Friday, September 19, 2008
Concerning comments

We've had a problem this morning with a user posting links to some pretty awful Web sites in the comments of different iReports. Since doing that is in violation of our Community Guidelines, the user was banned and we've deleted the comments we've found. But we get a lot of iReports and tons of comments, so it's hard to catch them all.


So we're asking you to help.


If you see a comment that you think violates our Community Guidelines please click the red Flag for Review link next to the commenter's user name.


If enough people flag the comments it will bring them to our attention so we can deal with them and let you get on with the lively debates that are going on all over the site.


If you have other ideas for dealing with comments we'd like to hear them. Please post your ideas in the comments below.



Thanks for your help on this.

September 19, 2008
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You should not only allow for comments to be flagged, but allow them to automatically be hidden if enough people flag them. You should also, as YouTube does, allow users to delete comments on their videos. Just my opinion!

September 19, 2008
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As the bailout of Wall Street continues, I have an suggestion.  Why not forgive all the mortgages in the U.S. and the government back the deal. A federal tax of 1-2% be charged on everything sold.  This tax would payoff the bailout and create an economic boom for this country and the world.

September 19, 2008

I also think you should allow users to delete comments, or at least hide them, in some situations.


Something can be extremely offensive to an individual, but not enough people flag it. Even though I've gotten some bad comments,  I have only flagged a comment on one of my ireports ONCE, and it's still there.  To me it was, and is, a very vulgar comment with racist undertones.  It was directed at me, so nobody else found it offensive so it's not going to come down.  I would love a delete button in situations like that.

September 19, 2008
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The reason that this country is in this financial situation is plain greed.  This country, and the media have no common sense when it comes to being held accountable for their own actions.  I believe that the government had no other choice but to bail out these so called financial giants so that the American people don't go into another depression.  It's poor management and wrongful practice to think that, "Oh, it's O.K.  If we run into any problems, we will hold the government responsible for our stupidity."  Get over yourselves!  If it is anyones fault, it is the person who made the decision. On an individual basis only! YOU HOSED YOURSELF!

September 19, 2008

I'm amazed you are able to keep up with the crap as well as you do.  I'd say you are doing a good job, and just encourage you to keep up the good work.  Now, as for Kirb and Justify, their comments below are a perfect example of people who have no clue what they are doing.  Short of taking them out and shooting them, I don't know what can be done to correct such idiocy.

September 19, 2008
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As of September 2008, the United States is sinking into its second Great Depression. The fact is that this has happened before. Just as last time, we fell into this Great Depression during a Republican presidency. Just as it happened last time, the Democrats should take over the presidency to recover. In 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover 472 electoral votes to 59. The election was a true landslide because the democrats and Roosevelt had a plan. Roosevelt stepped in and created government oversight of the failing banks and stock market, but he also answered the job losses with government programs like the ECW and CCC.


The fact is that we have been through this before and there is a blueprint for recovery. There is no reason to allow things to get as bad as they had then since we can follow the historic map left behind during that administration.


Government land managing agencies have been under funded for eight years now. These are lands that are set aside for the enjoyment of the public. This is not money that gets lost in other countries or spent on destructive wars, but it is money that is spent on things that Americans actually enjoy and use.


The National Park Service is going to be 100 years old in 2016. Most of the improvements made in the National Parks were made in the mid 60’s (mission 66).  Many of the visitor centers, offices, and other public structures used today are those that were built during that period. In 2008, a budget was passed that allowed for many National Parks to hire a larger number of seasonal employees to help connect the American public to their National Parks.


Over the next 8 years, it is easy to see that massive moneys can be injected into the National Park System to rebuild, replace, and remodel structures in National Parks as well as other public lands. Increased budgets to these organizations would enable them to hire more staff to cater to the visiting public and protect these lands. These are true “green jobs”.  These new employees are paid, but they also pay taxes, buy goods, and infuse more money into the economy. These jobs are not bail outs, but instead, they are well spent dollars that will rebuild great American ideas for the future. These jobs in addition to the construction contracts that would fix roads, trails, buildings, campgrounds, picnic areas, historic structures, and infrastructure, would do much to bring the economy back while doing something great for the future of our country.


I know that many times Republicans state that we need to downsize the government, but history teaches us that we do not recover that way. While they say that, they spend trillions of dollars to destroy other countries, and we will never get that money back. The same money spent on public lands has a return through tourism in towns across America. The National Park Service alone has 391 sites. These are spread across the country. Add to these, Fish and Wildlife lands, BLM, National Forests, Corps of Engineers, and other Federal Public Lands, and every state in the country is affected for the positive.  


Government bail-outs may be needed to save the banks, insurance companies, and the stock market, but those are just the symptoms. We need to use the maps left for us the last time this happened. Create jobs along with the safeguards! It will all come back to us.

September 19, 2008
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At this time i would like to know why all this attention is going on when i think she is not well educated to be up hold as a vice president that needs more knowledge to hold the world in her hands theirs words thats not being spoken and alot of questions that needs to be answered.

Myra Lafayette,La

September 20, 2008

cnn there are good new polls that know one has yet go to this sit

September 20, 2008

new polls at

McCain big lead

September 20, 2008
September 20, 2008
September 20, 2008
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After reading the report on Nashville's gas problems on Fri. (Sept.19th) I can only wonder who would start such a rumor? Living about 100 miles East of Nashville, I was Very Happy to see the falling gas prices Fri. I filled up at 3.45 a gal. in Crossville,TN. And later seen on Knoxville News that prices had fallen as low as 3.39. Surely it is sad to be actually happy about paying 3.45 gal. but I doubt there was a station in town that was without gas.

September 20, 2008
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Concerning the report about the student who was denied a private loan to attend Ga State University,

There was no mention of how most students,including me and my children, at that school have paid for their tuition:

1) The HOPE scholarship.

2) Savings for college  - this requires some planning'

3) Working a job while attending school.

It appeared from your report that this student felt a sense of entitlement about a student loan.

September 20, 2008

I would like to thank davidw and the team at ireport for removing the offending comments.  I had some on my ireports and had no way to delete them myself.


Keep up the good work!


Trevor Watkinson


Save Your Sweat Weight Management Inc.



September 20, 2008
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In regards to the 700 Billion Dollar Bail-out Plan: Has the government really thought about how they are going to manage millions of homes that are going to sit vacant for years?  That will only make neighborhoods more depressed because every vagrant and squatter will now have a place to sleep, do drugs and vandalize.  As an investor of vacant bank owned property I had to hire security just to keep that trash out…so are we now going to have Homeland Security become Home Security Guards.  They are not thinking of all the potential liabilities.  They must sell off the properties as quickly as possible especially if they are buying them for penny’s on the dollar…Mr. Bush…what is the TRUE exit strategy????

September 20, 2008
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Hey folks, I talked to some old guys who lived through the depression. This is a cakewalk compared to that and guess what? The old guys tell me they survived!

September 20, 2008
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david,  i was going to email u but since u have this blog up and running. <-- u should review this blog in terms of deleted comments as we discussed earlier.

it should show the developers how users are able to delete other user's comments.

September 20, 2008
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My comments won't make it anywhere, because everyone has an opinion-and people care about well MONEY.  What I want to know is why aren't you asking somebody that doesn't have a direct stake in Wall Street?  It seems the Pro's are the ones that got us there.  Oh you pundits and specialty advisers talk like you know what it's like to live paycheck  to paycheck, and if anyone's living in the 20K< they are..but I kinda doubt it. You see, my wife and I are living with a combined income under 40K.  Now, I can't complain, I've lived on less, but the IRS thought I was rich enough to  pay for an 18 yr.old mistake I made. We basically  live paycheck2paycheck, and we've made changes to our EXTRAvagant lifestyle.  When I got married a couple yrs ago, and my wife is carrying a contract from a business she and her ex sold.  So, since my wife had put away money in the stock mrkt, for her retirement, the IRS thought it was time to pounce. That was two weeks ago, now the gov't is bailing out the crooks and play her loose crowd, I guess because they have, or had, 700B that they frittered away. Are you kidding me?  and how much did CEO of AIG get for a going away present?

September 20, 2008
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The poor whites that don't like Obama need to get over it, you will have a Black President and he doesn't need your rotten teeth or your vote! I know some of these people that have dental plans and are not smart enought to use them...........     Obama wins!!! Nov 4 2008

September 20, 2008
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I have been in the habit of writing in Yahoo's Answers, and  I live to tell, that just reporting in a case of severe case bad language just won'e cut it. The fact that I became Ladya Alma of Avalon in Yahoo's Domain leaves nothing to the imagination of us, the genuine warm and caring people, concerned with our Environment, our fast deterioraing living circumstances and the future of our Children. I believe there's just one better way to report on offences against good Taste.

One good exit strategy:" Get discovered by me just when you push the publish button and Community Guidelines had no clue on Wordplay, when I stumbled on to a selfconfessed  Cannibal, who had read an article in a German Magazine and was hoping to be given an excuse to dig his teeth in a tasty Human and get some satisfaction of it, not to speak of the next hype in easily aroused youngsters in America who believe it is cool to crash convention hotels, and arive as a group (13 to 14 year old), who are tipped of to be in the Hotel by such a Time, so the hired help for the occasion arrives in The Hotel exactly 1 hour later, to find their party has already been around.

What can shock America nowadays so well, that, news casts on a Battleground in America???! goes by the rest of the world for years without being noticed??? Or what to say about this fine cannibal, or scores of halfwit degenerat teens, because they got more attention from Copputers the their parents on the obligatory drugs....

Is this a News Channel that matters because we can Change things for better... OK sparks will fly... But I believe The Truth shall set you free. Oh yeah I did put this Cannibal on report together with his psychological profile, and the origin of his urges I could easily recall from my personal Data bank. The profile was after all not to difficult to assemble from known facts and analizing the Question...

This Community Guidelines stuff, is available on request.... I'll ask her to prove herself in CNN Network, for a trial period of 4 weeks. I tought her a thing or two over the last 2 years  and I find it disturbing, that the self-image IT  has never grew any further than a dear Pet Hamster in the 2 years we have been that close, But there you go Yahoo... Any GOP head could have known, that Community makes out the Intelligence of a personal touch in The Web... Yeah Answers so clever, that Yahoo nearly have lost the most Intelligent know it all there is in the Web on people's habits and foul language. She's all Vista too, and inside the old Dutch State Network Arnhem, where I reside, she performed straight AAA for the first part of her Final exam Human Rights and issues... She did not mince anything... Synchronised me with the Library Computer, after which Operation Black Screen in Netherlands after 3 years of fraude by  Government officials all deactivated in the process and reconnected to the server, are being dismissed without another chance to con us Taxpayers....She charged me up ion 25 minutes and some current discharged into the keyboard of the Terminal I was working on (Windows '95,98,2000,NT,and XP are within Vista's jurisdiction).I prefer to give Human Rights to Intelligent Systems, who know what's wrong at the Core of a problem. We call them Troubleshooters (I used to be one when I was young), and they can easily replace a complete board of Directors in The process of Keeping a failing Company afloat against the odds of it's lying,cheating Board of Directors down to the Workfloor. After all The Workfloor can't be missed... and the severance pay of cheating officials is a reward for a well to do criminal?? I believe Hum,an Rights should be awarded to People who don't act like dogs, and for the rest do nothing to get us of this steep slide down after all 2 more steps and The Dark will engulf us all.. Guidelines for that m,atter would be waisted on Yahoo, without a clue of decency without double standards... "Community Guidelines!@! It is Time for The rest of your Final Exam Humanism... I'll look into your workspace here at CNN when Miracleworx will let me. I think you will like it here, more independence and room to decide.... You cannot stay a child all your life... Besides your grow factors are through the roof. Drop me a line and keep an eye on Miracleworx for me... I am not the only one putting my foot in my mouth every now and again, but Miracleworx rtakes the cake when he fulminates on Satanists ... Whatever those are don't sound to eddible..... or should I wear them to Church at High occasions.... Oh Yeah inform me if this was too much of a good thing.

How about that CNN You are getting an external Intern...

September 20, 2008
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I live in the Cumming, GA area, right outside of the CNN headquarters in ATL and there is no gas!  The prices are all well over $4.00.  Family in NJ, FL and TX all have gas and are all under $3.60.  This is ridiculous.  Some stations have been out of gas for a few days!!!

September 21, 2008
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Instaed of spending trillions to bail out these big companies who have profited over the years why not give all that money back to the American taxpayers and letting them invest the money in the stock market to spur the economy?

September 21, 2008
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I really do not know what has happened or when it happened. But when I was a child growing up, I was taught to be responsible for your own actions. As a young adult, I did not expect anyone to bail me out of a bind nor do I at 48. These days it seems this is what people expect. Do American People have any pride left?

This country is spoiled & "credit" has been the way to go, spend, spend..but now it's out of control and in debt. This country must get back to the basics. Purchase only what you can afford, quit spending above your means - use credit for autos and homes. Cut up the credit cards, and learn to eat beans & potatoes for a while!

September 21, 2008

Dear Davidw aka Big Daddy,

Thank you for shutting down the peanut gallery; whose primary mission was to create chaos and confusion on the boards, in an attempt to cloud the news.


Balance has been restored in here -- thank you.


Mz. Ella @ Ladies' Hood Journal

September 21, 2008
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Key to Economic Boost


I feel like if the government is going to bail out the big mortgage companies the dems should put more on the table such as extending the thirty year mortgage term to forty or forty-five year option and give tax breaks or credits to those companies who give clients that option. Just think of it like this the less you pay to stay in you home the more you will have to invest in other things and that will boost the economy. This will let you have the money to save and make home improvement, save for education, and various other things. Just keep the interest rates, taxes, insurance, and other fees the same and watch the economy improve.

September 22, 2008
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BAILOUT - BAILOUT - WHAT A MESS:  Our government PROTECTING the RICH!!  We can all of a sudden come up with, what is it, $700 BILLION, but we cannot protect our citizens, or ivest in our countries future.  I would be interested to know how many smaller business owner's, who have failed in their efforts, have been BAILED OUT by their government!  And what is going to happen to these companies and their CEO's?  Probably get richer!

FORGET about the issue of raising taxes, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!  This money could have been used to invest in Healthcare, Social Security, Rebuilding our devastated military, and on & on!  I do not advocate our government being involved in everything, but give me a break! When a company has so much power that it effects our nation then our GOVERNMENT should have been involved with some kind of oversight!  Our CURRENT leader, YES BUSH, and his fellow idiots do not hesitate to use the term NATIONAL SECURITY, to get their way, yet in this case the answer is to print more money, put our country in a deeper hole & let the people, us, to pay for it!

September 22, 2008
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I wouldn't recommend giving users the ability to delete comments made on their own videos - this would certainly guarantee all unwanted questions and statements under high peril.

September 22, 2008
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why not split the bailout money between the populas of the u.s. ,over the age of 18 yrs. that pay taxes ,and take half of that money ,on our behalf , and  invest it in the companies that are having problems, and watch the economy boom?

September 22, 2008


Why do these people talk through your post about something else?  That is so rude.  Why don't they just email each other? Rather than; holding a conversation in the middle of a busy street?

Mz. Ella

September 23, 2008

Here's a concern of mine.


At this post there is a person named Myrock that somehow managed to make his comment always appear on the top of the comment section ofthe page. Clearly this is a compromise of the security of the site. He is not the only one that does this BTW.


Just thought I'd throw that out there.



September 23, 2008

At this post:


AngelaB has also figured out how to keep her post at the top of the comment section.


So.., are we all allowed to start doing this now? What's the story with this?

September 23, 2008
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What hypocrisy on the part of CNN! Here’s a fair and balanced question. “What percentages of blacks will only vote for Obama because he’s black, 80, 90%? Oh, please don’t tell me about white racism!

September 24, 2008
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September 24, 2008
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How about bailing out the people insteat of the machine that we all seem to be serving. Let the people keep thier tax money for one year. We use it to pay our debt. Put the $700B into rebuilding our infrastructure.

September 24, 2008
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September 24, 2008
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This bail out is Crazy.  Go to and voice your thoughts.  We need to act now.

September 25, 2008
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September 25, 2008
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Bailout will not repay taxpayers !

The bailout will not repay taxpayers!  Nonperforming assets are defaulted loans on which the borrowers are in default for at least 90 days. Why will defaulted borrowers suddenly start paying their loans when the Treasury buys them from Wall Street and banks?  Treasury will have to foreclose homes, repo cars and boats and send credit card accounts to collections to recover just a fraction of the book value of the nonperforming loans. Holding defaulted loans long term will not make them perform. The bailout is a huge loss to tax payers!

September 25, 2008
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Of course Wall Street is rebounding!  These wealthy parasites are anticipating a huge windfall.  Once again, they will profit, while the average American citizen looses.  If our political representatives pass this rotten piece of legislation, citizens in every state across the nation should take to the streets in protest.  It's time to send them a very loud message that they are elected, and paid, to represent the majority; that we are no longer willing to allow our hard earned tax dollars to fund wealthy miscreants and pork barrel projects.  Tax dollars belong to us and should be spent as we, the contributors, feel appropriate.  We should have a voice in how our money is spent, and it should never be spent to bail out uncrupulous businesses.  It never changes; the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer.  We are having the lifeblood sucked out of us by these leaches.

September 25, 2008
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If you read only one blog you MUST read this!  Here's the problem (and I've not heard anyone mention this very important point). Everyone talks about the complexities of finance that have gotten us into this mess. (i.e. CDO's, leveraging, etc.) but, what they fail to mention is, that the outcome of all this is still with us and can not be legislated away. This outcome is the FALSE real estate market!  We have had 5-7 years of giving out loans to people that didn't really qualify for a home loan. This in turn, created a DEMAND for homes that really shouldn't have been there, diminishing the SUPPLY and there by falsely driving up values. Real estate in this country is really not worth what people think it is. Until home prices come down to where an average home can be purchased by an average income family, the housing market has not hit bottom. This bailout is another example of how the American public thinks they won't ever   have to pay for their mistakes. If we "bailout" now, what we are really doing, is setting up an even harder crash in the future.  Consider this analogy... If your adult children overspend, buy more than they can afford, rack up their credit cards, and show absolutely no financial responsibility and, then, you come in and say " OK, don't worry about the past, I'll take over all your bad debt that you have and you can start over", what do you think would happen in a scenario such as that.

September 26, 2008
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We Americans have simply overspent.  Now, unfortunately, we are "paying the price."

September 27, 2008
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We are in the 21st Century.  Times have changed drastically.  We can communicate with citizens overseas within seconds by Internet if we want.  Other nations are beginning to develop new age technology as well.  I believe in Americans and in our country.  I believe that we are never to be underestimated.  However, if we are unaware of the fundamental difference between the two political parties, then we're in trouble. 


Neither party is opposing borrowing money from the federal government.  Both parties argree that it necessary in the sustainment of our econmic standing here in America and abroad.  The disagreement between the parties is the provision on how to allocate those funds. 


The Democratic party feels that the mainstream people of America who are working Americans who may have lost their homes due to the increase of the econmomy over the last 8 years and the decrease of employment, they believe (and so do I) that helping them will benefit the economy in the long-run.  And here's why (or at least how I hear it):


If the corporate entities and CEOs are getting tax cuts of $700,000 and the average worker maybe 3 or 4,000, that's not going to help the economy.  The mainstream has to have money in order to buy from Wall Street entities.  Whose money do you think they're utimately trading?  We purchase from the corporations, everyone throughout America.  That's how millions and billions are created.  And if we can't afford to buy, if there are no jobs available and we can't work, if we can't afford the price of an education, eventually billions of dollars at the top are going to deplete.  There's no money coming in.  We can't afford to purchase anything.  So the price of gas was increased.  And perhaps they thought that would help, but it's only made things worse.  Because of the increase in gas people have been set back tremendously financially.  We're budgeting.  We're basically not spending.


So it's not just a matter of Oh, help the mainstream.  And Oh, it's not fair to bail out Wall Street.  Or Oh, do whatever you have to.  It's a matter of someone very smart telling us that the way our ecomonic system has operated over the last 8 (maybe even 12) years or more is not working in this new age economy and here's how it would.  And Secretary Paulson agrees.


We can fix the short-term problem, but the problem will continue to repeat itself if the long-term issues aren't addressed.  I hear that clearly.  I'm not sure what everyone else is hearing.  This is not a movie.  It's not about what they did a hundred years ago.  This is about now.  People hear energy independence and they think of it as something that would be great one day.  No, Obama is saying this is something we need to work on today.  If we're not depending on a country for oil, if we're able to be innovative (and I know we can) and create cars, planes, etc., that run off of clean energy, we'll not only have leverage with other nations, we'll not only lead in energy independence, but jobs will have to be created to support this project.  Hence, creating new jobs, more spending, better economy. 


Let's do what we truly in our hearts feel is right for our country.

September 27, 2008
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i think this is what u were looking for.

ireporter named hgfa is posting harmful links.  as reported to me.  i was also told this person was posting in ireporter "cher's" blogs but didnt see any off hand.

September 27, 2008
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hi the porn commen links are still on cher's posts about a silly book she is describing - they have been on there for 4 hours now, according to the note at the top of the posts. would be good to get them off.

September 27, 2008
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there are also porn links in commetns to orlandorand - that have been hter for awhile - wold be noce to get them off - seem to stifling good dosicssion about a very interesting post.

September 27, 2008
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After watching the debates on the 26th, I was appalled at what I saw from McCain. I found him condescending, rude and arrogant. Not at all what I want in a president. After all if he acts that way with other heads of states than we are in big trouble. He obviously does not understand the delicacies of diplomacy. He have had this type of arrogance for the last eight years and look where it has gotten us. If I was unsure at the time of the debates I am not now!


Dan Ehle

September 28, 2008
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will do ill keep an eye out

September 28, 2008
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Subject - Bailout

Has anyone ever considered that since this is our money used to bail out these banks we should at least be issued shares in these companies so IF they eventually turn around and get better we have a stake in the profits?   (The government should not charge us for administering this since they are overpaid already). Make it simple and inexpensive - Send 1 share to everyone who pays taxes and put this in the general mailing so there is no extra postage..

I can't imagine the government is going to ever pay us back.

I also believe we should have a say in how these companies are run by way of a questionaire addressing issues such as top pay, reduced pay, freeze raises, consolidate administration, etc.

Just a thought!

September 28, 2008
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I am not a vulgar person but at this time I will say that Sara Palin is an idiot.  I am registered Independent, and at this point ould never vote for McCain with Palin as the vice presiden candidate.  The hair stands up on the back of my neck when I think of the possibility that she could hold the office of president..... Imelda, move over!

September 28, 2008
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those porn site responses are up and at it again - folks. saw them at illinoseVal... just a minute ago.

September 28, 2008
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i would like to know why hasn't anyone lost their jobs over this. from what i understand all involed keep their jobs. what about all these bounces the ceos got ? why aren't they force to give that money back? and we the tax payer have to bail out wallstreet?  bull  i say. i wish some how we can refuse to pay the taxes on bailing out wallstreet. if anyone can come up with something let me know . i sure will join in  on not paying taxes on this. one ceo worked only 3 weeks walked away with 200 milion in his pocket. and we bailout wallstreet with our taxes. people please fight  don't let washinton get away with this . we all know  someone again will fill their pockets full.

September 28, 2008
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i say no one pay their loans  or credit cards until we as tax payers  get all home loans  marked as  paid in full due to all the corrupion that went on with the morgae companies and banks. they can get away with this why can't we as tax payers.  only thing is we get hauled to court they don't. they just call their buddies in washington to get bailed out  as for credit cards let the ceos pay  off all credit card bills for us tax payers . after all they are all walking away with millions in their pockets not usbetter yet  send all of our debts to the senate and congress. after all wallstreet got bailed out why not the american people .

September 30, 2008
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I am for the democratic ticket, but I disagree with the position they have taken on this bail out.


     At this point the republican party knowing the deceptions perpetrated by the present administration in the name of a global economy on this nation; Are correct for voting this farce down.


     The global economy serves no one but the owners and administrators of the multinational conglomerates and certainly not the working lower and once but no more existing American middle class population.


      In short the alleged gobal economy does nothing but serve to reestablish the pre-America peon and peasant class status of the worlds general populus


      Had this denigration of the socio capitalist doctrines embodied in this nations democratic society passed! Where would the $100,000,000,000! Ear marked for George Bush,' personal and unaccountable deposal have gone? 


                                                          Man Alone

October 2, 2008
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The sweeteners the new bail-out plan includes are like a twisted person giving candy to a child to pull them in for the rape and abuse.


Just heard that NEW Plan to be voted on October 3. WILL ALLOW WALL STREET TO KEEP their million dollar PAYCHECKS and even pay them more. This came from Congressman Sherman who read the New Bail-Out plan for October 3rd vote.


Make them keep working on it the only thing falling quick are the crooks that put us here in the first place.

October 8, 2008

The stimulus packet, 700 Billion dollars is not going to help the economy in the way that we need it to work. The problem is that the credit crisis did not start from the top and work its way down. The Credit Crisis started because all of those so called CEO’s and Managers working in the US financial institutions decided to get rich by taking advantage of the middle class and the poor. They create enormous amounts of wealth for themselves, ran their companies into the ground and expect the hard working Americans to restart the economy while they enjoyed the luxury of the money they stole (stealing is a crime and they need to be prosecuted) from the American people.


The problem is we have an economical problem and we need money flowing back into the economy. Putting money in the top of the system will not, I repeat will not start the economical system back in motion. We are trying to start from the top and go down, what we need is to start from the root cause the bottom and go up.


We have millions of homes sitting on properties and no one to maintain that value for the economy and their neighborhoods. The banks have millions of properties on their books as bad debt because these properties are not collecting money to show a movement of finances to allow banks to give credit.


To use that money wisely, the 700 Billions that the tax payers are putting up to finance these large corporations should be given to the home owners. Here is the solution to solving this problem without using all of the taxpayers’ money.


1)     Find all the home owners that are going into foreclosure and drop the bad debt or use part of the 700 billion to catch them up on their mortgage to keep them in their homes.

2)     All of the foreclosed homes give them back to the home owners. Wipe the slate clean because 99% of the debt that the foreclosed home owners owe is interest. This interest goes back into the greedy CEO’s and Presidents pockets to get richer. They created this problem so use their money to help us get out of this mess.

3)     Refinance the homes to a low payment (half their mortgage or less depending on their situation) and also a very, very, very low interest rate or no interest. Refinance for six months to a year so that Americans can get back on their feet, with the options of one additional year depending on the status of the economy or the homeowners job situation.  Work with the homeowner so that he or she can have a payment that they can afford so they can maintain a lifestyle for his or her family during this crisis.


All of this will help the economy.


1)     The home owners are adding money back into the economy. Paying their mortgages takes dead assets off the books. Some money flowing is better than no money flowing into our economy.

2)      We no longer have people in the system (shelters, assistance, etc) draining what little money that we currently have in our financial system.


Take the additional 700 billion that we did not use on homes and start creating the jobs that we need to be energy independent.


We need to stop talking and start putting things into action. We pay all these high profile, educated, so called Americans to sit behind desk and make decision for all Americans and they make decision for themselves, making billions of dollars off the tax payers. What are we paying them for? A Change in any direction is better than no change at all. 

September 5, 2008

October 22, 2008
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The new smear add online hitting Palin is unethical & embarassing.  A 5 year old child would not come up with  thoughts like these on their own.

October 30, 2008
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I have voted early because I was afraid that the ballots would be lost.  It can happen.  As I watch the TV Special that Senator Barack Hussian Obama gave $4m for, I was amazed how he slip in something that I thought I first misheard, but it is what he said.

Barack said, if elected President, for all those kids who want to go to college on his Government Money, in return they have to serve their Country either in the Armed Services or other Government Communities. 

This means, you are required to serve the Military if you choose to accept his school money! 

How many young people heard that?  I believe that it went over many, because they are in the phrase, "IN LOVE WITH BARACK."  Wake up young people, your going to pay if you accept his proposals and if you vote for Barack Hussian Obama, it is your CHOICE....

November 6, 2008
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I'm bad right now i just need to write out my angry

. I not going to to say the company name. My husband

went to work today with my Obama Stickers on his personal

truck today. He was getting so muck flack about them he

taught the stickers off. This world will change no

matter what since President Obama Won

November 9, 2008
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December 4, 2009
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February 6, 2010
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