Friday, October 24, 2008
Let's play Red, Blue and Purple


Feeling up for a patriotic challenge? Can you quantify your political philosophy as red, blue or purple? And can you do it in 48 hours or less?


We've got a fun challenge in store for you over the weekend: We want you to pick one of these three politically symbolic colors (interpret as you wish; we're looking at purple as a sort of middle ground) and take a picture or video of something that is the color you have chosen. Be sure to use a photo or video taken by you or someone you know.


In your video, or in the text part of your photo submission, tell us why you chose the color and how you decided what object to photograph or film. Examples could include a red bird, a blue car or a purple flower. Feel free to get creative with your photography or to design a neat image to send us. Use your imagination. Show us your true political colors on this assignment. If you don't feel that any of the three given colors represents you, tell us what you'd pick instead and why.


Whatever you decide, send us creative footage or images that demonstrate your political perspective as Election 2008 approaches.

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