Thursday, April 30, 2009
iReporters go on air with breaking news

From Live Associate Producer Sarah Hill:

The Swine flu is an ever-developing story that has brought out iReports in stride, and two iRerpoters, MarisolMX and HonduRican had a unique, first person insight into the potential pandemic that threatens the globe.

They were each able to join Live anchors Reggie Aqui and Naamua Delaney in the live noon show to share their experiences via Skype.

Marisol Rodriguez shared her fears about walking in the streets of Mexico City, and even discussed making her own mask. Melvin Francisquini spoke about his interrupted fun as he just arrived in Mexico City when a state of emergency was called.

If you have a swine-flu related experience to share, submit your iReport!

May 1, 2009
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It has always bothered me but during this flu season , I would like to see the Reporters advise people not to blow out Birthday candles.


It seems that no other time in or normal day would we let individuals blow on our food.


So I ask that you advise everyone and especially children

to Stop Blowing out candles on Birthday cakes

and yes I understand that I am a Party pooper

May 1, 2009
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Although I have concerns surrounding the H1N1 virus, and deeply saddened by the deaths of those individuals who have succumbed to the virus, I believe that the H1N1 virus has infected a number of people prior to the outbreak in record numbers in Mexico.  Many of your viewers are aware that there are as many deaths from individuals who have been diagnosed with influenza.  However, I suppose with the outbreak in records numbers in Mexico has brought more awareness and more concern.  The question I ask is whether the strains of flu have been tested prior to this latest flu epidemic?  If not, who is to state that this same type of strain has not been infecting people prior to H1N12009?  There is however, a positive in bring more awareness to keeping the hands washed, and paying more attention to eating habits and other precautionary measures warranted in the wake of the H1N1 crisis.


LeNora Bowles, Memphis


May 1, 2009
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I live in Texas, and recently the only things I'm seeing on the news are what gov. Perry said about Texas separating from the u.s. Forget what he said! We're not going anywhere, and furthermore because of the many of Texas family member in Mexico MANY Texans are coming down with cold, the regular flu, or even the H1N1. We have problems going on and all anyone's focusing is what ONE person said.


Last week, another San Antonio near my house closed and now everyone at my school is scared we're going to be next...


This not about one person its about people getting sick and the panic its causing Texans.

May 1, 2009
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Good Day,


I would just like to share my views.


It is important to me that President Obama does not undo everything good that the Bush Administration put into effect during his presidency.


As far as Souter being replaced in June, I would like to see a female”Clarence Thomas” type of Black African woman be appointed to the Supreme Court. I would like to think that’Liberal Democracy’ will not entirely rule in President Barack Obama’s 4 year term.


Call me old fashioned.  I don’t believe that Women, earning a 40 hour a week paycheck spells liberation for women. Also, since we traditionally give more of ourselves to our children for “Quality Time”, once we have worked all day we then, come home and need to be the ruling Queen of shift #2.  Who doesn’t want a break after they have worked all day?  But how does a woman take the blinder’s off her mate’s eyes and teach him how to do shift #2 when she gets home from work with her?


May God be the judge of fairness of who gets elected to this Very Important Office.


I am tired of thinking that the Democrats now that they are back in Office, think they can do whatever they want and not take everyone’s feelings into consideration.


J. K.


May 3, 2009
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Well I have heard that now the flu isnt that bad. 

Very scarey situation that we have here....


May 5, 2009
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College Station Tx has a report at Pebble Creek Elementary.


We were on the Carnival Ecstasy, day 2, when they announced we will not be porting anywhere. We floated around the gulf for 4 day, cam back early to bring a crew member who was sick back. Carnival's response too bad, so sad, you are out of luck and out of money.

December 5, 2009
December 21, 2009
March 17, 2010
April 3, 2010
April 20, 2010
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