Friday, December 12, 2008
Second Life weekly assignments

Have you seen our iReports from the virtual world of Second Life? (Or the latest story CNN has put together about them?) We have several longtime contributors who have been giving us the skinny on the goings-on in Second Life since the inception of the hub that has grown to occupy its own island. The stories we've gotten have been as diverse as the people and avatars who have sent them. JaneyBracken has established herself, in particular, as a reporter with wide knowledge of SL and regularly contributes with friend and iReporter HibiscusH. We even got two great pieces of machinima, or machine cinema, recently from users krazykizza and isfullofcrap. One details a model of Shakespeare's Globe Theater while the other talks about a Holocaust museum in SL. Given the stunning and constantly evolving quality of these SL iReports, we want to take this assignment to the next level by focusing on a specific story topic each week. We'll start off now by asking for your stories of relationships of all sorts forged within the virtual confines of Second Life. Tell us how these connections have changed your life, both in SL and the "real world," if there is such a thing. We can't wait to hear your stories.

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December 13, 2008
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It is so good to see the press doing the job given them by our forefathers.Where were you guys when the fed Gov. was making $Billions in vanish into thin air as soon as it landed in Iraq? A year ago when over 1000 homes on the richest real estate in CA. burned to the ground , the insurance industry estimated that there was 1.5 billion in property loses.why then could we not rebuild even 1/2 of New Orleans with the $50+ billion from private donations and all the Billions of tax $s sent to rebuild? Where is all that $?!! It is not too late to make the Bush regime answer the trillion $ ?s. WHO TOOK THE MONEY AND WHERE IS IT NOW?

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