Monday, September 01, 2008
'I'm worried about NOLA'



Last night I talked to iReporter James Carroll, a grad student at Tulane. Up until Sunday morning he'd been debating whether to stay or leave New Orleans. Around noon, he and a friend evacuated, passing boarded homes and National Guardsmen as they left the city. That night they reached Gulf Shores, Alabama. It "seems safer" he said, even as he snapped this image of Gustav looming off the coast . “I’m worried about NOLA.”

September 3, 2008
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Gustav did not make landfall in New Orleans and yet there was team coverage there.  The bad luck citizens of south eastern and central Louisiana have is that there is no big tourist Mecca in that part of the state.  Because no one heard of Port Fourchon before this past weekend the citizens that work there will be without work for the enxt month because that is the EARLIEST they are told they can expect electricity.  The people in Terrebonne Parish are not yet allowed to enter and check their homes.  I am a resident of Lafourche parish.  Last night I watched the video taken of my neighborhood broadcast from HTV 10 by Martin Folse.  I saw that my area looked good.  There is a mess in Lafourche but there is not catastrophic damage.  There is not 12 feet of water so why the hold up.  CNN was talking about Fourchon being the "energy hub" of the US but since New Orleans wasn't destroyed Louisiana has all but disappeared from the national news. Hello!!!!!  I am still sitting in a hotel room in Houston because there are not grocery stores open at home, no gas stations, no businesses open...why is that the case in an area where the roads are open.  Why will the Superdome be ready by Sunday when people will have to wait 4 weeks for their homes to be ready.  Who will be watching the Saints play?  Who wants to see the Saints play and support a city that doesn't care about its neighbors... the same neighboring parishes that housed New Orleans residents.  What a short memory that city seems to have!!!!!

Wake up people!!!  Half of Louisiana is not watching the minute by minute coverage of Sarah Palin's parenting skills because they are in the dark.  People forget the stupidity of the politics of the country and focus on the important things like getting the oil industry up and running again.

September 6, 2008
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WOW! What a breath of fresh air, Sarah blows Obama away! I have NEVER been so excited about a Vice-Presidential candidate. She will be an excellent Vice-President and a GREAT President in 2016 when she is elected President. Nearly everyone I've talked to about Sarah has only positive things to say about her, and I live in a Democratic state. Even some Hilary supporters here are saying good things about Sarah Palin. I can't wait until November!


It seems as though every time the media attacks her, she only gains more sympathy and support. Thank you Liberal media, and please, please, keep up the Palin attacks. The latest polls show that Sarah is now more popular that Obama, Biden, and even her running mate John McCain. Thanks for all your help in making Sarah Palin the subject of every dinner table conversation in America.

September 11, 2008
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Has anyone looked into the parallel of global warming snd the increasing intensity & occurances of hurricanes?

March 18, 2009
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Thank you, finally someone who recognizes a city in Louisiana and it's not New Orleans! I also live in Lafourche parish, 40 miles south of New Orleans and yes we are on the map. Don't get me wrong I love New Orleans and it was tragic from Katrina in 05. But the same thing happened in Houma from Gustav in 08 as it did in New Orleans. And you're right they're wasn't a camera crew in sight.


We lost our summer home at Port Fourchon for Gustav and we had been working to repair it since Katrina. We had 3' of water inside the camp; it had to be gutted & refurnished. We worked every weekend for 3 years and Gustav left two pilings, I was heartbroken and still am. The best fishing is off the coast at Fourchon.


The residents in Lafourche & Terrebonne Parish (Houma) are mostly oilfield workers and if we can’t get our homes protected from the rising water we will move away and seek other employment leaving the oilfield with no one to get your oil and gas. The oilfield workers are more valuable than our state and Country realizes. We can move up north and become a carpenter, store clerk, etc. But can you (our political leaders) become a boat captain tomorrow?


Louisiana is sinking into the Gulf of Mexico and we need help saving our homes. We are hard workers just like you and take pride in our home. I have pictures of the Intracoastal overflow year after year putting our homes in danger of flooding. Our parish leaders provide a temporary solution for a permanent problem, sand! That's right we get a sand levee until the water goes down, then all the sand has to be removed off the road. They're too busy taking surveys, wasting time & money. I've been living here 30+ years, save your paperwork because the water is rising higher and higher every year. My children hate living here during Hurricane Season, it's so stressful!


So, if CNN Anderson Cooper ever comes to Lafourche Parish for a Hurricane, call me. I'll show you the Intracoastal overflow problem and our loose sand levee. Maybe exposing them as dragging their feet we can get something done. Thank you, it felt good to vent!

December 5, 2009
December 21, 2009
February 6, 2010
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