Tuesday, February 24, 2009
'The fire was burning away for days'


louieb1 (real name: Lou Baruta) shared one of the most stunning videos I have ever seen on iReport.com. His brother, Jim Baruta, captured the destruction of much of his neighborhood in Victoria, Australia. One of the wildfires which had ravaged the country blazed near him, and he kept the camera rolling as he sought shelter nearby in a bunker he had constructed. "It went pitch black, you couldn’t see after the fires hit," Jim Baruta said. After the fire passed, Baruta acted quickly to save as much of his home as he could. He believes only one other home in the neighborhood survived the fire. Baruta shared more of his story with CNN’s John Vause, as well as CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout. The virtual community of Second Life responded to the bush fires with sympathy for the victims. any1gynoid iReported on a Second Life benefit to raise money for the victims, and RNightfire shared the story of a song, first performed in Second Life, to pay tribute to those affected by the fires. Do you have photos or video of the bush fires or tributes to the victims? Share them with the iReport.com community.

February 21, 2009
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Very curious did they find these in the ash?



February 24, 2009
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How tame the fire¡¡It is the most horrifying way to see the life gone in ash.She is a like one, it was more than 80 peoples how are not with us, to let has now how his life was.

February 25, 2009
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How did the fire broke? I am feeling very sad after hearing this. ========== Liza Home Based Business
March 12, 2009
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My comments have to do with our reporting of economic conditions.  From my vantage point we report to much on the negative almost daring us to do anything other than fail.  Instead of repoting 8% unemplyment.  We couldreport 92% emplyment.  Instead of all the business failing, why not the number of businesses succeeding.  Something to consider.  The news mediate has an opportunity to be used for good or for evil.  Something to think about.  Thanks for the time.  BobYancy

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