Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Thank you!

Last weekend, we asked iReporters to say "thank you" to someone or something in honor of Thanksgiving. We expected lots of thoughtful and touching submissions, but didn't predict how many of you would thank other iReporters and CNN! davidjw thanked CNN and gave a heartfelt shout out to several fellow iReporters. "It's been a wonderful ride, and I certainly have made a lot of good friends," he said. He acknowledged many iReporters, including sunethra, who also thanked CNN "for giving us this great Web site of friendly iReport people where I have found and made a lot of sincere friends." Those friends include iReporter and photographer JamesAmerson, who recently sent her a book of his photographs. "I feel like I'm getting my voice heard," said KyleHD. "Thank you for letting me express myself." OCGirl echoed his thoughts. "You've enabled so many people to have a voice," she said. We are so touched by all of these iReports, though you are certainly the ones that deserve thanks. Without you, wouldn't be the amazing site that it is. Thank you for your fantastic contributions and suggestions from across the United States and the world. This site has grown so much, and it's thanks to you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You all deserve it.

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