Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Updates to

Thanks for your patience this morning while we rolled out some key software updates. The newest version of lays the groundwork for some exciting new developments we are working on in the coming months.


You'll notice a few changes already in place. We've adjusted the way Superstar points are awarded. Users will no longer receive points for content more than 30 days old. We're also lowering the number of users awarded the Superstar status.
Also new -- users can no longer rate their own iReports.


In addition, we're rolling out two new tools for reporting abuse. You can now report a user for causing trouble from their profile page. Add you can also flag abusive comments posted to our blog.


Plus, we've added an "E-mail this assignment" link so you can share story ideas with your friends.


Why are we making these changes? The iReport community is growing fast, and together we're working to make this site better for everyone. These changes are based on suggestions from users like you.


We hope these changes, and the ones to come, will continue to make a place you'll visit often.


Please feel free to share your thoughts below.
Thanks for all your feedback!

March 18, 2009
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... and every change is a definite improvement.





Alun Hill

March 18, 2009
Click to view KarmaHD's profile

Cool and some good Ideas!!!!

March 18, 2009
Click to view yorksnbeans's profile

thanks for listening and taking action!!

March 18, 2009
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Suggestion - Could you put a link to the "home" page on the "my stuff" homepage?  I think it's the only page that doesn't have that link, and it would be nice to have it.

March 18, 2009
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Browser question. I seem to be unable to upload today from IE6. While I know no one in their right mind still uses IE6, I need to use it for IT/software compatibility reasons. Is this a temporary glitch, or are my days as an iReporter over? Will anyone miss me? Will parties be held to celebrate my departure?

March 18, 2009
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Change is good. I might suggest a cartoon of the day feature and although I'd love it to be me there are plety of Cartoonists that should get an opportunity. With the amount of Cartoonists that are loosing news paper positions it would be interesting to have a feature that focuses on the issue. The people I talk to still love cartoons and can't understand the logic of gettin rid of them. Keep up the good work!

March 18, 2009
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hey, David, I wasn't able to rate someone's Ireport but it was not mine, it was Ryn's-we have completely different IP's and live in different states and are different people LOL

March 18, 2009
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Anyone have an answer on the browser issue? Indy says he can't upload from Firefox, either.

March 18, 2009
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The update is causing a few problems.

1. Comments are nor showing up or getting double posted.

2. Ratings are not showing up on other users.

3. You can sometimes rate multiple times.

4. Site is lagging big time.

5. When you log in, when you move to another page you get logged out.


iReport you have some big issues to fix. As I travel the site it is making people frustrated, myself included.

March 18, 2009
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And why can we no longer post in plain text? HTML is fine, but sometimes plain text is easier to work with?

March 18, 2009

Try color coding the iReport Team along with yourself (RED)... So, users will know just, to whom to address questions to and to whom to expect a reply from.  Rather than everybody floating like a sea of faces. Distinguish yourself and your team Davidw, for this will help the new comers that I've invited. Then sweep the room; to see if there is ANYBODY, who has yet to be addressed on the board -  prior to adjourning the discussion.


March 18, 2009

Good you can't rate yourself... lol I see alot of popularity headed out the window. lol

March 18, 2009
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I have been trying to upload a video since noon today.

It might get as far as 60% and freeze.

It is well below the limit.

I tried firefox and yahoo. Yahoo won't budge, firefox tries.

This is so frustrating.

March 18, 2009
Click to view Ryn's profile

I like the improvements!

March 19, 2009
Click to view celh's profile

Today  has been so frustrating..It is 2 am P. time and I came back to check i reports out and still am not able to upload. Can not post. And keep getting knocked off..

Hope things work better soon..

Feels like 'dial up'   has come back to haunt me...:)

March 19, 2009
Click to view rosehips's profile

just some of the issues I am having:

there is no live link to a post that I receive a notification about.


what happened to the mark-up help? I use that all the time.


why do we need to refresh to see our comments? that's tedious.

I'm sure I have more, but that's all for now. Thank you for the changes and for giving ireporters the opportunity to give input.

March 19, 2009
Click to view NERanger's profile

sorry I will not be able to be at the roundtable but i would like to reiterate that although the changes have a few gltiches you are still working on, I presume, I like the changes and would like to see even more!

I would point out, hwoever, twice today I hit the "report viloaiton" for a reporter who told another reporter (LadyshoodJournal) to "shut up." The comment was still there a moment ago and seems pretty basic against the rules of behavior to me - brings up that consistency questoin.

but again - thanks very much.

March 19, 2009
Click to view daldhameeye's profile

isuport the improvement

March 19, 2009

Absolutely Awesome! I'm almost in disbelief. I can't express how well I think these improvements are thought out and implimented. Even better, I can stop complaining...LOL.


2 thumbs up IR Team!



March 26, 2009

1) Since the last changes on IReport I cannot update the text of my stories. I need this for instance to correct some typos.

2) Could anybody tell me how to split the text. Before
it was just using enter, should I use now HTML codes?
for instance
. Thanlk you.

April 1, 2009
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December 4, 2009
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