Tuesday, December 30, 2008
A furry New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve is tomorrow night so that means it's time to crack out the champagne, funny hats and of course, the Alpacas! Well, at least iReporter Alpacaman includes Alpacas in his New Year's tradition. The Alpaca rancher from Lorida, Florida -- yes, it's a real town, I looked it up on a map -- marched his Alpacas down local streets last year, drawing huge crowds. The people there were even humming "Auld Lang Syne." The communities were so jazzed to see the llama-like creatures that they asked the furry parade to return this New Year's. And for all the football fans out there, you can catch the Alpacas at three college bowl games on New Year's Day. They'll be wearing jerseys to support their favorite teams -- the Alpacas, I mean. On the other side of the world in the Philippines, iReporter jvabellar says some people might be eating 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight. The hope is that the grapes will bring good luck and wealth for the next 12 months. Round, sweet fruits are meant to resemble coins for luck and prosperity. So, whether you'll be marching with Alpacas or eating grapes for good luck, we want to hear what your plans are for New Year's Eve. Will you be partying with friends or kissing your sweetheart? Send us your celebration plans. Team iReport wishes you all a happy New Year!

December 30, 2008
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December 31, 2008
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Don't know so much about the bubbly, but the beer does flow at the tailgate parties prior to each of the college bowl and the pro games.  When we arrive (the alpacas and I), we are instantly mobbed by hundreds of football fans inviting us to their parties...and wanting to get photos with the alpacas.  We have been treated like royalty at the events...and even during our New Year's Eve street walks...crowds flock around.  Single guys?  I highly recommend your investing in a couple alpacas...somehow, these cute fuzzballs attract beautiful women of all ages all the time.  We vistied "The Town of Murals" (Lake Placid, FL) to see the newest (43rd) mural, this being painted by muralist Courtney Canova, and got mobbed by locals and visitors. The Lake Placid Journal editor charged to the scene to "shoot us" before we left to tour Sebring, FL...where, the New Sun (newspaper) photographer caught us with another adoring crowd.  It's great to help celebrate the coming of what many hope is a much better year than 2008.

In a couple hours, we start our annual "alpaca walks" in Okeechobee, FL and will not stop until after Valentine's week in Jacksonville where we help entertain kids and others at the annual Florida Alpaca Breeders big weekend events.  From us to you, make 2009 very fine!!!

December 31, 2008
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Well thank you CNN, commentors, Team Ireport and the wonderful folks who showed up in Okeechobee, Lake Placid and Sebring during our ANNUAL ALPACA WALKs. It was fun and I am glad that the alpacas were so well behaved, even posing for photos it seems.   It really beats shooting guns into the air, eh?  Interestingly, in Lake Placid, we met families literally from all over the world in the parks this afternoon.  From Germany, Holland, France, Israel, Mexico, Australia, England, Peru, and Ireland.  Go figure!  We must include the good folks from Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and New York.  What a mix.  Happy New year to all.

January 1, 2009
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AlpacaMan, how wonderful that you do so much outreach with your alpacas. As an alpaca breeder for close to ten years, it amazes me that so many people have still never heard of an alpaca. Thanks for helping get the word out. I remember when I first learned about alpacas in 1998. There was so much to learn, but it was a relatively easy transition from a professional career as a Clinical Psychologist to raising these beautiful and gentle creatures. Our family has been blessed to have alpacas in our lives! You can read more about my life as an Alpaca Farmgirl on my blog.

December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
April 16, 2010
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