Thursday, November 13, 2008
Thoughts on Palin's responses?

We're always blown away when iReporters get to submit video questions for public figures and then have them answered. iReporters Svenchuck , DanMacMan and Plumstead got that opportunity Wednesday when Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared with Wolf Blitzer in CNN's "Situation Room." Check out this interactive video gallery showing their questions and video that includes Palin's responses. And here's a text transcript .


Just for fun, this time around, we checked back in after the fact to see how iReporters felt about the answers Palin gave. Plumstead, who asked about the future of Sen. Ted Stevens , said Palin might have been the slightest bit flustered over the question he asked. "It was pretty interesting to see her response to my question and the follow up about whether or not she would appoint herself. She started out by saying that she would not be egotistical enough to consider it but in the end would not "rule out any possibility" using the 'will of the Alaskan people' as her fuel. She looked a little nervous about it all."


Svenchuck said he was thrilled that his 8-year-old son got the chance to talk to CNN and that he got his question answered. He wasn't so sure about the answer he got to his inquiry, "Did God do the right thing?" "I assumed that when she agreed to take iReport questions she had staff monitoring your site to give her a heads up on possible questions. I'm sure she did, but she couldn't resist 'going rogue.' It was a yes-or-no question and she actually exceeded my expectations of religious blabber. Then again, maybe she was being nuanced."


DanMacMan asked about moderates' place in the evolving GOP, and said he felt dissatisfied with the answer he got. "I can't say that I was too impressed with Gov. Palin's answer to my question, or the fact that she didn't accept its premise. I think the results of past two election cycles have proven, at least in part, the shift of the Republican Party over the past eight years has had a negative impact. But I have come to expect such non-answers from the governor, and from politicians in general."


Frequent iReport video contributor chzman said Palin looked comfortable through most of the interview, only occasionally showing discomfort. He said he felt she handled the situation "admirably" and as well as she could have under the circumstances, adding, "I believe that she missed an opportunity to reach out to conservative thinkers on both sides of the political spectrum." He was particularly impressed with how she handled the question about Stevens. "I believe this question was handled professionally with an modest sense of not wanting to play dictator over the issue. But I sense that she would love to fire the arrogant crook."


WCNreporter said she wasn't prepared enough to perform well. "I think overall it helped me to understand Sarah Palin more, and just what she is all about. She probably should have agreed to do more interviews with the media before the election..that would have probably helped her credibility with the American people." Meanwhile, yorksnbeans is just sick of it all. "Yes, I watched, but it was just more of the same old Sarah that many of us want to just go away. My only advice on her is for CNN to let her go and get on with more important news of the day."


What do you think about Palin's performance? Comment below and tell us. Share your thoughts on Palin's future , or sound off with your thoughts on any topic you wish . But put your ideas together into a concise, thoughtful video and we're all ears.

November 13, 2008
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Sarah Palin performed slightly better than with Katie Curic but her responses still lacked depth and seemed scripted. She also tends to babble and go off on tangents. The impression you get is she thinks more is better. However, it really leaves you thinking she lacks knowledge on the subject matter. She also avoided several questions. Her mannerisms, winks and smiles might works at a PTA meeting but don't appear very professional. My thought is " How would Putin react when she winked at him?' Overall, she needs to go back to Alaska, try to be a good governor, study hard on issues before attempting to be a force in national politics.

November 13, 2008
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Who cares? In case you didn't know it, CNN, Palin LOST the election. She is a non issue now. No one cares what she does, except people from Alaska, and some of them wish she would just go away. Obama is the one planning and doing something. Palin's blathering and giving her usual non answers of political rhetorical BS is getting real old real quick. Her and McCain are still trying to stay in the limelight by appearing on TV shows and interviews as if they had won the election. Palin got her butt trounced butt good. (haha pun) Ignore her. I am a Canadian and I sure turn the channel when her lying blue eyes come on the screen.

November 13, 2008
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November 13, 2008
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November 13, 2008
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November 13, 2008
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Someone needs to drag this woman away from the cameras. She lacks the necessary intellect to run as VP or POTUS, and if she should attempt this in 2012, I will drop whatever I am doing in life and work for her opponent's campaign.

November 13, 2008
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Please stop  reporting about Palin.  As long as the media is still reporting anything about her, she is winning for her own cause.  Please stop watching anything about Pain, please stop reporting about Palin.  If the majority of the audience shows no interests in watching Palin, the media will stop!  So, let's all stop contributing to this madness with Palin.  Change channel when any station, CNN included, has stories about Palin, good or bad.

November 13, 2008
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Personally, Sarah---oh Sarah!!! you are like a big piece of rotten meat stuck in the back of my throat.I cannot get rid of it. IT stinks. My air is being cut off but you Sarah, like the ever-ready bunny, keep pounding on your drum,talking, talking, talking, without awareness of that which surrounds you. Go Home, take care of your special needs son, help your pregnant daughter,continue being a soccor mom with or without lipstic, and get back into your reality in Alaska.

As long as someone is sticking a microphone in front of Sarah's face--she will respond.The news media needs to stop this dysfunctional behavior. We have a lot MORE Important topics to discuss than re-living podium after podium.  Say Good-By Sarah.

November 13, 2008
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I must first confess I did not read the article, not a word.  However since we did not get a "gas holiday" during the primary, now that the real election is over so can we now get a "palin-holiday", PLEASE?

November 14, 2008
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You liberals just can't let it go, can you? I have never seen one individual woman create such furor in a group of backward thinking liberals. lol

November 14, 2008
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Long live Gov. Sarah Palin.

November 14, 2008
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If anyone thinks Palin just needs more time, you are seriously deluding yourself.  Palin is a joke, and a dangerous fear-mongering joke at best.  Anyone who answers the question, "What is your foreign policy experience?" with, "I can see Russia from my window!" should alarm any THINKING American.  Also, her not being able to name a single newspaper or magazine that she reads (when she says she reads "everything") is ASTONISHING.  By all means, I DO hope the NeoCons put her up for 2012. This will virtually guarantee another four years for the Obama administration.  I believe the longer Palin keeps flapping her sickening yapper the more the Republican Party (the party of hate and divisiveness) will be convinced that she needs to be muzzled...for the good of all.  We haven't heard the worst from her yet.

November 14, 2008
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We hope that Obama Nandi an example in choosing HILLARY as secretary of state, to give more space to women in politics.


by Tiziano Tescaro blogger in Italy

November 14, 2008
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November 14, 2008
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Doesn't Palin have anything to do as Governor of Alaska?  It would appear that she is more interested in staying in front the camera and promoting her folksy image then actually accomplishing anything for Alaska.  She could use all this media interest to try to promote Alaska business and tourist industries that are in desperate need of assistance.  Also there is a tremendous drug and spouse abuse problem in Alaska that she could be putting her focus on and all she seems to be interested in is keeping herself in the spotlight for her own self promotion.  I think we have heard "everything" that she has to say over and over and she just keeps spewing out and rehashing the same meaningless dribble that she did on the campaign trail.  In the meantime her popularity as Governor has become greatly diminished because the people of Alaska know that she is a self centered, self promoting media whore who has no interest in anything except her own self interest and personal agenda.

November 14, 2008

Ms. Palin still talking blah blah blah.  Stop!  Get back to Alaska for unfinished business or she will lead to impeach her!   Many people will lawsuit against Palin soon!  I dont think she will run for President in 2012. She is a moron jerk B--- lady!

November 14, 2008
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CNN:  I registered to ireport just to have the opportunity to say this to you:  for some crazy reason, you are obsessed with Sarah Palin but as you may have noticed MOST OF US ARE NOT! 

If I hear or see her name one more time on CNN I think will puke so please do me a favor, I am one of your fervent and loyal viewers, give up the Palin obsession.

November 14, 2008
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Somebody needs to tell this dumb chick that Cheerleading tryouts are over and you didn't make the squad. Please go home Sarah and leave us alone as we don't care about you anymore you sore loser.

November 14, 2008
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I am so sick of Silly Sarah....I wish she would just go away. She is not saying anything of substance,and acts as if she's still campaigning! Please let that sleeping dogs lie.

November 14, 2008
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I'm stunt on CNN and other media outlets trying to portrait Sarah Palin as an idiot.My Gosh!!

katie Couric should be appointed in Obama's cabinet .She made a such good job in making Palin looked as an stupid woman!Most pepople don't relize that Couric was folling an agenda:to help Obama's campaing.It is amaizing how many idiots call Palin unprepared for VP.Look at Couric approach to abortion,she asked her bout Roe v. Wade,and also implied a reference to Doe v. Bolton.

November 14, 2008
Click to view tata's profile

I'm confused about how asking a question about what you read and why you haven't taken an interest in traveling could be construed as "folling an agenda".  I understand being stuck for an answer but the answers she did give did not reflect the way most of the world is moving..i.e. global thinkers who know to get their info from different sources?  Why would we want a backwards thinking person in the white house?  People please think before you write

November 14, 2008
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Question: Why is the media still giving Sarah Palin airtime?

Answer: Because goofy, Jerry Lewis style comedy is good for ratings.

November 14, 2008
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Question: What do "Dubya", Sarah and the Scarecrow from Oz have in common? know the answer.

November 14, 2008
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Gee, CNN and their readers/viewers aren't biased at all are they?  Now Ayers added a new foward in his book he just rereleased - B. Obama a close family friend.  I think you Obama voters just soldout the country that was once known as America.

November 14, 2008
Click to view DavenCA's profile

Sarah's 15 minutes are up.  She needs to go back to AK and take care of her special needs (dysfunctional) family and stay out of politics. 

Joe the plumber is mercifully already fading from the limelight (until his upcoming DUI or stint in rehab)

November 14, 2008
Click to view fatwoman1949's profile

I will be so glad when I don't have to see Sarah Palin's face on the news!  I cannot understand how in this world that so many people think she will be a front runner for GOP Presidential candidate in 2012!  The woman is a ignorant as a sack of doorknobs!  Her "down home, folksy" talk is simply unacceptable for a VP or Presidential candidate.  She is totally uninformed on international politics (except for Russia and Canada! ha ha) and while she makes one speech about uniting the country, the other speeches are NEGATIVE....."Keep the Democrats in check", "Obama 'pals around' with domestic terrorists.....I could go on and on!  She does well when she is in front of hundreds being NEGATIVE, but we don't need anymore of that in this country now.  PLEASE, let us move forward and try to make this country great again.....without her in the news EVERYDAY.  I am getting tired of muting the t.v.!!!

November 14, 2008

Sarah Palin may have learned to speak quickly when working as a television sports reporter.  If so, she needs to unlearn that ability. Speaking in long, run-on sentences tends to cause people to drift off from listening to her, and gives the impression that she's doing a commercial rather than an interview.

November 14, 2008
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Sarah Palin who i was looking at Sarah Palin and she is still a floating cloud of talk ,

wow what a line of crap

November 14, 2008
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Lets move on. Sarah Palin has been treated very badly by the press and media. Enough is enough. What gives anyone the right to trash another person. You all should be ashamed of your selves.

November 14, 2008
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Gov. Palin is certainly qualified to be the President. For she alone is the candidate possessing the fundamental qualities essential for a leader to ascend to greatness. The following describes what the other candidates and the media lack.


+ Reporters' bias is overwhelming and it proves empirically you do not care about the tenets honored and followed by true journalists. Enjoy the present because your kind cannot endure the test of time. You and your ilk will vanish like all other people who build their lives on prevarications and sophistries. And, you will be judged evil imbibed with narcissism when your lack of character, of morality, and of integrity reveal your quintessence to those you have heretofore considered ignorant and malleable. Quashing the judgments will not eventuate because you and your associates constantly demonstrate the impoverished intellects so many of you harbor.


The cause for today’s state of affairs in the media rests with the schooling its participants acquire from kindergarten through college and graduate school. Given the complete failure of any among you understanding the Constitution, only learning revisionist history, and situational ethics governing behavior little wonder remains to explain your pitiful station in life. More simply stated you are schooled but not educated and critical thinking skills elude your mind altogether.

November 14, 2008
Click to view kladmin's profile

Hey tarovw--


Have I witnessed the rarest of political animals?  An intelligent Republican?  Maybe there is some hope for the GOP after all.  You yourself ought to consider running in 2012 because your vocabulary alone is clearly light years above the rest of the GOP!!!

November 14, 2008
Click to view TheTick's profile

Sarah the Flatlining Ideologue shouldn't be dog catcher!

If brains were dynamite, she wouldn't have enough to blow her nose. This arrogant, xenophobic, narrowminded, corrupt, intolerant, lying, reactionary, hypocritical, anti-intellectual tool represents everything that is wrong with her party, and politicians in general. Trying to be glib and folksy, she has been elevated far above her merits because she looks marginally better in a skirt than many far more worthy women, that actually have an understanding of the Constitution, ethics, history, geography, science, and the realities of a diverse and inter-related 21st century world. So  self-assured that God speaks to her, this delusional harpy would willingly hasten Armageddon in her psychotic zeal as a "holy warrior." She is truly frightening.

Haven't we had enough of this no-trick pony yet? Stop giving her the attention she so desperately craves!

November 14, 2008
Click to view AngelWisdom's profile

Sarah Palin, just a little recommendation from us.


Put down your bible down and leave it at home, then go on a WALK ABOUT of the World for about FIVE YEARS by yourself! 


Then come  back and tell us what your definition of the CREATOR IS!

November 15, 2008
Click to view jason34's profile

We need to make a distinction between someone we like as a person or who hold beliefs we respect and someone who has the qualifications to hold high office.  The two do not always go together.  I understand a lot of people like Gov. Palin, but liking someone has nothing to do with whether or not they are qualified to do a job.  Would you hire someone to fix your furnace if you liked them personally but when you asked them they said they did not know what a thermostat is?  The refrain is always "well, Obama doesn't have anymore experience than Gov. Palin."  That may be true, but experience is only one part of it; what about knowledge?  I voted for Mr. Obama because of his knowledge; if Gov. Palin had displayed a similar amount I would have considered voting for the GOP ticket.  This time around knowledge carried the day, because Obama-Biden have a lot more than McCain-Palin.

November 15, 2008
Click to view truthinpress's profile

Sarah Palin is awesome and was a great candidate. I am troubled by  CNN headline news had some jerk on there somehow bashing John Mccain for somehow pointing out the fact that Barack Obama is nothing more than a celebrity along the lines of Britnee and maddonna. I tried to apply a response to this and also just try to ad a comment anywhere on the net negative towards obama's abortion philosophy or any true comment about that unrepentent terrorist william ayers.Your freedom will be squelched,m during election i tried to post comment on youtube they delete it, i tried to tell the truth about obama'a partial abortion stance they banned me but yet post video's of moms and daughters making out this is wrong and Americans will not stand for this communistic control of our free speech. This is AMerica but obama team is and has been silencing Americans free speech. i doubt u will publish this. Only reason mccain lost is he made one mistake he went on  saturday night live with tina fey,right before election they saw him and tina or obama and biden, they chose the fake real team, obama is misdirection like wizard of oz, feys 30 rock  her show sucks bad i tried to watch 30 rock, cop rock was a ten compared to this crap. i also  tried to post yahoo music that bruce springsteen hadn't had a hit since 1986, cause you can't have free speech. they wouldn't post it.also i said obama has so many clinton appointees that it is not change at all. he's going to appoint george clinton someewheere . Did  you notice freebeerand hotwings morning show bash Palin daiily why obama said we have 47  states just  a miscue but then lies about palin and some african continent     or country is ran into the ground,this isn't america it is pathetic, Biden said jobs is 3 letter word it's pathetic the double standard lies that are going on and the communist control of the press

November 16, 2008
Click to view flozelle's profile

The choice of Sarah palin being V.P. is whats wrong with this country. these repubs don't have brains enough to understand that appealing to there base is not a virtue. because the rest of America don't give a hoot about that base. I'm glad they lost, and now to hear them express "shock" over the results is a joy to me. I'm shocked that they're shocked! they actually thought that America couldnt see threw this dumbfounded party that almost destroyed this country. personally I can careless about these "BUSH LOVING IDIOTS" now that they loss let them do what losers do and GET LOSS!

November 17, 2008
Click to view heatherrey's profile

If you are not outraged by what is going on in this country, then you are not paying attention. People are so easily swayed with words if they are what they want to hear.  Just remember, Hitler appealed to a wide variety of people with an effective and carefully rehearsed speaking style filled with what looked like absolute sincerity. He also gave great speeches that offered hope and peace.  He also wanted to change the world.  And he did.  We now have an untested, inexperienced Senator with no legislative or military record as our president.  You voted for change, which is a good thing since that will be all you have left after paying your taxes.  At least you can all stop blaming Bush now!!!

01/20/13...the end of an ERROR.

November 17, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

You want a comment from me on Palin?  I am still praying.  I cannot imagine her in any position at the moment in government.  When she lands on earth let us know?  She speaks and I see stars and her bells.  What happened to her?-she really does not have a clue and does not let anyone guide her through her "breakdown". Please pray for her-there is hope in the Lord.

November 17, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

Chinese?  I wish I could say it like that!  Palin is just too much to believe anytime.  She speaks and I get dizzywhat?  Did she think?  God!! Although I have strong belief in God's willshe is really off the cuff on this one.  God does not work in confusion or in a foolish manner.

November 17, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

Nothing has changed here.  She still has no clue.  She still is about self.  Does she believe that God ordained her personally for Alaska?  I felt sorry for McCain but, I really feel sorry for the people of Alaska.

November 17, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

What did you think she would say about Steven?  Really, think about it.  If one uses her authority on an issue of conflict in the workplace with an employee-she is not going to make waves with Stevens and she has no problem stepping in his shoes-ha!!

November 18, 2008
Click to view HappyCanuk's profile

I don't know about her performence in the past but

I am glad the both of them didn’t get in. I mean no disrespect but come on. Let’s not look over the obvious. 1. She is Gov. for 18 months and in that time she manages to get herself investigated on corruption charges 2. Her State Senetor was arrested. 3. I’m from Canada and we didn’t even know she existed and she lives in our backyard(Foreign Policy?)4. She states in her debate that “she wished the VP had more power” add that to the corruption charge and as for McCain I commend him for his bravery but do you really want a guy who was tortured for 5 yrs in charge of the red button!!!!!Revenge is sweet when your in the big chair. I think Americans and the rest of the world can let out a big sigh of relief cuz we really dodged a bullet there.  I think she should run for the hills with her $150,000 worth of clothes and never turn to politics again


P.S. I wanna give a big ole Shout Out to the Obama’s Congrats Mr. Pres-Elect.

November 29, 2008
Click to view Vandykins's profile

Sarah Palin is a smart woman...she is honest and forthcoming...she learns by her mistakes...I will vote for her in 2012

November 29, 2008
Click to view Vandykins's profile

Sarah Palin can't do any worse than Barrack Obama. He doesn't have any experience at all to be a president of the WORLD as he is implicating. We gonna change the world ??? What??

December 3, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

Heaven Help Us!!! She is back!  And can't you see it?  Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin?  Oh, what a team?  Hanging chads and turkeys beheaded-oh is that a picture? 


This lady is like going out on a date and by the time you even think about taking her home-you get drunk and pass out from boredom.

December 3, 2008
Click to view scar1's profile

And Georgia it is okay!  We understand some things just don't change without a "Civil War" cause you are stuck there.

January 9, 2009
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The People's FREE Independent Guest Book for

The 44th Inaugural Ceremony of

The President of the United States

January 12, 2009
Click to view GeorgeWFan's profile

Sarah for President in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 25, 2009
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