Thursday, March 19, 2009
Out-of-work journalist finds outlet on iReport and CNN

Know what it's like to be laid off? Joe Cortez sure does. He's a photojournalist from Columbus, Ohio, and he's been laid off three times. And how does this down-on-his-luck journalist spend his newfound free time? By doing what he does best: Shooting a story about it.


Joe interviewed Paul VanAtta, who found himself out of work after spending his entire life in the automotive industry, and produced a nicely edited video package based on the interview. Then he met Angie Massie - executive producer for CNN Newsroom with Rick Sanchez - via Skype. Angie was convinced that Joe's voice was perfect for the show, and decided to do something that's not often done on CNN: Run his entire iReport package on the air.


Joe's iReport was played on the air Tuesday, and he used his webcam to do a quick live interview with Rick Sanchez as well. Way to go, Joe! We look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

You can catch Joe’s segment on CNN Newsroom with Rick Sanchez here .

March 20, 2009
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Enough already!!! I have had it with the media constantly weighing and scrutinizing EVERY THING THE PRESIDENT SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF people had been paying attention and scrutinizing EVERYTHING George Bush said and did, the country wouldn't be in the state it's in today!!!!!!! Get a grip, and get off the Presidents case!For crying out loud, let the man do his job, and get rid of the microscope!!!

March 21, 2009
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There plenty of volunteer positions that will lead you to a job. You must be very persistent and pushy. Go back to school.

March 23, 2009
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March 24, 2009
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Does CNN know that Joe Cortez was in the show 'Beauty and the Geek' last year?

April 8, 2009
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We need more reporters and journalists! Would somebody please tell me why Republican views against Obama are considered news?  Only in America can we have a poll asking whether we approve of nude teen texting, while some congressional members outright oppose regulating AK47 weapons!  No wonder people are pulling off their clothes!

April 9, 2009
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well, if everyone is nude texting; they can't sell as many playboy mags.  also people rather see real flesh instead of air brush.  this applies to folks that walk around with their clothes off their butts and think it attractive.  it's an environmental thing.  notice not one playbunny house has been forclosed?

December 4, 2009
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March 17, 2010
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