Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Expressing Yourself

iReporters have certainly gone above and beyond lately when it comes to some of our recent assignments, and here are just a few examples. We asked for artistic representations of President-elect Barack Obama, but we didn’t quite expect so much amazing creativity. herbwilliams’ sculpture of Obama in crayons was months in the making, and it wasn’t his first crayon sculpture either. TedStanke made an Obama portrait, quite literally, with (spare) change. He shared some more of his artwork with the iReport.com community, such as a sliced money sculpture on the ongoing financial crisis, as well as eight years’ worth of pieces commenting on the Bush Administration. After “Facebook’s War on Nipples” took iReport.com by storm, PhilHansen followed up with “a poem and a little art” to comment on the Bush legacy. Who knew paint-loaded shoes might be involved in the creation of his latest work? When iReporters were asked to reflect on their “first album love” over the weekend, rosehips stepped up to the plate and paid tribute to Bob Dylan by re-creating a film clip of the song “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Salsteels loves to rock out to Van Halen and did just that with a four-frame introduction to his iReport on their album, “1984.” We love seeing this creativity on iReport.com and can’t wait to see more of it! Do you have a unique take on some of our assignments? Fire up that camera and show us what you’ve got! Meanwhile, check out TedStanke’s interview on HLN here!

January 14, 2009
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With all the financial turmoil in the country today, sub prime mortgages, high oil prices etc. especially after seeing the 60 minutes episode last weekend on how the speculaters manipulated prices a-la- "ENRON" up $25 a barrel in 1 day to almost $150 when supply was up & demand was down. The common thread that I'm seeing through all this is lack of regulation and oversite. If you look at all this it started when the rules were abandoned and wall street, banks, insurance etc. were able to do whatever they wanted. We gave them $350 billion in bailout money with NO accountability and nobody knows where that money was spent. I don't think we've seen bottom yet. Instead of giving them more bailout money lets put the regulations back in place.

January 15, 2009

I hope that I am able to get my opinions across through my videos.  I can get too wrapped up in the production value that I might not express myself clearly.  And yes, I am still rock’n out.  Another video: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-165102

January 15, 2009
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The US Healthcare System in its Current Form is the Greatest Violator of Human Rights of the 21st Century


The Insurance Industry has been successful in defining those that struggle with disease as the drain on society instead of a Healthcare System that is design to exploit our loss.  Our Healthcare System is destroying families medically and financially.  My family and the millions of other families who struggle with disease greatest losses have NOT been from disease but, from a Healthcare System driven by GREED – a system that treats human life as nothing more than a commodity to be bought and sold on our US Healthcare free market. 


While our family’s stories are tragic they should be criminal in the US - the wealthiest most educated country in the world where human life is valued for only those that can write the biggest check.  As a mother I have a story to share of the tremendous losses caused by our US Healthcare System but, I will not be heard on my own.  The Wilmington Yes We Can Healthcare Reform Team and the Obama Transition Team are giving us our voice back.

While Healthcare is not a Democrat or Republican issue it is a Human Race issue – President Obama’s personal family story and his mother’s battle with cancer and insurance companies gives us HOPE that his life experience will give our families a voice in healthcare reform. I am so inspired by President elect Obama’s and Sen. Ted Kennedy’s commitment to Healthcare Reform – I feel confident that a Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science with Equal Access for All is a real possibility.

Please join our team in appealing to our government to demand a Healthcare based on the probability of disease and the possibilities of science.  We will be an unyielding force to demand a healthcare system that is driven by need NOT greed.  Health and wellbeing are at the core of our individual & collective wealth; health affects our ability to perform in the workforce as well as our children’s performance in school.  Our reality is that disease can and does cross all boundaries of society and our non-discriminate solution is science.  Families with high medical liabilities like mine lose our jobs, our savings, we are forced onto government programs where access to care is so controlled that their only destiny is premature death.


Fact:  Healthcare is our Right & Responsibility!  Disease/Disability crosses all boundaries of society therefore, our solution is a healthcare system designed to prevent and defeat disease with access for all.  The question that was ask during presidential debates: “Is Healthcare a Right or a Responsibility?”  My life experience as well as my read on the constitution is that it is both – It starts with Our Right but requires Our Responsibility at all levels in order to create our Win-Win of a Healthy Productive Society with the ability to defeat disease while controlling and reducing healthcare cost.


A Story of Betrayal by Our Government & Our US Healthcare System:


My family’s healthcare and economic crisis which is similar to millions of American Families have left me with this sense of betrayal and hopelessness.  I feel so betrayed by my government because our reality is that instead of serving and protecting the people they are serving and protecting the predators exploiting our vulnerabilities.  Our economic and healthcare crisis can be linked back to legislation driven by greed that deprives us all of our constitutional rights of life, liberty, sovereignty and prosperity.


Discriminate job and healthcare loss – Professionally I was in the top 4% of performers for years but, because of my family’s high medical liabilities of my husband is a Stage IV Kidney Cancer Survivor & my son has Terminal Genetic Disorder called Wolfram Syndrome caused me to miss a higher % of days than my colleagues.  High medical liability employees drive up the cost of Healthcare Insurance for companies so when a national a lay-off was announced I knew I was at risk even though my performance throughout my 18 years was consistently high – I was laid-off in Jan 2008.  The US Public Programs of Medicare & Medicaid are programs designed to legally control access care to the human beings who are considered to be the least contributors and the drain on society. 


The beauracy is so extreme and the reimbursement rates so low that it limits their access to medical care, medical devices, specialty care and medicines that they need to survive disease. The documentation below is an attempt to describe my family’s challenges with Medicare in trying to gain approval for of insulin pump supplies the device that is my son’s lifeline.


This is our first experience with Medicare my private insurance expired in September  my COBRA cost was $1850/month my unemployment was $1100/month – I will start with we are thankful to have coverage for Adam through Medicare the reality is he is uninsurable therefore, without it he would not have access to any care. The Initial Medicare Denial Process has taken 3 months many hours & conversations with Medicare operators at all levels, Medtronic Medical Supplier, healthcare professionals, 4 trips to hospital and clinic labs; only to get a denial for a device that is Adam’s life line. 


Wolfram Syndrome is a neuro degenerative diabetes not autoimmune – low blood sugars put him at risk of long lasting seizures. Wolfram Syndrome is a neuro degenerative disease causing neuropathy of all the tissues therefore all systems are involved. 

The acronym for Wolfram Syndrome is DIDMOAD (Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetes Mellitus, Optical Atrophy & Deafness).  The progression of Diabetes Insipidus of the Kidneys has left Adam with only 20% kidney function therefore, he is unable to tolerate long lasting insulin or large amounts of short acting insulin because it cannot be excreted and builds up putting him at increased risk of seizures.


I have spoken with no less that 12 Medicare operators 3 or 4 have read congressional legislations that stated that ALL Type I Diabetics were to have access to Insulin Pumps or if a Diabetic was using the insulin pump prior to becoming a Medicare participant – if that were the case my son has been a Type I Diabetic since the age of 7 he has been utilizing insulin pump since the age of 10 (he is now 21) because of seizures and his inability to handle long lasting insulin. 


The reality is that because we have a medical system that is designed to control access to care not disease congress passes legislation and then leave it up to private and public insurers to interpret how they will administer to maintain control of access. 


Medicare just like all administrators of insurance policy start with following the law then applies their interpretation and manipulation of the laws.  “All Type 1 Diabetics should have access to insulin pump” ONLY if they meet these specific lab requirements 1)C-Peptide along with concurrent Fasting Glucose 2)ICA (Islet Cell Autoantibody) 3)GAD (Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase) 4)IAA (Insulin Auto Antibody) 5)IA-2(RIA).  Now all the lab ranges and requirements that Medicare have come up with will NOT change the fact that my son has been a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 7, he has been on the insulin pump for 11 years due to seizures and lack of kidney function therefore, the pump is critical to control levels of insulin dispensed.  The longer they jockey around denying the device that is Adam’s lifeline they put his life at risk. Why? What is their Goal in Denial of Care?


My family has been humbled by disease but not defeated we feel the same way about our healthcare system.  Adam is one of the most compliant patients he inspires all that come to know him by his spirit and courage to rise above whatever challenge or loss he is faced with.  I am sure that we will gain approval for his pump supplies eventually. Our experience and challenges with private & public healthcare system just reinforce my commitment to bring about change for all patients. 


Our private & public healthcare system is fundamentally flawed in design it is designed to control access to care not disease. Within the public healthcare system denial of access to care is further compounded by the bureaucracy and low reimbursement. I have turned to the Patient Advocate Foundation – to assist us in 7 STEP Medicare Appeal Process we have reached out to friends and family to get supplies to hold us over until we get through this bureaucratic denial of care.


The Wilmington Yes We Can Healthcare Reform Team is a network of about 140 members while they are not all on the Yes We Can Wilmington Portal – www.yeswecanwilmington.ning.com/  we will reach out to encourage full participation to keep our grassroots movement going.  The Wilmington Yes We Can Team will unite as an unyielding force to demand the creation and implementation of a Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science that provides Affordable and Equal Access to Quality care for ALL.


Our Public Servants were unapproachable in the past:

When we have completed our full proposal to submit to Obama Transition Team Jan 23, 2009 we will hand deliver it to Tom Daschle Transition Office, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Kay Hagan, Sen. Burr, and Rep. Michael McIntyre.  Our goal is to be very strategic and focused on how we can gain support for our Healthcare Reform.  When I went to Washington last Sept to deliver 537 letters of my plea for Healthcare Reform and my family’s story I was disappointed by difficulty in gaining access to our public servants – I learned a lot about the process and I will do things differently this time in order to gain support I will be strategic and focused on my approach.

If you or your coalition have any experience in advocating for Patient’s Rights or Healthcare Reform would you be willing to advise and support our cause of demanding a Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science with Equal Access for All. A healthcare system that protects The Human Race's Right to Life, Liberty, Sovereignty and Prosperity.


With warm regard,

Kay Zwan


“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

January 16, 2009
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hhanks, thanks for the mention.....

January 16, 2009
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I am a 60 year old retiree who lives on a $1190 pension after working for the  State of California in the accounting field - I also worked for  the  WIC Program which provides nutritutional assistance to infants and children  which supports nutritional assistance to gives children a healthy start in life which is a productive government supported program for 26 years. I am fortunate that the State of Califonia retirement system pays my  medical insurance for life( a perk that Wall Street has targeted in their criticism of the auto industries employee package for their workers. I understand the plite of people who have limited income or no medical insurance and those whose income has been limited since I went from a 50k income  to a 16k income in my retirement (which the government considers  proverty level) although I am fortune that I was left a 72k inheritance which enabled me to purchase a bank - owned condo in Colorado for cash - enough about me and my plight.


My main point is we live in differnt times and all of us will need to work together with less and do the best we can.  We will need to learn to live within our means - make the most of the medical services(for example), when I go to the doctor I make the most of the 15 - 30 minutes

I have with my doctor which I know costs me and my insurance since I get a copy of the itemized billing - usually $200.00 - $300.00 statement which shows the portion I pay and the portion the insurance pays since I have a yearly deduction - my portion $2000 a year plus a co-pay of S20.00 per visit plus a portion for some lab work - which is why it is important to get all the publications the medical insurance has that explains your costs and limitations of your medical procedures available under your plan.


I have found during my visits with my doctor - he of she tends to focus on my high blood pressure - but if I have other issues I have them taken care of also -although I have had at least one doctor tell me to make another appointment for my other issue if it is not an emergency - I do not take that for an answer and keep a copy of a previous bill with me to remine me of what amount me and my insurance has paid for this 30 minute visit and insist on getting the most for my money in that time which saves me and the insurance company money.

Another example - my doctor subscribed a wrist band for my wrist - which if she gave me one would have cost me  $80.00, but if I purchased it at a drug store would only cost me $20.00,saving me $60.00 .  So  in some instances you can save by doing your own purchases - even on drugs - some drug stores have specials on generics as low as $4.00 perscriptions ( Walgreens, Costco; ask your local drugstore, call drug companies or go on-line and see if they have free drug programs, just some examples. The last is exercise and watch your nutrition -take care of yourself - even if you have chronic conditions - there are things we can do.


I also  do the same with my food and other costs - look for deals.


That's it for now - yes we can.

January 16, 2009
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January 27, 2009
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Ali Velshi,I have a plan that I think could help with our immediate Bailout NEEDS. It's simple and can create instant money for our economy and return part of the investment back to the people each year. I would like to find out exactly who I can contact that might be able to look at this plan and if it has any merit, get it implemented?

February 5, 2009
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I believe that DNA identification is a more accurate form of identification than finger prints, dental records, or photo profiling. DNA samples should be implemented during the birth of children and a sample giving on a voluntary basis from all Americans free of charge So if the Law authorities has the opportunity to get a DNA samples for what ever reason it should be done for record keeping purposes

February 7, 2009
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I heard the new GOP leader saying the government couldn't handle the big bail out for the American people but they have plenty of our tax money to bail out their GOP friends when it comes to paying for weapons and their own pay checks with our money. But when we want our money to help us out they don't have enough knowledge or know how what to do. I can understand why, they have been doing it for so long, they forgot we pay their bills. If they don't know how to figure this out with the Democrats  then look for another job.  Believe me it won't hurt our feeling, most of us, the rest can join them.

February 8, 2009
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Stretching beyond limits – going the extra mile

Sometimes you are so hell bent upon making a difference and so sure of your motives that you are ready to bet your life on them. With a deep desire of helping my countrymen and women, by providing a dependable support system to the veterans I desire to give back something in lieu of so much that I got from my country and from the community.  Just to keep things in perspective I would like to state at the outset that I am a disabled veteran and the path I am embarking upon in order to help you may lead to loss of my 100% veteran disability benefits and pay, but still I have already started making long strides on that path. But this is not the right time to talk about personal hardships. 


Dear friends, our country is in a deep crisis; we are fighting a war against terrorism and a war against an unprecedented economic meltdown. Families are being shattered, jobs are being lost, freedom is being restrained and businesses are being shut down. The horizon continuously seems to be bringing upon our skies the dark clouds of uncertainty and gloom. Fortunately we have the intellectual and physical ability to counter these adverse circumstances as we have been countering our enemies with unshakable resolve. We just need some means, we just need some directions, and I have been spending considerable amount of time devising those means and figuring out the directions. With all this wealth of information and knowledge that I have gained I want to help you, even at the cost of losing my veteran disability benefits and pay.


The Internet has immense potential.  Even when more than 90% of average American households are connected to the World Wide Web the online economy is still at a nascent stage.  So much is being achieved and so much more can be achieved provided we can all come together and work jointly, made possible by this miraculous state of connectivity we have been blessed with.  It is this connectivity that I want to use in order to reach out to you and extend a helping hand and join hands with those who want to come along and help the others. I have great ideas that I am going to share with you on this blog.  In fact the TV promos of those ideas have already been broadcast during the Larry King, Anderson Cooper 360, and on other networks with high views, which basically establishes the authenticity, verification and the power of the idea. Furthermore is it wrong to help when asked too.


Interested to know what I'm talking about?  Stay tuned to this blog and website verifiedsupporter.com and or by e-mail.  Let us come together and change things for better.


Always Very Grateful

In all that you Do                                                                      


February 8, 2009
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my name is shelby craven  .. And i am 13 and have an idea that will change this country . i just need the people to listen so . if you want my idea here it is.. first , president obama should take the trillion dollars that he is getting and pay off the americans credit card debt  that the gas prices of 2008 took up and other things . then . . the american people will have credit to spend .. Now  if you think im crazy . . .  dont stop reading because there is more !! Now look the american economy is practically based off of the people /tax payers/ , the people are basically live off credit . Now he would have fixed two things , the banks that need money and the people who ned credit. here is the solution to gettin the money back that he loaned . .he would tax the people he loaned the money to so that they could pay off their credet card debt . they may pay this back over a 3 to 10 year time period depending on their income tax bracket . for instance ,  a person in the 15% tax bracket should be able to pay off their  over a seven year period of time . A person in the 36% bracket may pay it off in about three years . this should be possible if the people that were loaned the money claim it on their tax every year until it is paid . this is my idea. And i hope i am heard . because i beleive this plan will lead to a new america .

December 4, 2009
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March 17, 2010
April 17, 2010
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