "We're not in any danger," he says. "I just wanted to share this video to show how far and wide the storm is affecting the Gulf Coast." From his fifth-story condo, Steve Olensky has a great vantage point of surging waves in Orange Beach, Alabama. Steve is riding out the storm with his family and dogs. If Gustav is affecting you, we want you to share your story , but please stay safe.

September 1, 2008
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Gustav is another weather non-event. CNN is in danger of crying wolf one too many times. Some day will come a real disaster and no one will listen.  Weatherman Chad especially needs to tone down the "sky is falling" rhetoric.

September 1, 2008
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Sunday night, the atmosphere was hushed in the hotel. The children of the employees who are staying behind to help with the diaster team here in Southwest La were swimming in the hotel pool. The employees serving CNN cameramen and others barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs on the veranda........Hundreds of birds were flinting from palm tree to palm tree trying to hide and sensing danger. Ironic, sense the wind was still and the weather unusually mild.



Today, Monday, 10:59 a.m. the Hurricane Gustav has already hit land in Southeast La. Gulfport, Ms is getting a lot of the wind and rain force, New Orleans is having the water come up over the eight foot tall new levee walls. There is no electricity in the whole city of Houma. Anyone wondering can go to and see more of where I live and what is happening play by play.....



I will keep this updated and keep you informed as I go...I don't know when electricity will go out here but we are apprehensive of the flooding and power outage.



11:04 am


Rain begins now. I have to go move my Charger, they said the palm trees could fall, my heart is beating faster now. I have never been through one of these....


11:16 am


The clouds are literally racing by now. The rain has stopped but the wind has picked up.


Just for your information:


350 miles of levees in New Orleans and some will be breeched.......


It makes me mad that people on TV are making a big deal out of Senator Palin's 17 year old daughter being pregnant while a Hurricane destroying buildings and levees and flooding highways is going on right now.  Anyway I will stop pouting and rolling my eyes. Haha


The kids here in the hotel are drinking hot chocolate and watching CNN who promised to video them later.






ABC and CNN is here. They are headed to Lake Charles.


Baton Rouge is calm right now. But east of Lake Charles the wind speed is 110 mph, Gusts up to 130 mph. Tornado watch is in place for coastal La. 9.5 billion dollars of damage is estimated for the state so far....


11:48 am


The Hurricane is 63 miles from New Orleans.




Texas Govenor says there has been over 50,000 La evacuees to his state so far and more on the way possibly, if the flooding gets bad.....


11:59 a.m.


Cameron Parish is closed to motorist. The worst to come is on its way. Gustav is a category 2  but it will weaken.




It is darkening outside right now. Wind is picking up. We obviously still have electricity right now but I don't know how long is it is going to last. The kids are cranky and tired of being inside. My husband is playing Guitar Hero right now...haha.




Hanna has become a hurricane. She is off the coast of the Carolinas. The wind is stronger here and the rain is sprinkling. Nothing scary yet. Lights are still on. In New Orleans there are guys laying in the wind on its pressure. So cool! I will be doing that if it happens here! For sure! heehee





There is a steady rain. FAA has checked in. Washington Post is on their way to our hotel. Waveland, Ms is being pounded really hard. Louisiana is not the only state that is in Harm's Way. Lake Charles' waves in the lake are rising and cresting....(I think I said that right...). I took a couple of videos of the palms outside the hotel.




Wind is 30 miles per hour in Lake Charles. It is getting closer but it has already been issued as a category 1 hurricane. The fear is subsiding for alot of us. The only worry will be the rainfall and flooding......




Baton Rouge seems to have been hit hard over the last couple of hours. Everything is quite here. We are in a break but there is another band of rain that is suppose to hit within the hour. The clouds are very dark. Things are not too bad here. We still have power. The sun is out in Lake Charles but no one is out due to the warnings and curfews that have been issued.

September 1, 2008
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Why is Gustav not being considered as strong a storm as Katrins? If anyone remembers "Katrina" correctly, it came ashore as a catagory 3, and did a fair amount of damage, (More because people didn't take it seriously and left their belongings in harms way). Also Katrina did not flood New Orleans. It mearly rained the following days and broke a old levy, which then flooded the city only AFTER the storm had blown thru. People are assoiciating the distructive floods with the strength of the storm, where Gustav is just as powerfull as Katrina. ( the reporting stations wind speeds). The news media is wrong in downplaying the strength of Gustav when compairing it to Katrina, and assoiciating the aftermath of Katrina with the strength of the storm. And thats just not good reporting of the FACTS, its reporters not gathering the facts and reporting their opinions, and historically, reporters seem to get fired for voicing their opinions instead of the facts when it comes to the news.

September 6, 2008
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WOW! What a breath of fresh air, Sarah blows Obama away! I have NEVER been so excited about a Vice-Presidential candidate. She will be an excellent Vice-President and a GREAT President in 2016 when she is elected President. Nearly everyone I've talked to about Sarah has only positive things to say about her, and I live in a Democratic state. Even some Hilary supporters here are saying good things about Sarah Palin. I can't wait until November!


It seems as though every time the media attacks her, she only gains more sympathy and support. Thank you Liberal media, and please, please, keep up the Palin attacks. The latest polls show that Sarah is now more popular that Obama, Biden, and even her running mate John McCain. Thanks for all your help in making Sarah Palin the subject of every dinner table conversation in America.

December 4, 2009
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