Monday, February 02, 2009
Re-living the days that mattered to you

It’s Groundhog Day, and inspired by the classic movie of the same name, we asked you which day you would like to re-live. We received a big response, and learned about some of the most important days in your lives, for better or worse. Many of you told us about the days that were so great, you wish you could do them again. njordan29335 says she would re-live September 27, 2007, the day she became a mother. “I would take the pain and all just to be lost in those moments again… to hear her cry, to see her for the very first time... nothing else in this world could feel that good.” cannikin13 would re-do any day during his three-week sail across the Atlantic Ocean. “The rat race of our cities, the news, politics, wars over territory and cultural clashes we were used to seeing on a daily basis all become irrelevant out there. It was a complete daily breath of fresh air.” One iReporter has a very clear memory of May 29, 1964, but would still like to do it again. That was the date when birdseed got a "shout-out" from musical legend Johnny Cash. “I wrote on a coaster that it was my Dad's birthday and left it on the bandstand where Johnny was performing. Before I sat down he said ‘Is there a Bob Loughlin here tonight?’ We waved and Johnny said ‘Happy Birthday, Bob!’" Other iReporters would like to revisit a day that they wish had gone differently. CrazyCueball, for example, wishes he had not voted for impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on November 7, 2006. “Corruption allegations had already begun to surface. I certainly should have known better.” ShadHawg shared a photo of himself in his high school football uniform shot on October 12, 1978, “the worst day of my life.” He made a tackle which accidentally broke his best friend’s arm. He felt extremely guilty when visiting his friend in the hospital that night, but he was forgiven. and they are still friends to this day. babycakes81 wishes she had warned her husband about what was going to happen on March 30, 2007. That was the day he was wounded by a rocket while serving in Iraq, “the rocket that changed my life.” The couple is now living in Sierra Vista, Arizona where he’s recovering. “I’m so thankful that he came back home.” Whether it’s a day you’d like to experience again, or a day you would like to change, we want to know what day in your life you want to do over. Upload your photos and video now!

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