Friday, March 27, 2009
Great Plains flooding: Telling the whole story

If you pay attention to the news, you probably know that the Red River has reached a record level in Fargo, North Dakota. What you may not know is that other cities and towns are bracing for major flooding, too.


Thanks to iReporters, areas outside of Fargo are getting their due attention. Jennalee02 is shooting video diaries in Moorhead, Minnesota, across the river from Fargo. JeffNND shared photos from Lisbon and Milnor, North Dakota. And skinner09 captured floodwaters near the highway in Little Eagle, South Dakota.


Check out this iReport map to see photos and video of the widespread flooding.


It’s difficult for large media organizations to cover severe weather events in all the affected areas, and that’s why iReporters are such a valuable asset. Through your photos, videos and personal anecdotes, you help to tell the entire story.

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