Friday, February 27, 2009
Remembering a fallen firefighter

Fire trucks draped in black fabric roll by and fire department honor guard members stand motionless in a video from iReporter Rick Pennock. He attended the funeral procession of volunteer firefighter Dereck North, who died when his truck overturned while responding to a call Monday in Stockton, Georgia. North was one in a family of firefighters. His twin brother Chad was driving the fire truck that overturned and was injured in the accident. His wife Ruby was driving a second truck dispatched to the same call. Many community members showed their love and support for the family at the service, Pennock said. "Despite this tragedy, Ruby has shown us just how special the firefighting family is," wrote Pennock. He described the funeral service in great detail, and offered his condolences: "God Bless the North family. You truly are remarkable people." Pennock also included information about a memorial fund for North's family in his iReport. We're so pleased that Pennick shared North's story with Do you have an amazing story to share? Let us know.

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April 16, 2010
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