Wednesday, December 31, 2008
'The passing of an icon'

Eartha Kitt, the original singer of "Santa Baby" died on Christmas Day. Her six-decade career took her from an Orson Welles film to the 1960s "Batman" television series, and everywhere in between. iReporters such as davidjw remembered the singer and actress last week. Several iReporters actually met Kitt, such as staleyjim, who calls it "a day I will not forget." Kitt sat down with him as he was eating alone at a resort 30 years ago. staleyjim did not realize who she was at the time. "Later that evening, I went to the Bar at the Hotel for the evening entertainment and to my surprise there was the lady from lunch, up on stage singing." Kitt had a drink with him after the show. Msdbell met her backstage after a show in San Francisco at the age of 10. "Ms. Kitt was bubbly and effervescent during our visit. She spoke to us as if we were old family friends in that purrrrrrfectly sultry voice," she says. "I will always remember how down to earth and friendly Ms. Kitt was to us that day. She was humble, elegant, and extremely gracious. They don't make them like that anymore." RBMcGrath shared quite a moment with Kitt as he watched one of her performances on his birthday in the late 1970s: "During her show, while singing 'I Wanna be Evil' she slinked down the runway and in the middle of her song sat down on the stage in front of me and offered her foot, which I gently kissed. I took a ring off my finger and handed it up to her. She then waved her hand and abruptly stopped the orchestra. She looked at the ring, looked at me, and looked at the ring again. The entire audience fell silent as she glared at me. I was petrified. And then she growled, 'Too bad you can't afford me.' It was a wonderful moment that I will never forget." jgerard, who watched many of her performances in recent years and corresponded with her, sums up the feelings of other iReporters who were fans of Kitt: "Her music comforted me during the hardest of times; her drive motivated me to keep going; her activism was inspirational; and her appreciation and admiration toward her fans could only come from the classiest of women." Do you have an Eartha Kitt story? Share it with us here.

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