Monday, September 08, 2008
Superstars, past and present, cover Hanna

It was great to see three iReport superstars who go way back with (WCNreporter , jbjimbo and marcusharun ), provide full coverage of Tropical Storm Hanna. Another superstar, jtown04 , covered the Red Bull soapbox race in Philadelphia during the storm as well, while superstar JimTalkcom has iReported from Florida on Fay , Gustav and Hanna , and fachphoto has shown the devastating effects of Gustav and Hanna on the Dominican Republic. We’d also like to welcome some new iReporters who reached superstar status thanks to their Hanna coverage. Congratulations to BennyM , cabarete808 , misael , mmsfreak789 , rakooneers and scubaandy ! Welcome everyone and thanks to all of our Hanna iReporters for top-notch work! Is Hurricane Ike heading for your neck of the woods? Are you evacuating or planning to ride out the storm? Share your photos and video , but please, stay safe out there!

September 8, 2008
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Dear Sir/Madam:


I am wandering how all of you missed a line from Sarah Palin convasing speech in Missouri when she mentioned McCain as her running mate. It seems as she is the presidential Candidate and McCain is her mate as VP. Should it not be otherway around. Also Palin said she put the Alaska's executive jet on eBay but McCain has said very loudly that She sold that jet on ebay. Please check this out if you want to....Thank you

September 11, 2008
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11 september 2001 -

Very nice day!!! pizdec vam tolstojopie pidori!!! s prazdnikom gandoni!!!!,

September 14, 2008
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March 16, 2010
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