Friday, January 09, 2009
Going head-to-head with Ali Velshi


Would you go head-to-head with CNN's top economic expert on an economic stimulus plan? How about live on the air? Fearless iReport superstar Zennie Abraham did. After submitting an iReport suggesting a taxpayer stimulus package, he discussed his plan with CNN chief business correspondent Ali Velshi on Velshi said the plan -- which calls for a $3,500 stimulus check to those making less than $100,000 a year -- was not targeted enough to work. But Zennie courageously defended his idea. "I disagree, with all due respect," he said to Velshi. "$3,500, particularly for college students or their parents, can help pay for their housing. For a person who's older, that could help pay their mortgage. ... You have to have time for the other aspects of President Obama's programs to work. The idea with this proposal is to buy time for those programs to kick in. I'm not saying that this is a cure-all. It works as part of a package." And, after hearing the explanation, Velshi started to agree. "In that context, I can understand that. If we are creating jobs, and we are helping people out with their mortgages, as an added extra, that could work," he said. Nicely done, Zennie! You really held your own. What do you think about the country's fiscal future? Do you think President-elect Obama can help fix the economy? Put yourself on video like Zennie did and upload your thoughts.

January 9, 2009
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Does the media really want any stories of economic success and about how our politicians help ordinary people or do they just want the bad news? Years ago congressman Jessie Helms gave me an opportunity. I quit school in the ninth grade, I was in and out of jail, and had a serious drug problem. To make matters worse I was involved in a car accident that left me permanently disabled. I now own my own business and employ 9 people. My annual income is in the top ninety percent of Americans. After being on disability for over four years I made a four hour drive to Congressman Helms home, knocked on his door at 8:00 on a Sunday night and asked him for help and he came to my aid. He had never met me but he pulled some strings and got me the help I needed. Recently I wrote and published 2 books. Not bad for a disabled school dropout. Our politicians may make mistakes but they truly try to help every citizen even the ones who have made terrible mistakes.Our country was built on people who overcome hardships I fear we are becoming a country of people looking for a bialout and a hand out instead of a hand up.

January 9, 2009
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January 9, 2009
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I think the current admistration has sent us to hell in a hand basket!! Now we have to help the new in coming  president as much as we can its not gonna be easy!! we have never seen times like this!! Dems are starting to goan and moan already we are going to have to spend to get out of this mess!!  I think its gonna get worse before it gets better!! Homeless; Jobless, god help us all!! Stop the forecloseure !! then maybe we can start to mend!!!!!!!!!

January 10, 2009
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great way to stick to your guns and get ali to at least partially validate your idea in the end zennie. but i have to agree with ali about the lack of a target. As i expressed on your post, the people in my town will go to walmart and buy cheap chinese goods. tv's, ipods, etc, How is that going to benefit anyone but China and Walmart?

January 10, 2009
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Ali, everything I hear and read is save, save, save. Well, how in the world are you going to make saving money look good when the interest rate on passbook savings is about .75%? When I was a kid, the interest rate on my savings account was 5%. I called my bank and asked why there was such a difference. They couldn't give me ANY logical answer, especially given the fact that back in the '70s banks didn't have the "cash cow" of high interest rates on credit cards, $40.00 a pop for an overdraft, etc. No one who is young and in their right mind is going to be inclined to "save to save the country" when there is NO incentive.

January 10, 2009
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A wisdom from what ancient wise humans, named "Tao". A wisdom that was; before words; and thus; before all Human Errors!


Tao helps people lose everything they know, everything they desire that causes confusion; among those who think that they know.

January 11, 2009
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Question For Ali Velshi...I am totaly on Zennie's side, in this economic discussion. What do you think, about what I have to say Ali Velshi(again)?? There absolutely needs  Now to be Demand Side Economics. I sent you a proposal Ali, did you ever get it ??

  I don't want any tax cuts, or a $1000 stimulous check. I want a stimulus package for each and every taxpayer.  This is an outrageously critical time, and requires an Enormous Ecomnomic Response from this government. They should take $1 billion of that $14 billion dollars from the Auto Bail-out, and give that back directly, in real cash divided among all taxpayers. One million dollars to each head of Household with children under thirty years, and 1/2 million dollars to each single person over age of thirty. 1/4 of a million to each foreign documented worker and each US Congressmen (b/c of poor oversight). Then 10% of $250,000 to excons and non-taxpayers. This total would be less than 1/2 a Billion dollars.  We only have 480 million adults, or so in this  country. All these funds Should Be Subject, to two enforced stipulations :

1) to put 50% of our giftback (ourselves) into safe investments, Roth IRAs, T-Bills and Municipal Bonds etc. forour own individual future retirement accts.(Social Security). 

2) to pay a

15 % one time flat tax to our respective State Budgets or IRS accts. The US Congress should guarantee this package, in this Very Next Stimulous Plan, in January 2009! Please someone call B.Obama, ASAP !! To explain this plan. I can't find his E-mail address, or the blackberry #.  Tell him please...all the benefits.

   This positive move will Benefit the entire economy from the bottom-up. It will help families struggling with medical bills, student loans, college expenses, small and large businesses failing, the Travel Industry in general, all the military families, Social Security failings, those others struggling with massive debts and foreclosures, affecting suicide rates, and the crime and murder rates. Americans could once again give tips to their service workers, waiters, caregivers and gardeners and can feel good about it and hire more! Our moral will improve.

   This will have a positive affect for many others globally, having a far reaching effect. It will support all of us, as we move toward Green Technology's and allow us to individually invest in new and emerging companies for the betterment of the environment. Some of us can not afford our utilitiy bills or to heat our homes, or buy pollution free vehicles, or feed the kids well.


We were not compensated at all, when in scandal after scandal: NRON, PG&E and morgage companies.. raised the rates, absconded with retirement monies, and used unfair tactics against us. These crooks are not accountable or being prosecuted to make fair financial compensation to all affected recently, or in the recent past. They did these things, knowing these white-collar crimes are minimally prosecuted.

   Among other benefits, we will be able to give funds to our churches, charities both at home and aboard,  to better education, fight pandemics, and support women and children in Africa and elsewhere.

   The Total Bail-out plan, stated above, would be less than 1/2 a Billion Dollars !! The other half billion could be given directly to the care of foster children and public schools in lowest economic areas.

   To forgive the horrendous sins of the Geo.Bush & Crony Administration, and to move foreward and feel empowered the American people need to be justly and truly compensated, one time... (like in a Class Action Suit).

   There needs to be minimal bureaucratic meddling. Get two independent federal judges and one Congressman, like Dennis Kucinich,  to work on distribution of this One Billion Dollars ASAP to stimulate the entire US economy. We, the true Americans, will not foolishly spend this opportunity away. The funds won't go missing  and unaccountable like 1/2 of the TARP funds this month.

Mr. Henry Paulson, Secretary Of the Treasury needs to be Fired and Prosecuted!  We need to make things right; but as you know, there is not enough time to prosecute them all and we need to move foreward. There are too many criminals and too many crimes committed by Bush and Cheney, and all the lackeys that didn't do their jobs. No oversight and no regulation in our famous free-market allowed laws that favored bankers, investment houses and commercial banks. Now we will be in 5-8 trillion debt for our chilren, and the country of China may move in and Take-Over all our banks and real estate. The benefits in this fiscal plan stated above would go along long way to alliviate stressors,

confusion,  mistrust and anger out in the neighborhoods, cities, the fabric of our unique Democrarcy. 

   We only have to triple efforts againt liberal immigration, border violations and the black market illegal drug trade.

   If anyone can, "please pick up this idea and fax it" or download it to those people that can truly make a difference, and assist Mr.Obama in his decisions....people like Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner of the New York Times, and Howard Fineman of MSNBC, as well as Larry Summers, and Dean Baker of the Economic Policy Center. The problem is,  this is a very wordy problem, and a very Big Elephant...which is seen only from each person's miroscopic perspective. Please, I hope someone can pick this up and run with this. I have mailed it to 25 various Congressmen, talk show folks and Bill Moyers of PBS in the past two weeks, but I have not gotten one word at all, in response. This idea is exaggerated for the sack of discussion, but is not that wacked, or stupid. It's facetious, but serious!

   Okay. Ali Velshi, could you or one of your staff persons please respond, with some feedback? Could you explain, why something practical like this can not be considered? Why does it take so much effort to bring things to the attention of policy makers? Barack Obama just said they were going to put everything out on the table this week, and start to remedy our economic mess, by planning a stimulous package. It is Urgent! Can you please help communicate these ideas to the President Elect thru intermediaries?  "Thank You again"...for reading this Mr. Velshi.  So far a one month project, by myself since the beginning of December. "Alex"

January 11, 2009

This economy is really taking a toll on everyone-including my family and I. It almost seems surreal. The more I hear about greed and corruption it makes me wonder if good people even exist anymore. It's as if we have become a society where people are only out for themselves.

January 11, 2009
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I saw an I-Report about getting money from a bank while paying 1940 prices for gas


Mr Velshi Why haven't you done a segment on this


I bought the info and it works


I googled


"Pay 1940 frices for gas Impossible No Money From Bank" and it came up in the top of the seach returns


I think it would do you ( and all those who rely on you for advice ) well to look into this

January 12, 2009
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We have become complacent about our country and children.  We have not saved when we could.  We wanted the big toys and that includes cellphones!  People having children they can't send to college is a disgrace.  Take your responsiblities seriously!

January 12, 2009
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I would like to give Bush a painting as a going away gift. It would show he and Cheney standing on an aircraft carrier amid the water and debris of New Orleans. Above would be the "Mission Accomplished" sign and below the sign, people are being tortured. Behind that are highj flames of the Mideast on fire (3 wars) and in the background a huge mountain (of debt). This would be his legacy!

January 13, 2009
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President Elect Obama's inauguration is just a few short days away, and things are beginning to heat up on the sex front. Yes readers, "Sex, one of the forbidden topics in our lexicon today" President Elect Obama chose Pastor Rick Warren to preside over his inauguration. Some have argued that Pastor Warren is a camp crusader against gay marriage and a crusader for America's Moral Elite.


The gay community in California and beyond has credited him with fanning the flames against a law in that state that would essentially recognize gay marriage. So why is sex such a taboo subject in America? Why are consenting adults forced to live double lives in secret? What's the big deal with the whole gay-bashing thing anyway? I mean who cares what consenting adults do behind closed doors.


We know that the African American Community in particular, has a huge issue with homosexuality. "Hello, Homo Thugs Anyone?" What's up with brothers who are having gay sex, but do not consider themselves gay, and consequently help to infect our sisters. African American Women between the ages of 18-34 comprise the fastest growing group of newly infected AIDS and HIV Cases in the country.


Unless men and women stop lying to themselves and admit to their sexual urges and desire to hook up, we will not make one dent in new cases of HIV and AIDS. It's a fact of life. Put two human beings together and someone will try to get into the other person's pants. How we manages these urges in the face of death and disease is the six million dollar question. It's time to face this demon once and for all. The country can't continue on this path.


Our hypocrisy and unwillingness to deal with these vivid images is leading to death and disease unnecessarily. I want to see honest comments. I know my readers are thinking about this issue daily. Don't be afraid to share your opinion. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

January 13, 2009
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A job is more than something that we're proud of. It is the means by which we trade our skills, talent and training for a living wage. What do you do when your boss behaves more like Jerome the lunch room bully, who enjoys stealing your recess, instead of that pragmatic superior who treats you with respect?


Besides taking one for the team, there are several key things that employees can do to fight back. Diagnosing the person, and the era in which they were born is the key. Employees whose bosses are Baby Boomers, need to understand a few key concepts, according a study from Cornell University, School of Labor and Industrial Relations.


When managing boomers, show them how you can help them use time wisely. Assess their comfort level with technology in advance. Demonstrate how important a strong team is and customize your style to their unique needs.


If these tips fail, taking a step back is essential. Remember, you're not less of a man or woman when you take a step back. Instead, emphasize that working with you will be a good experience for them. Follow up and check in and ask how the individual is doing on a regular basis. Lastly, remember that people will only do to you, "What you allow them to do."


Please share your horror stories on this site. You can remain anonymous.

January 13, 2009
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oday's State of the State address by governor Paterson was more of the same. Governor Paterson would have been a great general during the Russian conflict with the Germans in the World War II era. He is a slash and burn specialist.


Increases in user fees at a time when unemployment numbers continue to climb and us city residents are just trying to keep our heads above water. Reduction in education assistance for city students and increases in tuition at the City University of New York (CUNY). Great going governor Paterson.


What's more troubling is the deafening silence and lack of outrage from interest groups and city residents who will face even more stringent times during this current recession. I have a budget idea governor. Why not cut the salaries of Albany Fat Cats who are quietly earning six figure annual salaries.


We know that the state earns some 25% of its tax revenue from the financial services sector. Thus, whenever Wall Street goes to hell in a hand basket, the state coffers has a huge gaping hole. So why not diversify and reduce the dependence on Wall Street tax revenue? Besides, just how did the state find itself in such a huge hole anyway?


But that will not happen. Instead, you keep taking and taking from those who can least afford it. Hail to the Chief of Slash and Burn. You're doing a fantastic job governor.

January 13, 2009
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People who pay taxes are the backbone of the economy. All of the bailout money that has been requested should have rightfully been sent to taxpayers to stimulate the economy. When people have it they spend it, which will in turn support buisnesses and industries, those same industries and buisness in which the money is being given to bail them out. All this bailing out being done and there is nothing to show for it other that oops we made another mistake because we dont know what really happened to the money we gave to the banks. We bail out the banks and we still cant go to them for a loan. What is really going on. Homes being forclosed, for what reason? Had we had the bailout money in hand to taxpayers, homes would have been bought. Millions lost their jobs so they save what they have earned and spend less which is why buisnesses are failing. People are not spending because they dont have. There is a fix to all of this and its to stop bailing everyone out ie: the industries and let the taxpayers distrubute funds around the country. It should have been a taxpayers bailout from the start. Send checks to all taxpayers out of the leftover 350 billion and let us take responsibility for this economy and not those not truly worried about it. Their policies failed so now its our turn. The reason for our sufferage right now is from bad choices.

January 13, 2009
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People who pay taxes are the backbone of the economy. All of the bailout money that has been requested should have rightfully been sent to taxpayers to stimulate the economy. When people have it they spend it, which will in turn support buisnesses and industries, those same industries and buisness in which the money is being given to bail them out. All this bailing out being done and there is nothing to show for it other that oops we made another mistake because we dont know what really happened to the money we gave to the banks. We bail out the banks and we still cant go to them for a loan. What is really going on. Homes being forclosed, for what reason? Had we had the bailout money in hand to taxpayers, homes would have been bought. Millions lost their jobs so they save what they have earned and spend less which is why buisnesses are failing. People are not spending because they dont have. There is a fix to all of this and its to stop bailing everyone out ie: the industries and let the taxpayers distrubute funds around the country. It should have been a taxpayers bailout from the start. Send checks to all taxpayers out of the leftover 350 billion and let us take responsibility for this economy and not those not truly worried about it. Their policies failed so now its our turn. The reason for our sufferage right now is from bad choices.

January 13, 2009
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Times are tough. I run a golf travel company that books golf packages and discount tee times. The travel business has slowed down this year, especially for palm springs golf. Its a very hard time for Americans. Keep your head up and continue moving forward!
January 14, 2009
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I wonder if any of the genuis "economists" who are discussing consumer spending have ever considered the idea that we Americans are so disgusted with the bailout crap & banks that we are choosing (as our only means of protest) to NOT SPEND MONEY ON PURPOSE?


DOH, that should be a no brainer for someone like Velshi. Thought he woulda figured that one out.

January 14, 2009
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In recent months, because of the deteriorating economy created by Banks, Wall Street, Corporations, the present Administration and Congress, the taxpayers have had to pay billions of dollars in bailout money. The banks, when they received a portion of the bailout, failed to hold up their end of the bargain to help ease the economic crisis by loosening the credit market and passing it on to Middle America.  However, that hasn’t stopped the greedy buggers, who are part of the problem, from continuing to hold out their hands for more.  The majority of our 300,000,000 population a.k.a. Middle America, Main Street, Joe the Plumber are once again left out in the cold and made to shoulder the burden. If the new administration is all about “change”, then let’s help the taxpayer for a “change”.

You’ve heard of the K.I.S.S principle? Keep it simple stupid? For less than one billion dollars we could give every U.S. citizen, man, woman and child, one million TAX FREE dollars ($1,000,000).  Even with administrative costs we’d most likely still be under one billion. Plus, those who have made their millions and CEO’s who already make mega bucks and have screwed up our economy would be the ones left out for a “change”. We could set a limit or guidelines on income, like the $250,000 President Elect Obama has suggested for the tax schedule. We might want to set it at $500,000 or $750,000. That would cover the majority of our 300,000,000 population.

MOST families could:

1.     Pay off their mortgages, 

2.     Buy a home,

3.     Buy a new car,

4.     Pay off credit card debt,

5.     Pay for needed medical services or existing medical bills or any other bills,

6.     Pay for college,

7.     Invest/save,

8.     Start a new small business, or expand an existing business, which would create or save jobs.

9.     Buy new appliances etc.

10.     Give to charities

The economic problems solved and the possibilities and opportunities presented are endless as that money turns over and over many, many times. A distribution time table could be established for the total amount to be dispersed, so that the market isn’t flooded; perhaps quarterly by birth dates or some other fair and equitable plan.

Let’s call it the “1 for 1 Bailout; One million for One Citizen”

The cost - compared to the trillions spent and being considered now by our government - is a drop in the proverbial bucket! We’d have virtually debt free citizens with a new lease on life and a major jump start on the economy.  A bail out for the “Little Guy”! Imagine that! What a concept! But as the TV commercial states, “What do I know? I’m just an 800 lb gorilla sitting in the room”. AND, I’m just a fed up senior citizen struggling to survive.

January 20, 2009
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Not everyone bought in.

January 20, 2009
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Not evryone has bought in. The propoed tax cuts will cost me an extra $9,000. per year. I started in November reducing my charitable cotributions to a bear minimum, reduced tipping to 10%, and reduced charitable purchasing through fund raising all together. I have saved $4,000 since. I only have $5,000 more to go. If my fellow "Greedy Americans" take the same approach, where's the money coming from? Good luck

January 20, 2009
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What kind of Mickey Mouse, kindergarden math are you morons using to come up with these rediculous stimulus plans?  300 million times 1 million equals 300 trillion, not less than 1/2 a billion.  Also, if you had any basic concept of supply and demand, you would know that the less rare something is, the less it is worth.  The same concept applies to money.  If you give everyone a million dollars, the cost of everything else goes up to compensate for the massive inflation.  Stop trying to bailout everything and everybody and let the market take its course.  Snap out of the fantasyland that you people live in where hope and change is brought to everyone by the tooth fairy riding on a unicorn.

January 21, 2009
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reality1588-I totally agree with you.  Who are all these idiots who are standing with their hands open wide for the big O' Give Away?  Fantasyland is definitely where they are all racing towards.  These people have no idea how the economy works when left alone.  They are all too spoiled to work through the rough times and let the economy get back on track as it will and it won't hurt as much as they fear.  They have never been told NO before.  I didn't accept the give away before and I won't accept it if offered again. It's not that I don't need it, either. It just adds debt onto the backs of the future generations. Wake up you welfare addicts.  You have to work your way through the issues in order to set the financial mess straight. It's called life!

January 22, 2009
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I just read about a family in Lafayette, Louisiana that has had some financial difficulties. He had to go to work as a pizza delivery guy at 10 bucks an hour. They live in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a mortgage of $440.00 a month.

Well, let me tell you what hard times are::::::::::::::::

I live in a dinky trailer and pay $350.00 a month rent. I have health issues and cannot work full time. I live off of $1023.00 a month in Social Security. If it wasn't for the great love my children have for me, I would be homeless and starving. My checks come on the 4th Wed. of each month and sometimes I have to wait 5 to 6 weeks between checks. After paying all my bills, (rent, utilities, etc.) I am lucky to have $200.00 to live off of until the next check arrives. So, I buy very little food and very little gas.  My daughters help me with food and gas when they can. They both have families of their own and bills to pay, but they still help me.

I'm 62 years old and find it hard to even find part-time work.

I am not alone in this. There are many people like me. I served my Country during the Viet Nam War and am lucky to have the VA for most of my medical needs. But, how many out there are not so lucky? Do the people in Washington really know what reality is? This Country is full spoiled citizens wanting something for nothing. I have paid my dues more than once and I am still struggling. God help us all and the future generations of this Country if we can't just find it in our hearts to give up the 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom homes and down size. Lord knows, I have.

December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
January 12, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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