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Congratulations to yorksnbeans for making the one millionth comment on! You loyal commenters have come a long way since the early days of the site. Comments have added to some of the stories on in a big way, offering help and encouragement to other iReporters and oftentimes sparking thoughtful and passionate discussions. We've seen comments used in some compelling ways on the site. Just recently, commenters offered support and comfort to iReporters who shared their stories of losing a child. "Thank you all who have read this and those who have made comments," wrote EthansAngel. "We received so much love and support from people we didn't even know." Same-sex marriage and the passage of Proposition 8 in California elicited more comments than any other topic on A lively, lengthy debate ensued after iReporters watched protesters clashing at a clerk's office where same-sex couples were getting married, and a gay-rights demonstration outside a Mormon Temple in Los Angeles. As natural disasters struck, iReporters in affected areas were there to share their experiences. When gas shortages hit Georgia last year, iReporters commented on their progress (or lack thereof) in finding gasoline anywhere. And during and after the election, iReporters formed strong friendships through comments, and some people who didn’t always agree on politics found common ground. These are just a few examples of the many great ways comments have contributed to Here's to the next million!

January 8, 2009
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Wow, I'm honored! What do I win??

January 8, 2009
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indeed, yorksnbeans should be made a national hero!

January 8, 2009
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ra-ra-ra! goooooo Ireport!

January 8, 2009

Great job!

January 8, 2009

I hope CNN sends you a gift card or something!

January 8, 2009
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ok, hhanks. why no "cnn" on my post about this monumental event?

c'mon, isn't this newsworthy cnn????

January 8, 2009
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yorknbeans, lillyminn suggests a tiara. I like the idea of the "cnn" logo on it. What d'ya think?

January 8, 2009
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I've always wanted to wear a tiara and wave my hand to the crowds of admirers!  But, it has to have diamonds (ok, I'll settle for rhinestones) that twinkle in the spotlights.

January 8, 2009
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Oh, and how could I forget, I would need to be holding a bouquet of long-stemmed roses.

January 8, 2009
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Wow - I had not even SEEN this part of ireport - behind the eight ball, I guess! I just hope that yorksnbeans knows the proper princess wave that needs to be used whilst wearing the tiara and holding the roses - that would be the ever popular "fingers together" side to side action - she had best practice...

January 8, 2009

Congratulations for stimulating much thought

January 8, 2009


January 8, 2009
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lol lilly! she's prolly practicing right now!

January 8, 2009
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Hi and congratulation to yorksnbeans. I-Report is a lot of fun and educational at the same time.

Charmaine, Greenlawn,NY

January 9, 2009

It was suppose to be me....this is just not fair. JK Congrats...are you rich now?

January 9, 2009
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CONGRATULATIONS yorksnbeans and thanks for posting comments on my stories.  What a milestone you reached 1,000,000 comments WOW!!!!!!!

January 9, 2009
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italco, don't worry, there will be more milestones. You could be the one millionth poster. But you got to get to work now!

January 9, 2009
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jealously, jealously, it's not a very nice attribute, italco. Please be happy for my 1 minute of fame, for that is all I received for such a marvelous feat.

January 9, 2009
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oh beans, you crack me up! We've got to get u another minute. You certainly deserve it for all your dedication to ireports.

January 9, 2009
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lilly - don't fret, I've been working on that wave all my life.

January 9, 2009
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This iReport is real neat! Has to do with Freedom of Speech! And the Press being the watch dog for the People! WOOF WOOF WOOF! Thanks CNN for allowing us to share our views! However those comment writers that say I don't know what I am talking about just tee me off! Yet that has to do with Freedom of speech also! WOOF!

January 9, 2009
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The People's FREE Independent Online Guest Book

Open thru Black History Month 2009

January 9, 2009
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Congratulations yourksnbeans....

January 11, 2009
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Dimmit, love your woofs!

January 12, 2009
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The Military is giving citizens of other nations a reason to attack our land, they are just looking for a reason to continue this war, military expansion, defense spending, out of your tax dollars not the corporate lobbyist, not American Govt, not Europe though they claim we have been attacked?




our nation has been attacked? are these people for real? have they been given psychological test? how has our nation been attacked? when? the average Canadian pays for their involvement yet cannot easily go to America and work to support their children and your willing to die for them? willing to die for other nations ? we have serious problem in our country.





Dead soldiers, injured soldiers, it contributes to the accumulation of debt, to our nationalism deficit, what exactly are we gaining from our presence in Afghanistan? If they wanted to attack us would have long time ago. The question remains who is watching to make sure there is not a state sponsor terrorist act in Canada?





The military claims our nation has been attacked, clearly they do not know where they live, what countries benefits they are joining, there commitment to other nations then our self our own citizens our own views as citizens our own land.





They are traitors to this land, the families of the military that live in America but enjoy our free medical, regulations that federal Govt has not put in place, prosecuted those that we all have to pay for, everything from prescription pills to medical treatment. We are paying for it, middle class and poor who cannot enjoy the American life already being taxed to death are paying for these individuals, on one hand they are fighting for another nations cause on the other their families living there enjoy our benefit we are being jibed. .








If there are illegal brutish, French and Americans living in Canada enjoying our educational system and free medical our federal government are not and have not been doing their job, what the hell are we paying them for?





Our Military, should take naturalized citizens unless they have contributed at least two years in Canada, have lived in Canada for at least five years before they could join the military or else your just handing out citizenships to anyone willing to go to Afghanistan.





Overall it does not matter who our military are where they come from, It really does not matter as much the safety of our land and our citizens world wide, have been going overseas since the late 80's and this is the first time in history where Canadian are looked upon as enemies, hated, being targeted and treated as if we are Americans, British or Israelites.





Canada is our nation, our nation has not been attacked, the Military of Canada are currently setting up our land, our nation, our country for a future attack. By putting fear in the mind of the people, intimidation and disassociating our populous that want to question the war.





The Military are abusing the rights our country provides to it's citizens, Making our nation a target, giving our citizens around the world a bad name, whom have nothing to do with war,





The loyalties of our Military, the portion of the Governess which supports them and those families linked to our Military are not for the betterment of our country nor are they working for the interest of our nation as a whole.





When you have an organized group or franchise that we pay for we want to know if they are ex Israeli fighter pilots killing people on our behalf, if the setup of the Candida air force happens to be ex Zionist from Israel that would our Govt has put in place bunch of aerial Sharon in charge of our equipment.





This preemptive thinking, judging others before the fact, is a ruthless approach, a spoiled argument by our Govt. They are free loaders, making us pay for their training and assault onto other nations by jumping on the bandwagon for other nations and taking part in a war that is not in the best interest of our country nor our citizens abroad nor our business relations to the world and our stand as a country, we had been known for being appreciated rather then targeted by foreigners.





Will not pay for their funeral, the can leave this land to go fight but does not we will support them. They better of retring in Ammerica like former prime minister malroni.





The Average Canadian cannot work in America unless he or she is highly educated, has put money in to their educational system or is currently employing their citizens. The military work for the cooperate sponsors and lobbyist, other nations and NOT the poor, the middle class, the average Canadian all while making you pay for their expenses regardless of who they are and where they come from.





F the Govt that supported this war and the families of the military and the military itself, may they all go to hell and burn forever, get those nations they are willing to die for such as Israel and others to pay for their funeral expenses their injuries, their retirement because we will not give in to intimidation, or be targeted by these people with in our own country.





Had this been America would have stayed quite but this is our homeland, these people are barking up the wrong tree and they will be prosecuted. unless you get all of us jobs in America paying less for food, clothes, insurance making more per hour even if you work at a departmental store such as Walmart compared to Walmarts out here, paying less tax as compared to Canada and spending less on transportation since everything is easily accessible by trains, buss and other forms of forms of transportation.





Lowering oil consumption, since everything is close by it is not spread out like Canada, where people have drive long distances to get to work, but so long as we are stuck here you will read this, we will make noise and put our Government to check even if it means becoming our Government and deporting your families out of this land whom enjoying our free medical our education our rights as citizens.





For all Canadian stuck in America ducking and hiding living in fear, it is not income base that makes these females feel you insecure it is your status in that country, the fear that is in your head because it is a federal crime to work their live there and enjoy their resources which they have limited us to do so, Mexicans have more rights in America then Canadians so stop playing the pet, come back and live with out fear get Government jobs and get even.





We have mixed loyalties to Israel, England, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and America and the day those nations give the go ahead these people begin our own citizens even our own nationals will target this place, many Government employees are f in their head, do not realize this is their heritage now, this is their civilization, this is their home land and their biggest mistake is to think we do not want checks and balances in our Government.





We want civilians that will prosecute Military men, watch all our branches of our Government to make sure they are not siding with other nations over ours, to make sure there is no leak of information.





God bless Canada, the second largest country on earth and the most respected country in the western hemisphere, let us all maintain that.









Canadian Military








Message to the military- you are not well trained as other nations, you will be made an example of, it is better for all you to come back as soon as possible,before there is any more bloodshed on all sides.





Civilian causalities and our troops, understand that your role as a Canadian soldier is not a fighting marine or a killer, the role of a Canadian soldier is like an crusader, a peace keeper and a diplomat, your job is not to make enemies for our nation by behaving like cow boys, it is in the best interest of our country that you stop your actions immediately, and pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq.





To ensure a safer future with out any hatred towards our flag our land or our people in Canada and around the world, whether they be Government or civilian. Your role is strictly to provide medical support to other troops and maintain diplomatic relation with all Afghans including those you are supposedly fighting, a Canadian soldier does not have friends or enemies.





Your job is not to create enemies for Canada, the future of this country is at stake, we want to be known as peace keepers those that provide medical support, water, shelter and construction to all. the question remains what have you built in Afghanistan with our tax dollars? how have you benefited Afghanistan and ultimately how have you benefited Canada in the eyes of every Afghanistan? that is the purpose of our military, not how we are perceived by our allies, we have done our job by talking part getting involved but we cannot direct our soldiers to kill anyone or have civilian casualties, or would want our soldiers to become victims of friendly fire.








If you rather go over the border to another nation and join their cause you are more then welcome to just we cannot afford this war, it is not fair for the average tax payer to have you as major burden to our economy, as far as the Afghan economy we all know what you are up to, nothing is flown in or out of Afghanistan with out a Military presence, all we need is a video tape of opium and the presence of a military personal but the fact remains Afghans themselves want you there for it is a boost to their economy.





Even Pakistan has this notion of creating a situation by where they will be invaded in the near future, because as you can see train stations built by the British are still in operation, that was prior to Pakistan being built as compared to many stations in need of reconstruction which were built after that country found it's independence.





Afghanistan is not Urban warfare, it takes days, for travelers to pass and weeks in some cases, therefor this cannot become a Canadian debt if Europe or America is willing pick up the tab of our soldier's involvement being part of NATO then they have the right to be bought or sold, we know the war is with in not outside our borders, it is a waste of time, waste of public fund and a major debt that is accumulated over time, the financial support for a Canadian military ends right now, we have exhausted our budget, we have no choice but to pull our troops out of Afghanistan.













Under a religion one may have to make a pilgrimage to the wholly land, under nationality one owes something to the land where he is born, it is not nationalism or patriotism when religion, race or creed is not the objective, would want the Military to understand that though they are from a different race and religion we are all Canadians, you have to prove to us all that we do owe our land a battle. We ultimately need to be able to trust each other.





This land will not succeed in the world, we will forever have distrust with in our population, you have to let go of you loyalties to Europe Russia and Israel if you truly are a Canadian, we need to let go of Arabia or Asia and India. Knowing how Canadian mostly die from friendly fire then opposition and the fact even we are looked upon as outsiders in the east, no matter what religion or race we come from, we are to them westerners and you to Europe, Russia and America are foreigners.





You do not have to use Canada to push your Christian, Jewish or atheist ideologies and we should not push our Islamic ideas onto anyone. It should be the right of a civilian to be whom ever he or she wishes to be in our society the minute you differentiate people with in you have major problem not for the short term but for the future of this land.





You cannot cannot live in other nations with out the hastle of immigration, the average citizen of Canada cannot easily work in America, we have no direct access to South America, Europe and Middle East, Russia will never accept us as them in their land, we are Canadians. Other nations are benefiting from our involvement in the War, we really do not gain anything but mistrust with in, hatred by civilians across the world and our main purpose of a society is to grow to become a well populated nation, we are either the largest or second largest land mas of this earth as a country, some of us were born in the largest city on earth, The snow is pure, the air and water is clean, why are we doing all this? Canadians rule Canada not outsiders not by religion, race, allies, communion or any other kind of relationship, we have to do what is best in the interest of our land before we can think about our neighbors, for ever action there is a reaction, we have not been attacked, not because your involvement because people of the world love our country, do not make enemies on our behalf, your land of value should be Canada not any other nation on earth.





Our Canadian have taken upon themselves how this relationship between Canada and other countries around the world, it send the wrong message, it is prejudice and racist, those in command all the way down to those whom join, those that are given the option, opportunity to join our Military. As of now yon may not understand WW I,WW II, you may countries such as Portugal and others part our Military but a day may come when we have to fight Europe, Russia or Israel that day those you have excluded as of right now will not support you later on.






Deficit according to our population, the number of people living in our country, Job loss compared to the our population not comparing to 293 million people of the states. We do not have 293 million people in Canada.





Government structure, to simplify all of it's departments, sectors and expenditures, it will help to lower our taxes.


Our deficit is an accumulated debt from many generations, it will take time as population grows to lower our debt not to tax this generation to death.





If a man can only buy $87 worth of grocery but has to pay $100, he will get less then what he needs, a necessity, versus the rich who do not suffer from higher taxes.





The average person should be able to save therefor being able to buy more, a person will spend $100 regardless now either he gets more of the products or less due to taxes. Buying more good boost the economy, people will spend regardless it just how much do they get out of it and how much the Govt with holds.


Manufacturing companies sell more then usual, it helps out allot of people except those in the Govt, the rich society who feel lowering our national debt is the responsibility of the middle and the poor.





when only those making hundred and fifty thousands dollars per year or more should get taxed while the public on the average should not pay more then what Americans have to pay. Bad enough we do not have sizable population and these taxes in Canada are made to make rich richer and the poor poorer, it will be difficult from them to reach the middle class and for middle to reach to the level of being rich, it is monopoly that has exhausted it's power and the people of Canada are bringing the war to Ottawa and the provinces where our Govt officials live rather then where we the people are directed to go in order to have a conversation with our Govt officials.





If they do not cut the tax in half we will push for less Government jobs, less spending, this will become a problem for our officials because we want regional instead of towns or districts, the breaking up of responsibilities, those whom represent us, getting rid the no need to have positions with in our Govt, waste of public funds.





Military contributes to our national deficit, getting rid of our Military expansion is much better then taxing every single Canadian living in Canada, it is outrageous to think a case was presented to the people and people felt threatened and fell for the ideas of military involvement not thinking about the defense related expenses, bottom line we have never been attack on our soil, the minute you start raising other flags we have a major problem in our Government and people.





There may be a division later between Quebec and Ontario, would support the French having independence for am disgusted by the people's approval and involvement in some one Else's land over our neighbors whom are not to be hated or disrespected but disapproved, you must understand our citizens surly can visit but cannot work in that country, our people really do not benefit by getting involved in a war if any kind, it should not effect our Business relations.





Feels as if our Government officials are working for others and that becomes an issue. We then begin to separate with in and it is the Job of the Govt and the People to make clear where they stand when it comes to war do not blame each other or say the prime minister did it, that is a cop out, it is clearly the people that voted for the involvement of the War.





If our citizens were paid by other nations and their laibilites were covered by other nations then ours, this patriotism many of our citizens have towards other nations of this earth, would be valid, but to pay for dead or wounded soldiers, it is becoming a liability.





You are covered as a citizen living in Canada why else did they come up with medical identification with an expiration date to any Canadian born citizen that is a slap on the face, the Govt has nerves don't really know if it was a strike or what ever hell with those people that created medical Id's, If the case was Americans coming into our country enjoying our free medical treatment, then prosecute not hold your own hostage, major disrespect to the people and some of us kept the old red cards instead falling for the Government trick of getting registered for medical identification.


Military soldiers, Salaries and retirement are a deficit of its own, to the rest of us we get nothing out of it, not security, only hated on by world population over our involvement, our citizens are begin targeted overseas not to mention what might happen to our land now since Canadian soldiers have killed people, it may follow us back to our land, due to our Military most likely made up of hicks of some village town suburb of Canada.





If indeed we were attacked by planes this would have made sense but to scrutinize your own civilians, own population, own Country to benefit others all while your citizens pay for it, becoming a liability, Contributing to the national deficit not excluding high taxes it equals to a revolt by the people towards the Government of any given country.

January 14, 2009
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I'm so happy to see Ali Velshi talking to the people, and when the younger generation gets involved it is such an added bonus. The only way to fix the economy in due time is to listen to the voices that will be inheriting it. For so long it was a child was to be seen and not heard and it is this that made our younger generations feel their life never mattered to the 'adults'. Adults what are they, ones that make the 'we know best' decisions. I've met teens and early 20ish with ideas and attitudes more adult then many of the baby boomers but like the ones running the show would say, sit down be quiet, listen and learn. Sure we listened and learned we made a huge mistake over the last 20-30 years and longer. I think there was a learning experience after the depression but all got lost and so did the young vibrant ideas.


Kudos Ali and CNN, you teach, you learn, you listen, you care.

January 14, 2009
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Congratulations first of all!

Why can't I read my comments on "My Stuff"! It was working yesterday and is not working today? Does anyone know what to do?

January 18, 2009
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Many American Military, friends and family await this momentous Presidential Inauguration.  While with pride we will serve, have served, supported and will continue to serve OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF we only ask that you do not forget those who fought in past wars and now in the most recent of conflicts.


My son has spent the majority of his military career in Iraq and Afghanistan and has experienced and seen far more than most will see or read about in their lifetime. He, by the Grace of God will return home with in the next few months and has a tremendous family and host of friends waiting for him as some of our soldiers have.  Our soldiers and families need your support even when they return. Some are the physically Wounded Warriors, others Wounded Warriors because all who are in battle are wounded in one way or another. We must be prepared to assist those who now must come to grips with our current economic situations and the impact that it has had on them while they have been away defending and fighting for us as well.


It is critical that while changes are being made that at no point is it allowed to be ones that endanger those still in the zones of conflict. It is also imperative while Guantanamo Bay may not be what it could have been that something else is ready to be implemented well before drastic measures are taken.


In a moments notice soldiers and their families serve and without hesitation.  Those who now can not be with us during this time must be commemorated by the acknowledgment of thousands of missions and objectives accomplished.  The place we call home, the USA is safe because of THEM.  How proud we are as a people, a country that our next president is President Elect Barack Obama and what it means to all of us here and across the world.  When one of us falls we have been taught to pick him up. We leave no one behind and that is what we believe will be a part of this new administration.  The rich will not be the only ones to prosper but all of us and none of us will be forgotten. Now it is clear we make no judgment of a man because of his color and that old baggage to keep us divided is coming to an end which it should.  We are being united as one as we fight as one and We Are the United States of America.


While we live and die on the battle fields together it is now evident the mirror reflects not just one race of equality but the melting pot of all who have and do call themselves Americans.  What we see now is we are no less and no greater than the next. We are one.  No one is better now simply because of their race or skin color. It is all beautiful in the eyes of whom and whatever you call the most high.  We in our family go from God, to Jehovah, to Allah but by whatever name the source separates us not by color but by actions, our ability to forgive and to be forgiven.  What a Beautiful Country and World we live in as we take the time to see it and live it. What a start to a brand new beginning even though the road will be long and tumultuous we as American people can do it and the President elect must know he does not have to do it alone.  We are with him.

January 20, 2009
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congratulations for everyone.


please podrian dejar ver la gala del Oeste. podriamos ver el concierto de Marc Anthonyyyyy  pls..


thank you!!

January 20, 2009
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Queridos amigos de CNN, por favor podrian pasar un poco del concierto de Marc Anthony pls....



January 21, 2009
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Posted By: Charisse E. Farr (1/21/2009)


Comment: What a time to be in the presence of history in the making. Never has America been so great as we were today. America can now begin to heal. Not that we have changed the face of America, but on this day we brought to fruition that which the was the dream of the Pilgrims, when they left England. We have brought to fruition the dreams of our Founding Fathers. We can now begin to wash the blood from our bayonets of the Red Coats and the Blue Coats, from the Slaves who stripes can be healed. How happy they must be to see that the binds of slavery will never again be the yoke of their generations. We as a Nation stand atop the Mountian, and no Martin, Malcom, Robert, John, Abe Medgar, Emmit and those who gave their lives justly or not have not been in vain. God Blessed America

February 5, 2009
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comments make the world go round

December 21, 2009
March 17, 2010
April 17, 2010
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