Tuesday, January 20, 2009
The world is watching

It's a given that most people in the United States are glued to their TV screens right now, as President Barack Obama just took the oath of office. But the rest of the world is watching, too. We're receiving iReports from all around the globe. A group of college students studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco, sent this photo of themselves gathered to watch the ceremony. "We had to beg to be able to set the television up and we are so glad we are able to watch," they wrote in their iReport. In Mexico, people gathered at the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara are crowded around a TV and sent this picture. Marsha Narayan is watching in Guyana and says "we're all glued in to the broadcast." Randy Guillen of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, watched and loved Obama's speech. "This is a great day for the planet," he said. All the way from the Netherlands, Natascha van Wezel says she can feel the atmosphere of "peace and love." She sent this photo and said "I wanted to let CNN know that here in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, we are also watching CNN for the new president of the USA." The Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, a small two-island nation in the West Indies, even recorded a short congratulatory message to the new president. iReporter Charles Jong recorded and sent in Prime Minister Denzil L. Douglas's video message for Obama. People from the United States, Cameroon, Germany, and the Netherlands celebrated the inauguration together in Bamenda, Cameroon. "It was one of the first times I could say in the past couple years I felt so proud to be an American," said Catinette Harrington, who is living and working abroad in Cameroon. Nigerian journalists cheered as they watched Obama's speech on TV. "It's a good day in Africa," said Juliana Taiwo. "It was a moment to be a part of, even if we were miles away," said Diego Hernandez, who watched the inauguration with his family in El Salvador. "I feel happy to be alive right now." Keep the photos coming, y'all! We want to know how you're experiencing history. And check out all the inauguration iReports on our map - they really are coming in from across the globe!

January 20, 2009
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I don't have a photo, but I did want to let you know that I'm in Saint John, which is on the east coast of Canada and I work in a call center on top of a mall and our little mall has put up a HUGE screen and hundreds of people are watching the Inaugration right now and just about everyone in my office is watching it online! Canada Loves Obama! This is so empowering! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this moment in History! Congrats Mr.President! :)

January 20, 2009
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We are watching it happen in Abuja Nigeria. It is a great feeling. Everything is going to be okay.

January 20, 2009
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Very good speech. Pres Obama may be good in math, but has flunked history. Yes Mr Pres, you are the 44th president so there were 43 Presidents before you. Mr President there were not 43 citizens that took the oath before you there were only 42. Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th presidents, but was only 1 citizen.

January 20, 2009
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I don't have a picture and even if it could never tell what I felt.

I am from Germany and I thought the world (or at least my environment) stopped breathing. The world stood still and listened to Barack Obama taking the Oath and giving his Inaugural Address.

Congratulations to Mr. Obama from Germany.

May God bless him.

January 20, 2009

Great speech. May God bless and protect this man as he tries to change our world. He's going to have some pretty powerful and selfish people in his way.


gipper47: You act as if YOU are the only one that knows about Grover Cleveland. Give it a rest. I see this all over the ireports which is where you probably saw it. Obviously no one cares and Obama didn't make any mistakes because I'm sure he knows our country's history too. Why anyone would feel the need to make a comment like yours, I'm just not sure. It's just annoying.

January 20, 2009
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Just got a call from my sister. The http://whitehouse.gov site has already changed and it lots fantastic!

January 20, 2009
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In our 60's and 70's, hailing from NH and NJ, our ancestry from Greece, Ireland, England and Germany, we watched in awe; tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts.  Truly, we are at the dawn of a new era.  We all remember the JFK inauguration and the hope that we felt then as we approached Camelot.  This is different -- more real, more difficult, yet more hopeful.  Yes we can, if we try, if we do, if we care.

January 20, 2009
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A heartfelt Thank You to CNN! It made me feel like I was there.

January 20, 2009
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Thank you so much CNN for making it possible to be a part of your special day.- We are Brits, living in Spain.  We have supported your new Prseident from day 1 as the most charismatic redeemer your country has ever known.  How fortunate you Americans are to have such a bursting sense of pride in your Nation (something we do not have in our lives)....Today, we wish we were American.  God Bless President Obama and his family & God Bless all of you.  Have to rush back to the TV now!!!

January 20, 2009
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The two things that strike me the most in watching the Inaugural parade are: One, the throngs of everyday people who have come at their own expense to wish the President well in these freezing temperatures and challenging times - when in so many countries the “people” are bused in for such occasions, paid and pressured to be there. The second thing that strikes me is what is missing – the overwhelmingly vast military parades you see in other countries that represent the “power” of the governing transition.  The greatest thing about the USA is that the power belongs to the People – they are the guardians of Democracy and Freedom

January 20, 2009
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Reflections on The Moment...................January 21, 2009


Two years ago I heard a man speak and he reminded me of another man

that I had hoped would become our leader. Forty years ago our country was in

deep turmoil, divided by an immoral war and racial hatred.  Robert Kennedy

emerged as a voice of peace, tolerance and unity in our deeply divided and

wounded country. I had the opportunity to meet him and to work for him. He

woke up the consciousness of this country and tapped into the idealistic energy

of youth. He was to be our hope for a brighter future and his energy and charisma

were unparalleled and almost unstoppable......almost!  The great tsunami of

hope and idealism died the day he was stopped by an assassin's bullet.  Our

country was thrown back into a state of apathy. No one was ready capable or

willing to step into this man's shoes.

For forty years we have witnessed many leaders come and go and none have

come close to rekindling this light.  Politicians became puppets as our country

continued on a divided path. This time the division was more than racial. It was

a socioeconomic one. Those who have wealth control control the masses who

work hard to support all of us. We have been on this path to self-destruction for

a long time. The greed, power and arrogance of our unbridled capitalistic  system

have resulted in an economic collapse of our country. We were quickly becoming

the new Roman empire.

But two years ago a man named Obama stepped up to offer us his vision of a new

world order.  His message resounded the words of Robert Kennedy and his youth

spilled the contagious idealistic energy that I had once experienced forty years ago.

The man spoke with an unwavering voice that was destined to wake up the spirit of

the American people. He spoke of hope and gave us a vision of a country united and

living in the spirit of its founders.  He was not supported by wealth but was confident

that deep inside, America was waiting for a wake-up call. Relatively new to the political

arena, his chances of succeeding were almost nil. But he was aware of this and

listened to his own soul. It was the urgency of the moment that called him and he

responded without fear.

His words touched our hearts and our souls. His message was loud and clear:  this

is our country and there is nothing that can stop us from governing ourselves. It is

ordinary people doing extraordinary things that has made our country great and he

was getting the message across. He reminded me so much of Bobby Kennedy that

I had to pull out the books I had on RFK .  These individuals have the same degree of

enlightenment and charisma.

It seemed too good to be true. I might get one more chance to see what might have been

in RFK's  "newer world".  One summer night I had the opporunity to see him in action

and to listen to his unforgettable voice. I was touched and so were most of those who

were there to listen to him.  I knew that night that this man was destined to create a

movement as we have not seen in this country.  The tsunami was for real and it would

touch all of America. An inspired leader has finally come to wake us up and to show us

how we can once more be the beacon of faith and hope for the world.

The fact that he is of African descent was easily transcended by this man. It is his spirit

that is vibrant and full of faith and hope.  He must be a God sent person that is here to

unite us in our path to make this a better world.  His energy and influence know no

borders. And there is no country that will not be touched by his influence.

Today as he assumes his post as a leader the whole world will be watching. This is no

rock star and no ordinary politician. He has become a symbol of all that he stands for.


I am very fortunate to have a second chance to work for someone who has touched me

as only one had.  The road has been long but the faith and the hope have been kept

alive and today is the beginning of a new day in America and the world. Today we begin

to create the "newer world" that Robert Kennedy dreamed of.  I am living that dream now

and I pray that God protects President Obama and grants him the strength, courage and

resolve to overcome the personal temptations of the office.


No matter the condition of this country we shall overcome if we can now overcome our

differences and come together as Americans and as good stewards of this world.

Today I will be there in spirit to live the beginning of a new era. I thank all those who

helped inspire this unique person to lead us.  Abraham,  Martin, Bobby and John will all

be there.....look for them and you might see them.


God Bless and protect our President and our Country.




Moose, enjoy the moment! I will be there...........



January 20, 2009
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where was Obama;s sister today?

January 21, 2009
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God give him strength


  As I was lighting my diya in front of Ganesha

  I had only one prayer in my heart

  God give him strength

  Give him strength to bear the immense trust and hope in

                                             him reposed

  HE is their messiah-their deliverer


  turbulent times have shaken them

  troubles and misery has trickled into their lives

  they look upto him for redemption

  silken gossamer dreams woven they have

  Make him god

  tread carefully and steadily

  make their dreams come true

              ratnaprabha r raykar

January 21, 2009
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Welcome to globalism...the precursor to the new world order.  WAKE UP!

January 22, 2009
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Since we are now in the history making,....check this out, how about a $25 note with the face of President Obama on there, here's how I came up with this,...





$.25- unknown



In this case there is not a $25 bill which should be the face of President Barack Obama


By Danielle Griffith in the US Virgin Islands

12yr old student.

January 25, 2009
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Watch Obama music video done by my boyfriend




407 580 5293

February 27, 2009
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Hello to all! I would like to know what is going to be done about the teachers within the schools that the that tlls you in your face he/she does not have time for your child or helping him will take away time for other children!And all "...! It was stated my child can not read,write, add or subtract,LIARS. My son reads very well, as a matter of fact he has received reading certificates and others. He is Hyperactive. HE IS NOT DUMB< which Bull I say,exspecially when there is an assistant teacher in the classes to aide them. My child has good state test scores taken every Fall,but his grades does not add up with the knowledge that are shown through school work. At home

February 27, 2009
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Continued.. At home I teach my children before they even step foot in a school and still do even during the Summer.It made me feel very unsettled when the teacher said I need to also help him. My daughter, Liya is not getting the help she needs through the speech program that are offered by the school. She need this help,lately she have not been to speech therapy for weeks and her grades was steadily dropping in reading, spelling and grammar. I asked the teacher, Why is her grades falling, when they should be improving? Answer.too many children not enough time. So I asked where can I get a Hooked on Phonics machine that sounds ut the words and so forth. I found a website that does the same and sounds out he vowels as well.Since then, her grades has camed up. What is the school 4 the job they are hired for is not being done. I pay taxes I want to know why we see the nice school building on the outside but ugly inside?I have been frustrated with the way our children is lacking education because the teachers have lack of patience.All race, no matter what color you are,your child is being affected as well.

February 27, 2009
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Be aware these people will lie and stand behind eachother, but God hears and sees all.The principals have told me what I need to do, back up I have a problem .......I was alright I didn't hit nobody.Thank you Lord. Everywhere I go I pray, the devil don't care who you are,but the Lord works in mysterious ways and he is working Now! Thank you Jesus, Amen!!!

February 27, 2009
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I wish President Obama and his Family, Good Luck!I know  for with all that comes, there is not failure with trying, but by NOT trying at all, is failure within itself.

December 5, 2009
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April 14, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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