Friday, February 27, 2009
Losing everything


tlewis3462 (real name: Patricia Lewis) and her husband lost their jobs, their money and might soon lose their home in foreclosure. Soon before President Obama's address to Congress earlier this week, she turned to to tell her story. Speaking to CNN's Naamua Delaney via webcam on the day of the address, she said she has been extremely responsible with her money, but because her husband lost his job last year, they were unable to refinance their home. She says they are only living on her long-term disability. Other iReporters finding difficulties in this economy have shared their stories on in recent weeks. Some of them, such as SavorySaver, were able to get advice directly from personal finance expert Suze Orman. Recently, austinchu asked 50 people in Austin, Texas, what they would do in a situation where they lost everything. Some found that they had a hard time coming up with an answer or even conceiving of such a thing. Some said they would turn to their religious beliefs. One was even a refugee from Hurricane Katrina, who was all too familiar with losing everything. In the meantime, we want to know if you're cutting back on your personal budget this year. Send us an iReport on video and let us know.

March 2, 2009
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Bailing AIG

So now the US Attorneys General share culpability with Congress in the destruction of our economy.  If anyone had done there job since 1990, the Sherman Anti-trust Act

would have been applied to the insurance monopoly that AIG is.

March 2, 2009
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I owned a construction company that ran profit of 2million for 3 years and it is all gone!  Lost company ( went under), filed personal bankrupcty (lost every thing), daughter had brain surgery in June, No more health insurance, no more income.  I am now on Welfare( food stamps) and medicaid for the family.  There are no jobs here.  I was thinking about moving, but I cnnot afford it.  I can not even afford my utilies now.  I am worried.  I am not a quitter by any means.  This is just crazy. I am trying to figure out what to do next.  I am not sure what next week will bring.  I have 2 children in school.  They get free lunch thank goodness now.  I do not want to get HELP from the goverment.  I do not receive Unemployment because I owned my own company.  I lost all my proerty investments... These were to be college for my kids!  It is gone.  My son asks me if he will be able to go to college now.  I tell him I will figure something out!  I will not let him down!

March 3, 2009
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Of course, I cut back, but, I had already cut back as far as I could go before this last few months.


George Bush should have resigned a couple of years ago, before it got this bad.  He had no idea of how to run a  country, neither did his dad.


I think a huge part of the stimulus package should go to constructing large building, and leasing them to people who know how to run a factory, lending them the money and helping them get started.


  Providing jobs is the most important thing.


The products that we are getting from A-Far are so cheap and flimzy.


The handbag that I just bought is almost impossible to get your fingers in the coin purse.


I just purchased a roller kart yesterday.   After spending hours putting it together,   {not me, but my grandson}, several parts were missing, plus, roll it 4 inches and all four wheels fall off.


I'm taking it back and if they  try to charge me a re-stocking fee, we will be having a problem.


  This was a piece of junk, not fit to be boxed and sold.


Let's get back to quality  instead of quanity.

March 3, 2009
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This is Patty who did the interview above.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

NONE of us want a handout, you worked day in and day out I am sure from the past success you had with your company. The fact of the matter remains, IF OUR GOVERNMENT IS BAILING OUR BANKS, AUTO INDUSTRY ETC. Don't you think they should recognize the citizens (Their constituents) that are living in pure hell these days, such as your family??

We are the people who pay taxes that enable them to have these funds available and will pay deeply in the future for the recent bail outs.

My family always has been givers, never takers. However IF the Federal Government is creating a Plan to provide assistance to many citizens, don’t you think that all living in dire straits should be included?

How is your daughter doing since her surgery?

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers; God knows my family can feel your pain. Don't EVER give up!

Hugs to your family

March 3, 2009
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I lost everything, because someone at Immigration screwed up, when I challenged it legally I was dragged away and held in jail- and then Julie Myers orchestrated fraudulent documents against me to get me deported. This was after 20 years of living and working in Chicago, on my validly issued social security card) held in a US Immigration Jail for FOUR MONTHS then deported to the UK, where I have no one. For the whole story, go to


You cant imagine what it is like to work at the bank one day, and then next and for the next four months you are treated as a criminal, watching less strong people try to kill themselves as they go thru this also. Go right ahead and check everything about me, i was just a legal immigrant who never had a parking ticket....and now everyone in Govt just wants me to go away. How do I know that they wont come after me for speaking out?? I worked at Charter One Bank in Chicago, supporting the President of the Bank. Can you really imagine losing everything this way?? cant you see it happening to you? there were 2 US Born citizens in the jail with me, you will never hear their stories....I am sure tey will sue and settle for hte constant 'errors' by Immigration.

March 4, 2009
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I am 62 years old, an Enron victim, a traveling contractor, and a person who along with my wife are dying a slow death. Over the years my work has caused me to have to move, in some cases, several times a year. I have not been very smart, actually down right stupid, when it came to credit cards and credit lines. However, I have always been on time with my payments and over the past year have taken one of my credit cards, which I owe quite a bit on, and put it away. My wife and i have been making a very strong effort to pay the credit line off. As a result, yesterday i received a notice that the Bank in question was increasing my interest by 4.5%. Due to today's economy of course we cannot pay the total off so we are stuck with the increase. My question is, our new president, whom I voted for, has made this big hoopla about fixing the economy but what he is missing is that the credit card and credit line issue is almost as big a deal with the everyday person as the housing issue. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the fact that I have to pay the money back that I took the credit against but I am complaining that nothing is being done about the loan sharking tactics that the banks and loan companies are now using. I agree to pay the amount of interest that I borrowed against but is it right that they increase my interest because I am no longer using the credit line or the credit card in an attempt to reduce my monthly commitments and pay for my home and essential needs.

March 5, 2009
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Why the Republicans want Obama to fail.


For the eight years of the Democratic Clinton years the US had its best, most productive years.

For the eight years of the Republican Bush W years the US had its most disastrous years.

How would it look for the Republicans if Obama was able to recover from the disasters of the Bush W years?  Isn’t it obvious why Limbaugh and the rest of the Republicans cannot afford to support Obama if they are to maintain any semblance of government responsibility?

During the Clinton years the Republicans were not interested in the welfare of the country, their main focus was to unseat Bill Clinton. In spite of all the GOP obstructionisms he led the country to its most prosperous years. I now realize that the GOP has been transformed from the Grand Old Party to the Goons Obstructing Progress.

March 5, 2009
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I hope that there is hope for me and my family since my lender will not return my phone calls and said that since they are not getting bail out funds (lender is Navy Federal Credit Union) they do not have any programs to help me at all and that they will take my home. For 4 years we have lived here and worked 2 jobs to make all of our ends meet; but when your job is cutting back on the hours and cutting positions where can you go and what can you do. The goverment bails out the RICH and the poor ad middle class is left out to dry. I pay my taxes and i am registered to vote and I have done everything right so why is the help coming slow because the wealthy is now in trouble and my not get a BONUS and we will not get a PAYCHECK.

Something is wrong with this and the entire system needs to be overhauled.

March 6, 2009
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She's asking for welfare and does not acknowledge her personal responsibility for being where she is.  She has been in a home for 30 years.  Why isn't it paid off?  People who own a home for 30 years should actually own the home at the end of that time.  She's been taking out the equity and now she's losing the home for that irresponsibility.  I lost a job in 2003 because my company closed down.  Was out of work for 11 months.  Why did I survive?  Because I bought a house I could afford and still save the requisite money to sustain myself through a layoff.  Most of us are going to experience one or more in our life time.  Ms. Lewis' problems have little to do with the current economy, although that may be making it more difficult for her husband to find a job.  And I see her all over the TV.  She can work at something.  She needs to spend some time figuring out what that is.  Babysit?  Dog sit?  Cat sit?  Take in ironing?  Run a wake up call service?  I bet she's anti-welfare but doesn't understand that's exactly what she's asking for.

March 6, 2009
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Here is the problem with all the crying going on, A man that knows construction is too good to pick-up a shovel and dig a ditch and save his company (mow a Lawn), A woman takes from her home equity and thinks it should last for ever? all ready on disability. A person runs up his credit card debt then expects the person that is making him the loan carrie his miss fortune.(transfer your balance to another card or call them and talk to someone about the rate)


What do they all have in common! They all think goverment is the problem! Don't blame Bush, Clinton, etc. Clinton had his problems (Al Gore) People are there own worst ememies, like raising capital gains and taxing people that make 250,000 another 3.5 %. People that got stundent loans and went to school are the people (with combined incomes) that fall in that catergory, what did they do to bring all this down on them selves, they worked hard, why should they be slammed with the extra debt. And to the person sitting in jail for the last four months get a life or better yet get your citizen ship papers and go back to work!


I have a small business and have added 2 new jobs for the last 6 years! Not this year the 8.5 % that you raised my taxes just cut my income enough that I can't buy more equipment. So I won't be adding that new job this year, think I'm bulling, the eqiupment that we are running isn't worth selling because of the raise in the capital gains taxes and the 3.5 percent is the down payment for equipment that would have run for the next three years,


Stop all the hand outs and see how fast they (people) get back to work, I did, I lost my job to Al Gore in the 90's and said no more goverment for me and I'm doing just fine with out them, I now pay cash for everything we do and I invest in gold not peso's or the Canadian dollar. I keep my jobs in the good O'le USA. and my cash in my pocket! Stuff it O'bama

March 8, 2009
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I live in Las Vegas Nevada and I'm closing on a bank owned home next week. I'm getting a house that was worth $300K two years ago for $160. I have very little pity for the people who foreclose on their upside down loans. I've worked my butt off for the last 12 years and I simply couldn't afford to buy a home until now. I plan on paying off my 30 year loan in about 10 years, and if I lose my job I will have money saved up to cover payments for at least 6 months. All these people who foreclosed should have been more responsible and had money saved up for tough times instead of getting a bunch of home equity credit trying to inflate the price of the homes even higher. These are the same people that prevented me from buying an affordable home for all these years, and I think there are a lot of people out there that have jobs and just couldn't afford a house.


Being upside down on a loan is only temporary, and the markets will pick up soon. For this exact reason, there are no voluntary home sales now. It's the equivalent of buying a bunch of stock at a decent price, and then selling it all off when the markets bottom out, it just doesn't make sense. I have no doubt that the markets will pick up and when they do, everyone who was responsible, saved up money, paid more than their minimum payment every month, and didn't buy a house they really can't afford will be in the green again. Their homes will be worth even more than they did before.


People have to take some responsibility for their actions and we have to stop feeling sorry for those who are irresponsible. If you make $1000 a week and your mortgage payments are $2000 a month, then you don't deserve the home. Also if you got an ARM loan and had no down payment because you wanted to flip that house and make some money, you also deserve what happened to you. Most of these foreclosure happened because people were completely unrealistic and bought houses for profit


I believe they should be held accountable because their actions are impacting my parents' retirement funds and now my tax dollars are going to be paying for their greed

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