Monday, November 10, 2008
'Jurassic Park' author turns science into art


Science fiction author Michael Crichton passed away as the drama of Election 2008 was unfolding, but several iReporters took the time to pay tribute to their favorite writer in the middle of the presidential bonanza. Best known for dreaming up the dinosaur dystopia of "Jurassic Park," Crichton is also known for creating "Sphere," "Congo," "Coma," "The Andromeda Strain" and many more fragments of popular culture. His books (and often, resulting films) explored the meaning, consequences and horrors of scientific advancement in an unprecedented way.


kcrichton08 is distantly related to the writer and says he was and is a "legend in the family." Frequent contributor BarbRad says she feels his interest in science inspired her to pursue science and mathematics. And jraptor looks forward to getting a Crichton book each year at Christmas. He doesn't know what he'll do this year. The self-described "dinosaur enthusiast" has a full collection of memorabilia gathered from the film version of Jurassic Park.


Krispherein has read several books by Crichton as well and considered a career in science, too, and has explored the consequences of global warming. "Mr. Crichton always had a beautiful way of taking complex and elaborate scientific material and interweaving them into the framework of a thoroughly enjoyable fictional story," Krispherein wrote.


So, in honor of this acclaimed author, comment below and tell us your thoughts on Crichton, science, dinosaurs and writing. If you have a story or tribute of your own that you want to upload, share your thoughts right here on

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