Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Housing crisis in the desert


seeitnow, from chilly Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of my favorite iReporters because he puts a personal spin on broad news topics. A few weeks ago, he sent a video showing the varying conditions of homes he visited in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The Western housing crisis is a current news focus and President Obama was just in Phoenix, Arizona, today. Some of the homes seeitnow found appeared to have been vandalized by their distraught owners before they left. He was looking at potentially getting a winter home in Arizona. I grew up near there and had a nice conversation with seeitnow about all the established neighborhoods and foreclosed homes left behind during the suburban housing boom. The housing video was just one example of the outstanding pieces he's done, including a story just a few days about his wife's international health efforts. She is a doctor and traveled to Guatemala last week on her own dime to provide medical services abroad. His video showed the hardships faced by people there seeking care. We've also seen cool iReports from seeitnow detailing his views on auto bailouts and oil companies and even some of the more offbeat sights to see in Paris. But he's perhaps best known for filming his daughter's "hard-hitting interview" with Santa Claus. Seeitnow is one of my favorite iReporters and I hope he'll be one of yours. Tell us what you think below, and share your own perspective on the news by sending an iReport.

February 19, 2009
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Everybody is waging war against the President, agreed neither his stimulus bill nor his forclosure plan can jolt the economy but atleast it ensures the economy doesnt slip further. Now my question is all those called experts who predict economy and keep saying "not good plan" why dont these people come up with a plan submit it to "The President" (as he is willing to listen to experts who can revive this economy) and see what he does. Agreed there are tons of experts, why not have a town hall meeting or summit where every economy expert plan is outlined in the form of bullets and let "The President and his team" look at it. Instead of complaining and acting like politicians, why not for once act like a proper citizen? Then these people can comment on what needs to be done. If you cannot do things, please stop criticizing people who are attempting to do things especially Republicans who dont know what patriotism is. They are playing politics while the country is requiring responsibilties and ownership. The whole world knows what they were doing for the past 8 years.

February 19, 2009
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Regarding Canadians being out friendly neighbors: True, Canadians in general are a very warm and welcoming bunch. However, (and this comes from an American who has loved living here in New Brunswick, Canada for the past 14 years) don't be fooled, there are plenty of Canadians who are anti-American and would love nothing more than to see us fall. They're just “too nice” to say it.

February 19, 2009
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A devoted Canadian viewer here. Many Canadians love President Obama - he enjoys and 82% approval rating here.  I respectfully disagree with Gregroix - we do not want to see America "fall". We have our differences of course, but when America is doing well, that's good for Canada.

One note, please get your anchors some briefing notes on our country and your largest tradging partner and biggest energy supplier.  Frederica Whitfield called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "troops" and Canadian forces.  Does she really not know what a Mountie looks like?

Go Obama!

February 19, 2009
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We work in California doing almost 500 modifications and refis every day.  Today we were given the pleasure of speaking with David Wingle at Ing.  Our client, for whom we are negotiating his mortgage to a more payable level according to the new Stimulus Package signed by Pres. Obama, has fallen behind and has been foreclosed on.  Mr. Wingle is demanding $10000 downpayment to even begin to settle this account.  Our client is able to raise $7500 within the next 2 days to help take care of this, but Mr. Wingle refused to negotiate in any way, including allowing this downpayment to be taken care of in a payment plan.  Mr. Wingle then began to become threatening to my representative, and this was on speaker so the entire office of 30 employees could hear it.  He also began laughing about the predicament our client is in, a man whose income has sharply declined and Ing has increased his payments.  It seems Ing has no care or concern about their clients!  This modification request was temporary; just to allow the client to get back on his feet.  Mr. Wingle thinks that this man's family losing his home is funny!  This is evidently the type of ass that has driven our economy into the ground.  I hope CNN reads this one on the air tonight!  I would love them to tell everyone in the US how Ing has evidently gone bankrupt!

February 22, 2009
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no body  care      the   world  is  dying   day  by day   there    no hope    if   the  bank  give too much  rate  and   car loan to   rip off  for citizen

why   help them  out


the system is fuck up

February 22, 2009
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what  we   need  right  no  tax  to    property  in     us  house  and   all  american  car    no tax  charge  stop   property tax    when    we did not  get the  job

just  pay  tax  for   less   10  %    only


all  mini  mum   wage no tax    govt  need    give  free  house  for  poor  citizen   tax  foods   all the buyer   high   that  all 


help american  car  buy    give citzen  easy  loan  with  .9 %   loan,      no  interst  in  military   


some  soldiers  die  for the  country   and  their  love  one still rip   off   by the bank


what the  country  can do  for  our soldiers,,,,  telll  me why    these  fucking    bank  ceo    live a life  with   jet  and    hig  cost  tax   while  soldiers   need   help  inafghanistan   why  our  got  let  our soldiers    suffer  there 


thanks   obama   thinking  of  afghanistan  people  and   troop  is there,,,,,  please  help our troop  first  they are dying there   please,

December 21, 2009
January 4, 2010
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Nice Post.
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