Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Santa's midlife crisis


Recently, I sat down and spoke with Mrs. Claus. She was in town for a home and garden show at the Georgia World Congress Center. During our interview, she revealed that she is "a little worried" about her husband, Santa Claus, after seeing his exploits on iReport.com and later on CNN. "I've never seen him act like this," she said. And to tell you the truth, I've been noticing the same thing. He's been everywhere, doing everything. iReport.com user canuck66 got some nice footage of Santa taking up skiing in Banff, Alberta, while surfervince and kqsurfkc spotted a surfing Santa in southern California. bbzimmerman has some photos of him Scuba diving. Sometimes Santa likes to get away and hang with the boys, as evidenced by his appearance at Santacon in San Francisco, California. He's even been spotted on the beach in Brazil, cavorting in Latvia, riding a rickshaw and driving a tractor. "He's not getting any younger," Mrs. Claus said. "I guess this is his way of coping with being the jolly old elf." He seems to be doing better than the Grinch, who stoncray last saw aiming his radar gun to catch speeders in Orlando, Florida. Where have you seen Santa Claus? Send us your photos and video of Father Christmas and holiday celebrations. DISCLAIMER: No promises about the existence of Mr. and Mrs. Claus -- or the lack thereof -- but this post is written in jest. That's not to say that Santa isn't having a midlife crisis, however.

UPDATE: Also making a lot of appearances on iReport in recent days: Santa's dogs!

December 19, 2008
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I have been trying to delete my I report account and all the videos that are on it. But there is no delte button.


what happened was, I actualy read the terms of use, and did you know Ireport can distribute your creations with out you knowledge and even make money from your creations with out even giving you credit?


so, How can I delete my videos?

how can I delete my account?

I have written Ireport hundreds of times asking to be deleted from theif dreadful piss poor website, but all I get are computer generated replies telling me about how great Ireport is..


what does a guy have to do do to get his account deleted and to retain back all of the ownership of the content that was posted on this crummy site?


I don't wish to flood Ireport with Porn videos, but if that's what it takes to have my account ended... I will resort to this..


I will post porn uo on every page possible till you suspend me, But what of my ownership of my films that I worked so hard to create. they do not belong to ireport and I do not agree to let ireport distribute them.


first will come the porn, then will come the law suits..


can any one help?

December 19, 2008
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You know my brother Marcus Harun. And I am his little brother. Speaking of Santa Clause, Hamden, CT just had its first snow storm of this year! I am only ten and I just made an i-report on the snowstorm. Please, if you have time you can see my video at: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-166087


December 19, 2008
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Hi bugsycline - I'm sorry you feel that way. Your iReports have been removed and if you'd like to close your account, you're welcome to do so.


Just so everyone knows: if you need help or have a question, send it to contact@ireport.com and we'll be sure to get back to you quickly.

December 21, 2008
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Go to my stories and comment and rate them please.


I would love to see all the other states do the same.  Ohio is the first state to have a bill passed to put emergency contact with our drivers license so if there is ever an accident law enforcement will no who to notify more quickly.  Please it is so very important for all moms and dads and others.  Wish it had already been in place when my son had his accident. 


Thank you so much and Merry Christms to all

December 25, 2008

Excuse me,

But, who's sleep at the helm over to the ireporters highlight page.   It's like they fall asleep on their selections - for 10 months now.


Ladies' Hood Journal

December 28, 2008
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Global Warming as some scientest believe it's farther along than we might think, who knows, but thurs. was in hi 50's here, day before snowed with ice, woke up saturday early to snow thunder storm, as some scientest say change will be gradual and weider, one reports say if along the worst happens upto 60% of crops could fail, if that happens continually upto 60% of worlds population could starve to death, as bush in previous years denied global warming as he deneied the warning few weeks before of a attack on 911...


Obama you gotta lot of house cleaning to do, you can always thank the unimpeached George W. Bush and American congress and senate between 2000-2006 for that......


PS reason Brits don't have the right to bear arms, well hell, they might install a true democracy... whats that.

December 28, 2008
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pssst, Yes, the spirit of Santa Claus is alive... yes christians are crazy, yes we try to love all, yes some are alive because it's agaisnt the law to kill them...


pssst those crazy christians and there values, better than pusher who sells dope, to buy bling,,,

January 12, 2009
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This comment may not get published but I just want to say something on Bush and his time and now his leaving.....

Bitches they come they go

Saturday to sunday monday

Monday to Sunday Yo!!!

December 6, 2009
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December 21, 2009
December 25, 2009
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May 28, 2010
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