Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Passions run high over Miss USA and Perez Hilton

After Perez Hilton blasted Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean for her answer on the issue of same-sex marriage, many iReporters reacted, sharing their views on the controversy on video and through comments.



NakedBoyNews declared that Miss California USA was “Miss Informed, ” OCGirl said that Hilton “crossed the line, ” while JimMorrison1 said that those against same-sex marriage were using the flap to spread “misinformation." ANAV defended Prejean, even going as far as to call her “the real winner.”

The flap even  prompted butterfly1 to sit down with her husband to discuss the issue for the first time.


Check out more from ReallyRick, kbrown0419, adriana71 and MelissaF as seen on Live, and share your thoughts here.

April 22, 2009
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perez hitler had no business being a judge and no business coming up with that question, it was bait and bait alone for his own agenda, he admitted he came up with that question, why the judges allowed it is beyond me.  Donald Trump is an idiot for letting hitler be a judge, bad judgement.

April 22, 2009
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you can click on my name to see my iReport on this subject.

April 22, 2009

I say come on over to my page to test the true pulse of what gays in America really think about Perez Hilton and this situation. Read my blog on if you wanna know the dirty details of what I think about Perez and the way he is using this pageant as a divisive tool in order to gain fame for himself. He doesn't represent gays in America. He represents Perez (talentless) Hilton!

April 22, 2009
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Hey how do u post??

April 23, 2009
Click to view KCRep's profile on the upload tag on top of your page then follow the directions, have a picture to upload before you start.

April 23, 2009
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What was a gay dude doing judging a Miss America pagent anyway?  He obviously doesn't get it. Send Perez to talk to the Taliban and show how tolerant he can be.

April 23, 2009
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I don't really think that Perez was mad about what she said because think about it, if he was mad @ her for not apporving of gay marriage, he should be mad at the majority of California as well. The only thing wrong about her answer was the way she said it.

April 23, 2009
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Opinionated -- please clarify your comment.  What would have been the right way for her to say it?  She was honest in her answer and Hilton only showed his bigotry for punishing her for it.

April 23, 2009
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Hollywood Elite Still Kicking Christian Beauty


E! Online asks, “Is Miss California the New Joe the Plumber?”

April 23, 2009
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This is a message that I chose to submit to Miss California on her private MySpace website.  I believe she has maintained and shown to be a proponent of the very expansion of freedom and freedom retention that we seek in the progression of our society.   Miss Prejean had and retains the same right to respond to an open-ended question posed by Mr. Hilton as he was provided constitutionally in his inquiry.


Full text of letter:


"Good day to you!


I want to congratulate you on your runner-up win in the Miss USA pageant!  While I am not your typical observer of the pageant atmosphere I have been highly impressed by recent news reports of your chosen words.  The comments that have plastered the media across the country - likely the world - have ignited a debate on a topic that truely needs no discussion!


I would like to further congratulate you on your fortitude to stand-up and answer a question of opinion by stating what you truely believed to be the right answer!!!  Thank you for standing up for what you believe to be true!


I am a gay male in Florida.  I have been exposed to both sides of the spectrum of opinions as a result of my sexual orientation and as a direct result of my Christian profession of faith.  Both lead to intense, but opposing theories of the gay marriage debate. 


The comment that you made regarding gay marriage was your belief and a strong stance to your belief system.  Thank you for not only professing your beliefs out loud, but maintaining support - whether intentional or by default - of the rights of citizens of the United States of America to voice their thoughts and opinions in public and private!  You were asked an open answer and thereby provided an open answer.  Those of us within the confines of this nation and abroad who have chosen to attack you based upon your chosen response are the very "minority" and challenged population that seeks our own expansion and retention of freedom and rights.  The gay populous, and other minority or political sub-groups, are seeking to weaken your freedoms yet expand their own.  I am perplexed by the consistency that this pursuit fails to achieve and certainly continue to stand-fast in your support!


Well done!  This from a young caucasian, Christian, gay male & minority!  All my best!


Respectfully yours,


Nathaniel Dotson

city, FL"

April 28, 2009
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perat hilton is one reason why the majority of Americans don't support gay marriage. He is a dirty little unhappy faggot. He stands out as a vile diseased creep and doesn't represent gay people but he is a boil on the face of gay society. Hilton is a fascist bigot the same as a skinhead is, neither can respect other peoples beliefs. Until common respect of religious beliefs and non- relious beliefs exists worms like Hilton will set gays back.

April 30, 2009
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On the Today Show Carrie PreJean, further embarrassed herself by using the sanctity of marriage as her platform to keep the lime light on herself.


I am so grateful that she was not chosen as the reigning Miss USA, as her prejudices and vindictive nature would have been a complete disgrace to America's Values, as she so shamelessly displays now in every photo op, and interview she can get.


I am a fan of beauty contests, and grew up with them as common television time with my entire family. 

However, with contestants not being properly screened for their ability to project their individual view seperated from that of the country that she will represent has really gone to the dogs.


The answer that she provided on that stage should have directly influenced the judges to score her lower, as her job was going to be to represent the American People, whom are not all beautiful blondes, with blue eyes, and as anerexic as they come.


The American people are diverse, and as for the sanctity of marriage, come on!

Divorce rates in America have been on the rise for years, and multiple marriages in one life time has become common place.


Marriage was made political centuries ago, and is a religious belief not held by the majority of Americans.  That is why more and more states are legalizing same sex marriage.


99% of my family and friends will tell you that marriage is about economics, not love.

Love is the inspiration to be with a person whether your married or not, but economically, you need that stupid certificate so that if anything does happen to your partner, insurance, and death benefits will appropriately be paid out.


Carrie Prejean was representing her religion when she supplied the American viewers with her answer, and she was not representing the country.  Thankfully!


This is why I have nothing to do with any religion.  I am so tired of inequality, and prejudice being shoved down my throat by these fanatics, that believe they are above everyone else.


I want a global representative such as Miss USA is, to represent the moral values of equality,  and freedom from oppression for all citizens of America as our Declaration of Independence so Boldly states.


When Carrie Prejean opened her mouth to respond to the question, and began with how thankful that she was, that she lives in a country where same sex marriage is a choice, I about fell out of my chair.  It is becoming a choice, but not without a fight for that freedom.


And, this morning, on the Today show, she now states as arrogantly as she can, that her family's views, and prejudices are the views of the rest of the country.  And that she doesn't believe that equality should be considered for the homosexual community.


Why Carrie Prejean decided to attack the gay community on a whole, because she blames her prejudiced answer as the cause for her loss of the crown, is beyond me.

In truth she should be blaming her parents for teaching her such poor human ethics, but instead she is showing very poor judgement, and further disrespect for the position she held as a representative of her state.


Her Vindictive attack is uncalled for, the gay community did not ask her the question.  One judge did, but instead of ruining her career by taking on the person that made Carrie Prejean show her true colors, she has chosen to attack a community that has done nothing to her.


I personally think that she should lose any crown that she currently holds, and that she be banned from all beauty contests, that represent an entire community.

If she wants to be a pin up girl for the banks, I have no problem with that, they apparently share the same values of inequality.


Personally, I am a hedersexual woman, but I have no issue with same sex relationships, and the fact that there are people in America still harboring such prejudices in this day and time in American history is a real shameful thing.


To me people that hold tight to these ancient prejudices are still stuck in the past, and by their own doing will have no place in the future as they will wipe themselves out with the violence they inspire through their prejudices.


And, with each public spot light cast on this woman, I am ever more grateful for judges like the one who thought seriously about this woman's position as a representative of American Values, and asked that hard question.  



May 8, 2009
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December 4, 2009
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January 18, 2010
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January 25, 2010

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