Monday, September 22, 2008
On the typhoon beat

Taiwan has been affected by at least two typhoons in recent months, and another might be heading its way. Los Angeles iReporter nealmoore -- who has recently been living in Taipei, Taiwan -- has been documenting the damage and sharing the latest information from his rooftop apartment. He first iReported as typhoon Fung-wong approached at the end of July. Then, when deadly typhoon Sinlaku hit the area hard, nealmoore grabbed his camera and headed up to Wulai Mountain to show the real extent of the damage with stunning video footage. nealmoore is currently keeping a close eye on Typhoon Hagupit, iReporting from his rooftop . He may have started this year working in the political world, but it’s possible that he may have found a new calling in covering these intense storms. Are you seeing severe weather in your area? Share your photos and video with us , but remember to be careful out there!

September 25, 2008
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Bailout will not repay taxpayers !

The bailout will not repay taxpayers!  Nonperforming assets are defaulted loans on which the borrowers are in default for at least 90 days. Why will defaulted borrowers suddenly start paying their loans when the Treasury buys them from Wall Street and banks?  Treasury will have to foreclose homes, repo cars and boats and send credit card accounts to collections to recover just a fraction of the book value of the nonperforming loans. Holding defaulted loans long term will not make them perform. The bailout is a huge loss to tax payers!

September 25, 2008
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don't people understand that mccain wants to delay the debate because he doesn't know anything about economics!

Wake up people!

September 25, 2008
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September 26, 2008
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I feel Senator McCain should  show his leadership ability to multi-task to this great nation. However the pressure is on for the Congress to pass the bailout bill.  I think with todays high technology ways of communication he still can be kept in the loop while in Mississippi preparing for this Debate.  Ninety minutes of his time is very important to this country and to the people of Mississippi who has put five million dollars into this preparations for this event and if I was him as a canidate for the President of this United States I dare not be the disappointment on this ticket. I am watching his moves.



North Carolina

September 26, 2008
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Now that we are experiencing gas shortages and serious economic problems, it would seem like a prime time for another terrorist attack like 9-11-01.

Is anybody concerned about that?

It would seem to me that it would be a "knockout punch" for us economically if one was to occur.

Any thoughts?

October 10, 2008
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..... *****



*Palin, 44, lists in a March financial disclosure form an annual income of $125,000 as governor of Alaska. Her husband, Todd, earned $47,000 as an oil production supervisor for BP Alaska in 2007 and $46,000 as commercial fisherman. They also list no credit card debt.


McCain's has assets of between $34 million and $49 million and liabilities of between $4.3 million and $5.8 million, according CFRP.


Those liabilities include American Express platinum and Chase Bank credit cards held by Cindy McCain and some of the McCain children.


The McCains' assets include real estate holdings in Sedona, Phoenix and elsewhere, investment funds, Anheuser Busch Companies Inc. (NYSE: BUD ) stock, ownership stakes in the Hensley beer distribution company and Cindy McCain's inheritance from a family trust. Cindy McCain, 54, and the McCain children are also partners in a number of limited liability partnerships and corporations that own real estate in Arizona and California . The McCains file separate tax forms but U.S. Senate financial disclosure protocols combine spousal wealth. Hensley is one of the largest Anheuser Busch distributors in the country. ******888888888888




''All Arizonans should be proud and supportive of this remarkable woman,'' he said.


I don't want to be rude, but: Why?


Not, I think, because she's a drug addict and an admitted thief.


McCain revealed this week that she was addicted to pain pills for two years. She also said she stole drugs from an organization she created to provide emergency medical services around the world.


McCain said she started taking pills - eventually up to 15 or 20 a day - in 1989 after surgery left her in pain. She was also bearing the stress of the harsh publicity over the McCains' link to convicted financier Charles Keating Jr.


She said she's remained drug-free since 1992, with one brief lapse.


Hers is a sad tale, but hardly distinctive; addiction and thievery are pretty common these days.


In fact, about one of every four inmates in Arizona 's bloated, fantastically expensive prison system is locked up on drug charges. That, by the way, is thanks to mindlessly punitive anti-drug policies supported by officials like, well, like Sen. McCain and Gov. Symington.


But don't worry, Cindy McCain won't go to prison. Prison is for bad people, not for those with ''health problems.''


So. Maybe we're supposed to be proud of McCain simply for admitting her misdeeds.


Maybe. Except that her addiction apparently was something a lot of people knew about and that was likely to become broad public knowledge soon anyway.


The federal Drug Enforcement Administration had been investigating, and a former employee of McCain's medical team had filed a lawsuit against her over the issue.


McCain herself reportedly said that her motive in going public was to beat the rumor mill.


So it can't be that either. Should we be proud at the bold way McCain went public?


Don't think so. Guided by an entourage of advisers, McCain cleverly pre-empted bad publicity by breaking the news through a selected handful of media outlets.


She did this only after completing private treatment, and only after reaching an agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office that ensured she would not be prosecuted if she entered a diversion program.


So why are we supposed to be proud of Cindy McCain?


Answer: We're not.


Sympathetic, supportive, tolerant - sure. I don't doubt McCain's physical and mental pain, the power of her addiction, the remorse she feels.


But proud? Sorry.


That suggestion, I'm afraid, is the product of ''spin,'' of a careful campaign to deflect public attention away from the awkward facts of addiction and theft, and onto the appealing made-for-TV drama of confession.


A campaign, in other words, to limit the political damage.


It is, once again, the ritualized praising of a celebrity criminal - based upon the murky idea that members of the elite ''suffer'' enough merely by admitting guilt.


To which I say: No sale.


Not that I want Cindy McCain to go to jail. I'm not even sure she should be punished; if we imprisoned all the secret addicts among Arizona 's privileged classes, we'd need more prisons than even Sam Lewis could dream of.


I just wonder why we should be praising her while siccing the cops and the media and the child-welfare workers on all the poor Jane Does who turn to crack to cope with their stresses - stresses perhaps worse even than bad press.


I wonder why I couldn't hear our leaders' calls for sympathy and tolerance amid their shouts for heavier weapons and harsher attacks in the War on Drugs.


I wonder about the thousands of noncelebrity wretches struggling alone against alcohol or heroin or whichever ''health problem'' plagues them, ignored if not punished by society.


I wish Cindy McCain well, but I'll save my cheers for them.






Published on Tuesday, August 23, 1994


© 1994 The Arizona Republic

October 24, 2008

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December 12, 2008
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January 9, 2009
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The People's FREE Independent Guest Book for

The 44th Inaugural Ceremony of

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December 5, 2009
December 21, 2009
January 4, 2010
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