Monday, October 20, 2008
iReport Film Festival: Vote now!

Twenty semi-finalists have been chosen for the iReport Film Festival , a diverse mix of creative and thought-provoking shorts from the campaign trail. Now it's time to rank your favorites!


Head over to to submit your pick and see which films made the cut. Hurry -- you've got until midnight ET, Wednesday, October 22, to vote. Then be sure to check at 11:00 p.m. ET Sunday, when the audience award winner will be announced.



All of you who entered the Festival should be proud -- the quality of every submission was outstanding. We can't wait to see more from such talented filmmakers!

October 20, 2008
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Please allow me to share this story with you below.


This is a historic moment that we are witnessing, so I as that may you please review and pass it along and ask them to do the same.


Please call me if you have any questions.



As a person that enjoyed a successful career in the cooperated arena as well as owning a business for nine years, I truly found my passion as a loan officer.


As a mortgage lender with Dominion Mortgage Corp., I have a pleasure to sell a commodity that everyone needs, and that is money. A sample refinance of a home could enable a person to climb out and/or place them in a must better financial situation in terms of a debt consolidation which will decrease their overall debt ratio, increasing the value of homes from cash out for home improvements or just refinancing to reduce years off their mortgage which equates to ten of thousands of dollars in accelerated savings and my reward from doing this is knowing that I had made a positive impact in their lives. And now, due to meltdown which made it much harder to get loans, I hear the cries of help now on a daily bases and it hurts to no end having my hands tied to help most.


The turns of events that we face now with the mortgage market made me extremely concern about our future. Yes, we can point all the blame on a lot of things: Allen Greenspan for creating low teaser rates that made it attractive and easy for people borrow adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) or congress democrats or republicans not regulating which lead to the collapse on the market. The main fact is that our economy is now in serious trouble and it’s time to no longer place the blame, what’s done is done, we have to now start moving forward in correcting it.


As a democrat I had went both ways within the last twenty years base on which candidate that can bring or maintain prosperity and safety to our nation and this time my first decision is merely based on a candidate that in my opinion has a more sensible, rational and practical approach to expedite our economy back. And with this decision I’m truly honored to have a black can candidate running for this hest office.


Knowing all of what’s going now in our country coupled with the possibility of witnessing history being made, lead me to express to others how important this election really is and my passion for this made me temporally set aside most of daily responsibilities to create a video to express this history that’s in the makings.


The video is called “Free at last” which reflexes all events that’s taking place now and my opinion of the candidate that will move this nation forward which Rev Dr. King had always visualized. I had produced both the music and the song. The music is song by a group that attended Virginia State University.


Good job Sen. Barack


CNN Site -





October 20, 2008
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Why is there not a ground swell to ask John and Sarah about her speech this year to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party. Todd was a member as early as 2004. The leader of the party has called our Sacred Flag "that damn flag" and has sworn not to be buried on American soil. Why do commentators not press the point of her association with that? Huh, huh? Why don't hey ask her about making sure Trig was born on Alaskan soil? Has she got something against the rest of us znd our states? I have many friends whose children were born in different states. I have never heard of an American being concerned about what state their child was born. We mostly are Americans all except for the Palins, they are not like us. Lets question her on this?

October 20, 2008

I'm a first time voter and i'm glad to be a Democrat because those Republican make me sick also they don't have no class no respect for anyone America don't wanna here nothing about joe the plumber because i know he's a Red neck Republican try to distract our Guy I have one word to say enough is enough with those kindergarding Republican because they know its over John MCcain and Sarah palin don't understand What america Facing right now also Sarah palin is not ready To be a president either this is not Alaska this is United State of America. A guy like John MCcain thats own 7 houses how can he tell us he understand our problem he doesn't i'm proud to be An Obama supporter because this country do need change I mean real change for the midle class guy like me thats hurting from this evil Republicans.

October 20, 2008
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Most of those films are pretty bad..,I like The vermin one best, then there was a couple music video's, but is that all ireport could come up with? I thought it was suppose to be about the campaign and what was going on?

October 20, 2008
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I would like to believe that Barack Obama will win the election come Nov 4, but thats just not going to happen. The republicans are using the same tactics that cheated the election in 2000 and 2004. This time around the republicans are now using the following tactics: 1. In MI They're using foreclosure lists to take away voter's right to vote. 2. In OH they're trying to make the states attorny general turn over the voter list so they can challenge individuals right to vote by suggesting the registration information is inaccurate. In 2004 OH voters was faced with 4 hour wait times to vote, told to report to the wrong polls to vote. While in the surburbs (mostly republican)the wait time was 5 - 15 mins. In MI McCain has a campaign office in the Trot & Trot building. Trot & Trot is a hugh McCain supporter and handles foreclosures in MI. 2000 and 2004 over again.

October 21, 2008
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The Truth About of the GOP Vs True Christianity


1) The GPO chairman and another dignitary were being interviewed by a prominent host on a major TV network. The question was asked, “What strategy did the GOP use to win back the presidency and the White House”?  The answer was that they noticed that evangelicals made up a very large number of the electorate. The theory was that if they could win the votes of the Evangelicals alone, they could win the White house. They also admitted that the pastors of these organizations were very much in command and had significant influence on the minds of their congregants. They also know that most Americans do not research facts for themselves, but rely heavily on people they admire. The strategy was to use religious rhetoric in political campaigns to attract the Evangelicals. They used the abortion issue, homosexuality and lack of religious influence in schools as trump cards. The spin was, “if you are a Christian you will not vote for a party that believes in abortion and homosexuality – vote your conscience”. From that assessment, the campaign rhetoric over morality, family values, pro-choice and gay rights grew, followed by high taxes and big government. The theme was “vote your conscience”. This meant that if you are a Christian, you would not vote for a party that supports bad values. I remember voting in 2002 with a lot of guilt for the democratic ticket trying to focus on the real issues, yet waiting on heaven to fall on me. Unfortunately, this strategy took the focus of the American people off the real issues of equal opportunity, and creating programs to stimulate economics independence for all. They deceitfully redistributed the funding of programs designed to elevate the poor and middleclass and covetously use it for their personal benefits. Big companies received low-interest loans, grants, tax cuts, and unsecured stocks and bonds they never have to pay back. The truth is, they are using our tax-payers money supposedly for trickle-down economy but instead hire illegal employees and also outsource jobs overseas. Small government means more power to local sheriffs and big companies. The GOP is saying, “Do not let the government control you, the CEO’s will”. The economic stability of the justice department strives on the weaknesses and mistakes of frustrated and uneducated people.


2) They are accusing the Democrats of taxing the rich who is supposed to feed the poor and middle-class, when the rich Democrats are offering (very commendable) to pay more taxes (shift the tax burden to help the poor) because thy can afford it. The fact is that the rich is getting richer and the poor, poorer. The tax burden is on the middle-class so, to spend money on the poor and middle-class like giving back the tax-payers their own money. Whereas, tax cuts and bailouts for the rich is all about taking the tax-payer’s money and give it to the rich who in turn invest it overseas for their own profit. The bible always stood on the side of the oppressed and needy people.


3) After 20 years of the GOP, nothing has been done to overturn Roe Vs Wade, and nothing will be done because they all swore on the bible to uphold the laws of the land. They had control of the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and White House. They will continue to use it as a campaign wedge to win Christian votes.

The truth about abortion is that in the 70’s the W.H.O discovered that about 100 million babies had been aborted world wide, and a significant number of them were backstreet abortions. Many of the women died of infections and complications from use of coat hangers, strange drugs and chemicals, jumping off heights, and other unthinkable methods. Roe Vs Wade (the world solving their own problems) was designed to protect the female’s life and reduce backyard abortions by providing qualified services. In the past 10 years, backyard abortions have been on the rise again. Unfortunately, a significant number of “Christian” women have had abortions in the backyards and in the clinics. ,


4) The Catholic organization is a strong voice for pro-life but weak on homosexual issues. Let’s not be too hypocritical. They are both serious sins. If I really want to be religious, I could rightly say that the sin of abortion was caused mainly by the sin of fornication or adultery. Hey, let’s nip it in the bud and solve this problem. Secondly, if abortion is murder (yes it is), then let us look at the bigger picture. 1 John 3:15 states “Whosoever hates his brother (born-again Christian) is a murderer: and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him”. 1 John 2:11 states that the Christian who hates his brother walks in darkness and cannot see where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes. 1 John 1:7 states “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin”. In this case if evangelicals obey the word of God, black or white churches, and black or white cemeteries would not exist.

It is sad to witness an election that is based on whether a person has a pro-life or pro-choice view which will not be changed, and ignore many other important changeable issues. Christians including pastors are taking advice from Hannity and Rush and have stopped listening to Christ. It means that these guys have been exalted above the throne of God, and are worshipped now by Christians. That is quite a scary position to be in. If Hannity and Rush are really great patriotic Americans, they would use their great influence, sacrifice their million-dollar-making shows for four years, and run for public office because they have “all the answers”, knowledge, and they “really” love this country.


5) The complexity behind our democracy is that it encompasses all the people that are citizens of America. These include, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Indians, Natives, Hispanics, Arabs, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Gays, Atheists, Buddhists, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals, KKK, Nazi, Skin Heads, etc. They all pay taxes, have a right to vote, they all have rights as Americans, and they all a voice. This country not a Theocracy (Guaranteed by separation of church and state) like the Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu countries, and we should not just cater to the Christian community. The Pilgrims fled England because of Catholic dominance and persecution. We must strive for common ground. Christians must realize that non-Christians will not think or reason like them. Christians should not hold non-Christians to equal standards when we ourselves find it difficult sometimes to measure up to those standards even though we say we have Christ within us and they do not.


6) Christianity spoken by Christ Himself is that men will recognize that we are Christians by the love we have for each other. This also means we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. What ever I desire for myself, I desire for my neighbor. My neighbor includes those who do not look like me, have what I have, speak like me or think like me. I must love the sinner in order to win him. I do not need the religious right to condemn (Isaiah 1:18; John 3:16-17) him from across the fence to show the world that I am better that he is. He does well what sinners do. He cannot help himself, I was sent to set him free. (Matthew 10:8; Luke 4:18)

7) Christianity has no place in politics. (2Timothy 2:4) We are not of this world, we are citizens of Heaven. I think that unless pastors and religious leaders come together and courageously and clearly define what Christianity is all about, these problems will not go away. The state of our fractured society is a reflection of the state of our religious leaders who either do not understand true Christianity themselves or presumptuously use it for their own personal gains. Racial divide stemmed from a religious teaching many years ago and has made serious inroads in this society for centuries. It would be good for people to research the origin of this false religious teaching so that we all could correct this matter. Many people do not know why they hate others but do so because it was passed down to them as a tradition through stereotyping and propaganda because the original false religious cause of the problem has been forgotten. It would take honest and dedicated religious leaders to research and address this problem because they are the effective leaders of society. It puzzles me that the secular world is trying its best to navigate racial harmony but the church (God is Love) is still very much divided. Christians seem to forget that the word "Christian" was derived from Christ - follower of Christ, like Christ, teachings of Christ-Christ taught us all to love and forgive one another, and to treat our neighbor (anyone that does not look like us) as we would ourselves. At the foundation of Christianity is love, forgiveness, faith in God only, and hope in God. We are supposed to love and if possible, try to convert our enemies; not eradicate them. We should not judge people of their past action especially after they have shown that they have corrected the situation. We are about changing lives. Makes me wonder; "Is this country really a Christian nation?"

Democrats have a chance to expose the deceitfulness of the GOP by using the argument and biblical scripture of what a true Christian is. If you believe in selecting the lesser of two evils, study the teachings of Christ (Matthew 17:1-5) and determine which party comes closer, it will surprise you.


8) The GOP is driving a wider gorge between the Christians and their targeted mission field, the sinners. This deceitful action makes it much more difficult to reach and convert sinners to Christianity, and also ignites and fuels the flames of religious persecution. Business is to customers is as Christians are to sinners.


9) Cindy McCain sits poised over an industry whose products (alcohol) have caused worldwide havoc, even more than any war, genocide or terrorist activity. Results being; derailed lives, deaths, broken homes, crimes, career loss, sickness, to name a few. They brag about her contributions to children overseas but are silent about her love and concern for the needy children here in America.

October 21, 2008
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As I hear the "Joe the Plumber Story" over and over again, I wonder how many people are really aware of what the higher tax for small business owners can accomplish. No one wants to pay higher taxes and neither does a small company owner. Most small business owners are not fond of paying high taxes on the companies NET PROFIT, either.  Through careful planning and projected income budgeting for the fiscal year, many companies have plans for additional spending for the company's pre-tax earnings. Most small companies, if honest,  will spend the income to benefit the company and it's employees rather than pay taxes. The company will purchase more supplies, make capital investments (for depreciation), pay higher employer contributions towards employee health benefits, increase bonus amounts to top performers, promote a healthier work environment, along with company expansion.   Any company with substantial NET EARNINGS should pay the required taxes, if they choose not to increase spending to benefit the company and the employees. 



October 21, 2008
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call the holy spirit...John McCain...The collapse of the economy‏

yes john You are the reason  collapse of the global economy, not just the U.S. People fear

Of psychological factors  creating the negative impact of the crisis To the country and the rest of the world The poor victim Why do the poor of this world The high prices of basic materials diet High oil prices  because of the owner of oil But the current crisis now Discover it all mistakes

High oil prices returned to their original owners devastation Necessity is the mother of invention Non-oil dependence the search for alternative ...Congratulations Was punishment from God Self-interest and selfishness and spread hatred This is the result john yes Congratulations The fight against terrorism  Now planting The seeds of terrorism  Tension of living conditions Contribute much to the creation of intellectual extremism and insurgency for the individual Against social entity And expand the circle Social differences And the breakdown in humanity Age era Modern human

Instead of invention and innovation arms against the unknown Earth angry and Angry sky

Nature angry Life angry Human victim of ideas and mistakes But there is a chance to change obama yes obama Both know the story obama Is the president Congratulations, Mr

You are the winner Honesty, love and change And wisdom  Is felt by the people to When speaking, when people look to you and Factors helping you succeed Congratulations to you and u.s.a and World...................

o Lord ask you to change change and victory..

O Lord, ask you to publish love In the sky and the earth In the sea and land In human life To be a panacea for the hearts and minds

The love that fit mistakes Unite the hearts and minds Because the spirit of one And one Lord....amin

holy spirit

October 21, 2008
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call the holy spirit...u.s.a...Word of God...

Holy Spirit in your heart Let him go You walk on the path of light Do not care about black ideas Do not be afraid In the light of your heart Is your guide to the shore of peace and security Yes, there are those who published the dark Because he sensed defeat The night is long but the sun morning rises wiping the dark Life is not bullets and blood O soldier O John Life is something else Life needs to change needs to Obama...

No mercy for women from the evil of your thoughts Women are the reason Presence drink from his chest meaning of life Brother-in-law of the night You are patient Or you forget...Wife... Cindy McCain... If given attention and love Gave you life Deny the right of women In health care This is the gratitude and recognize Bush has made the U.S. photo black for the world But women Repair image Bulletin the color of life Such as Mama Ms Oprah Mother Angels Heart-to-heart Grant And the high the banner of the country Of a new high Because of its image On Community, country and And civil right Through the program telling the world that this is my country world love America

yes My grandmother and MyMother and My sister and My daughter John did not recognize your you are great You live in this land The land needs to change We need to Obama... I do not know why John wants to become president Dissemination of lies and fear Bring economic crisis Now spreads fear and the black thoughts

Obama a terrorist because he wants to change the laws Corruption John is the real terrorist

Terrorist ideas Special interest Is the goal Seeks to Disperse between people Will not succeed Strong faith The miracle of love Unit hearts The unity of the nation O people The answer within the hearts of the right way Holy Spirit guide to the correct path 8 years of failure because of the mis choice The aim of eliminating terrorism But the change target For special interest Exploitation of vulnerability Because of a lack of safety To learn the story The widow of the soldier Telling the truth Mother and father soldier tells the truth The phony war

John wants to continue I hear the voice inside you the right to The final opportunity Saving future Before forget that there are American ...

John Politics is a woman That is the reason for failure You deny women...

Thank you to all who made his life so as to bring good and the discovery of new O of the campaign Nobel Prize You are an estimated change Aware of the truth Always fighting Corruption things That is why I choose Obama

Holy Spirit says thank you...

sky and Land say thank you...

Nation says thanks...

U.S.A. says thank you...

Obama say thank you...

Alexei Arikosov Physics 2003 Roger Guillemin Medicine

Peter Agre Chemistry 2003 John L. Hall Physics

Sidney Altman Chemistry 1989 Leland H. Hartwell Medicine

Philip W. Anderson Physics 1977 Dudley Herschbach Chemistry

Richard Axel Medicine 2004 Roald Hoffmann Chemistry

David Baltimore Medicine 1975 H. Robert Horvitz Medicine

Baruj Benacerraf Medicine 1980 Louis Ignarro Medicine

Paul Berg Chemistry 1980 Eric R. Kandel Medicine

J. Michael Bishop Medicine 1989 Walter Kohn Chemistry

N. Bloembergen Physics 1981 Roger Kornberg Chemistry 2006

Michael S. Brown Medicine 1985 Leon M. Lederman Physics 1988

Linda B. Buck Medicine 2004 Craig C. Mello Medicine 2006

Mario R. Capecchi Medicine 2007 Yoichiro Nambu Physics 2008

Martin Chalfie Chemistry 2008 Marshall Nirenberg Medicine 1968

Stanley Cohen Medicine 1986 Douglas D. Osheroff Physics 1996

Leon Cooper Physics 1972 Stanley B. Prusiner Medicine 1997

James W. Cronin Physics 1980 Norman F. Ramsey Physics 1989

Robert F. Curl Chemistry 1996 Robert Richardson Physics 1996

Johann Diesenhofer Chemistry 1988 Burton Richter Physics 1976

John B. Fenn Chemistry 2002 Sherwood Rowland Chemistry 1995

Edmond H. Fischer Medicine 1992 Oliver Smithies Medicine 2007

Val Fitch Physics 1980 Richard R Schrock Chemistry 2005

Jerome I. Friedman Physics 1990 Joseph H. Taylor Jr. Physics 1993

Murray Gell-Man Physics 1969 E. Donnall Thomas Medicine 1990

Riccardo Giacconi Physics 2002 Charles H. Townes Physics 1964

Walter Gilbert Chemistry 1980 Roger Tsien Chemistry 2008

Alfred G. Gilman Medicine 1994 Daniel C.Tsui Physics 1998

Donald A. Glaser Physics 1960 Harold Varmus Medicine 1989

Sheldon L. Glashow Physics 1979 James D. Watson Medicine 1962

Joseph Goldstein Medicine 1985 Eric Wieschaus Medicine 1995

Paul Greengard Medicine 2000 Frank Wilczek Physics 2004

David Gross Physics 2004 Robert W. Wilson Physics 1978

Robert H. Grubbs Chemistry 2005

We pray all

Despite the different races and religions and races, color and language Love unites the hearts and spirit as one God and one

O Lord United hearts And guided to the path Light Holy Spirit Within each heart And the prevention of evil The distortion through the right...Amine

holy spirit 1200

October 21, 2008
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call the holy spirit...My life telling the truth...

The name of God

the Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Pope Benedict

The sons of Christ Fall from grace What defect in obam To stand against him And encourage


planting Of Fear and stole safety And bread from the hands of the disadvantaged Stealing public funds For this reason that led to the proliferation of selfishness among the Sons ofChrist Because The black thoughts that control the minds In a moment of weakness Because the love was stolen from the hearts

What is going on now Proof of intensity you need the floor Right and justice And love

That the triumph of humanity in Break down the wall Era of racism Era which treats people On the basis of Ethnic Or religious Or class and Color Does the obama a victim These misconceptions And lose again 8 years

And suffer from failure due to poor selection and guidance Wisdom in this matter

God does not consider the faces, but is seen as the heart To act Love Letter and guidance You The sons of Christ Coaching role Has stood against change Against the right of the oppressed The summit deprived The parish health And honor the soldier who fought Honor

However, it has become the forgotten Although false war Against the dignity of the retired Women right to live in safety

The right of children a better future Or to steal money and make weapons Is the road Which marched Christ

YOU Daddy It's your turn The role of Christ To guide Priests And reminding Are haven And light Humanitarian Today is a day to prove We editors Restrictions yesterday and the black thoughts role of the next generation Rescue life and building Paradise humanity You are the protector of his diocese and Trinity Please answer a call Then fly high Holy Spirit and disseminate love and peace...

Please help my You are the SanctuaryAnd salvation

holy spirit


October 21, 2008
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call the holy spirit...u.s.a...Real origin of the universe The basis of the spirit(yes Obama terrorist)


Mr. President Allow me to speak on your behalf

Yes, I'm a terrorist Because the opposition to meet the challenge in Afghanistan Ticket for a moment When President Bush said during Elections 2004 Approached the arrest of Osama bin Laden Lying lying Only to win again Housing fear the hearts of the people But the Bush exploited this fear to war false yes Sara yes john The war on terrorism

Are we can to eradicate this phenomenon yes Deficit Why Because it is a game For oil It is not for the security of people...

yes john Reduce taxes on the wealthy The giant companies And vice versa all this at the expense of the poor and owners of small Projects of low-income earners At the expense of future generations And where the money goes Spent on the war that is killing innocent people The sons of your country And other innocent 10billion in the price of war on Iraq Month Instead of allocating the money for health care There are children did not know the meaning of taste chocolate Because of serious illness or are in need of organ such as heart  But the price beyond the capacity of family Do you leave the child to death Why That the world of tomorrow Has ideas Not owned by other...

Yes, I'm a terrorist ms Sarah  and John to escape from a creative ideas and solutions Through Accused of terrorism and the creation of ideas Black ideas That he created an economic crisis History repeats itself The world has witnessed an economic crisis of 1929 prompted major elements of violence

  Capitalist system The economic crisis began on Wall Street City

  New York on 24 October 1929 after a 19 million shares

  For sale in one go by speculation bringing supply than demand

  Fanahart value of the shares, P capitalists inability to pay debts

  P bankrupt banks and many industrial enterprises were closed down as deficit

  Peasants were forced to pay the debts of  

United States of America was forced to withdraw the cash-strapped 

  Investing abroad and stopped subsidies in some countries, the crisis has taken

  European industrial countries and linked by the European economy

  The crisis has spread to countries Fmst colonies all over the world, not

  Escape from the crisis of the Soviet Union only isolation from the world

  Pursuing a socialist capitalist system Banking institutions were damaged and collapsed agricultural production


  And industrial by lower prices and lower consumption P

  International trade, and spread misery and increasing numbers of unemployed

  Rural migration and proliferation.


  • Become the economic policy of industrialized countries combined

  Liberalism and state intervention to guide economic life and solve their problems

  The crisis has revived after the application of the colonial conflicts States

  The industrial policy of protectionism for the economy Was the reduction of the value of the currency to encourage exports, have been reduced


  Working hours with the freezing of prices and the implementation of the policy of self-sufficiency

  Some States have adopted the colonies to address the crisis and adopted

  Other military industries.


  • U.S. President Roosevelt adopted a «new plan» Year 1933

  In the face of crisis, where banks have been organized and control institutions

  Financial and support farmers with the reform of the industry relief

  Competition and minimum wage The economic crisis put an end to the prosperity of the capitalist economy

  Liberal prevailing since 19 century, and revived international conflicts, paving the

  The second world war Only remind you of history Policy and the economy Used by the country Leaves an impact on the rest of the world stop Lie And the creation of permanence hide the truth from the people...

What solutions Policy distortion 490billion U.S. dollars budget deficit next year and 9.5Tlerionat Public debt Where we walk...


It s People Did not find love Opportunity to prove itself Everyone has something Characteristic owned by other Because of selfishness and a lack of interest of the people Create robbers Because of the prevailing policy Why not ask for stealing To live with dignity And children being fed Kill others in order to live...Give solutions to this category After serving as part of the punishment Swaps as behavior To get a free and opportunity in this life Get a college degree through which it provides everything a new community Reconciliation Decade With oneself and others, environmental All the spirit of Wahda Yes, I'm a terrorist Gun Bomb change ...

Yes, I'm a terrorist...

yes savage im a terrorist Only because of the terrorist friend Outbreak Civil war Because In the case of winning the President Did you know that each of the people voted for me Obama Love from the heart to heart The love that united It is a victory For all kinds of racism On different creed, religion, color Your message Dissemination of love Guidance Tell the truth Lighting in the darkness Or you do not see 8years Last...

Yes, I'm a terrorist John and Sarah He said the ordinary Because the Represent the people

I'm sick and I need to change To heal...

I am poor and I need to change I forget to hunger and deprivation...

I am woman I need to change Get the rights to the best...

I am the child I need to change I know the taste of chocolate Open the book and stories I find Good victory...

I am a student I need to change So as not to lose For which future study An opportunity for me to find myself discovered...

I am soldier I need to change If fought for my country and honor not war False and unfair for me to the Geyer Conscience or cause suffering to me ...

I am the artist I need to change To expel grief And I am trying to spread Happiness and joy...

I media I need to change To spread the facts Without restrictions Or mislead and Free...

I'm retired I need to change I feel proud Because of new rights A new law Protects the right to live Dignity...

Im Jailed I need to change and love Because the new live Block and others to do what he did........................................

Holy Spirit

I'm People Life was very hard with And very difficult So far Because telling the truth Letter to life The right to say Peace prevails Many torment him My brother, my sister Do not want you Suffer or deny or savor the taste of life in harsh I am an example We pray all Despite the different religions And beliefs and colors Because We are one spirit God The one...

So that peace can prevail And spread love The spread right And enjoy the conscience Choose to be chosen obama  And we protect you

Until victory Love from the heart to heart....Amin

yes u .s.a yes change yes obama yes live

holy spirit

October 22, 2008
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I have a question for John Mccain, you say Barack Obama has a lot to do with the fannie mae and freddie mac going down by, you said that he recieved contributions from them, but if the lobbyist is in fault didn't you recieve $169.000 dollars from the lobbyist of fannie mae and freddie mac, another question if Barack is asking those making $250.000 to pay higher taxes which may or may not mean cutting the middle class taxes which mean that the government will benefit off of their higher taxes, and if you did a spending freeze, you keep the war in iraq going, you cut everyones taxes, you say that you want to drill now, and build a gas line, with the crisis that is going now, my question to you is how do you plan on paying for this? no to menchion you said that you will give families $5000 dollars for medicare, won't that caused you to raise taxes not to menchion, raise gas prices? and how long has Sarah Pallin been in government? and how many years does she have as far as energy and reform goes?

October 23, 2008
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So as all of you I am an American sitting here waiting for November 4th to roll around so I can go out and vote. I am just flat tired though of all the BULL CRAP I here from the Republicans, (ie. Sarah Palin, and John McCain).


As a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I can tell you John McCain could not lead us to victory in Iraq, he also can not take care of Vets that are return home. I don't give a dang about his record in Vietnam. Iraq is not Vietnam.


As a recent college graduate I can also say that John McCain can not fix the economy. His message at the beginning is that the economy is great, now it is a total 180.


What is it John? Sarah do you have any thoughts?


No, I didn't think so. I am tired of the same message from Conservatives and that is that Liberals like Barack and Joe Biden are not American.


That is bull, all bull! Joe Biden is a Patriot to this Country, a 35 year track record! His son and myself serve in the same organization, the Army National Guard, I trust him and his son Beau.


Barack Obama is not only a class act, but a true America. He built his success from the ground up. A loving Husband and father, in MY GENERATION! Being in his 40s I can relate to Barack and he can relate to my problems.


My 73 year old grandmother loves Barack. She says that McCain has no idea what he is doing or why he is running for president.


His Policies are wonderful ideas, and he is a man that will not only stand tall for you and me, but also for the ideas of this country. so Joe the Plumber, stop complaining, I will never make 250,000 a year, but I will damn sure work my butt off to make 100,000 a year and I believe that a tax break to me would be just fine.


The majority of Americans are barely scraping by, and you are complaining because of a tax bracket. Please go to war and then find out what you can and can't complain about.


I urge every one of you that are reading this, to go out, stand up and vote! Have your voice heard, and don't just vote because you are a republican or democrat, vote for who you truely in your minds and hearts believe will run this country the best way.


I will tell you though, I am voting Obama for all the right reasons. I want change in this country and for the last 8 years, we have not seen a change for the better only the worse.

October 24, 2008

I would like to invite you to a new forum called


Thank you


October 29, 2008
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just remember when ur in the voteing both mccain voted 90% of his time with bush so a vote for mccain is a vote for bush and yeah he will give u a tax break alright more like the muti millionair oil companys and the middel class want get no tax break i'm voteing Obama he is the right man for the job!

November 11, 2008
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                       JEFFERY HUMMEL

December 4, 2009
April 14, 2010
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April 13, 2011
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