Friday, May 08, 2009
'Chuck vs. the iReporters'

We wanted to know which network show  you wanted to save and you spoke loud and clear: iReporters want their “Chuck”!

Fans of NBC’s action comedy are determined  to get it renewed for a third season and hardcore fans turned up in droves posting their videos on saying why they want the show to come back  (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was also well represented.) We received  iReports from four countries.


Well, the great folks at  Live just had to let the “Chuck” crew know how much they were loved on iReport, so they put iReporter GrayJones, one of the first people online to suggest a “Save Chuck” campaign, on  air with the show’s stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez. GrayJones got to ask three of the biggest  questions posed by fans, and Levi and Gomez thanked him for his efforts. It was  truly a magical moment, and you can check it out here!


In the meantime, if you want to  share your “Chuck” love, or tell us why another show should be saved, post your video here!

May 8, 2009
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Chuck?... no... "up-chuck"...

May 8, 2009
Click to view Kira002's profile

Love that the fan voice was so well represented. And Zac and Josh are hilarious! Love those guys!

May 8, 2009
Click to view GrayJones's profile

It was a blast to talk with Zac and Josh!  I have spoken with them before over the phone, and they are the real deal.  Their chemistry both off-screen and on is very obvious, and their almost-brotherly friendship on the show is one of the most endearing reasons to watch Chuck.


Chuck has something for everyone, young and old.  Its excellent comedy, romance, and relationship writing comes from writers of such shows as Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Veronica Mars and the O.C.  The editing is award-winning.  The actors are all extremely talented and versatile.  It deals with important themes of family relationships, confidence in yourself, and making a difference in our world, and yet not in a heavy handed or obvious way.  The tone is unlike any other show on television.  And it does all this without resorting to unnecessary sex, nudity, or bad language, so it is safe for virtually all ages.


Above all that, it is FUN.


What other show can say all this?

May 8, 2009
Click to view JenATL's profile

We love Chuck!  It's about time there is something good on TV.  I'm sick of the 'reality shows' dominating the airwaves (and the airheads that come with it).  Chuck is something I can watch that is relaxing, funny, and unique.  Save Chuck!

May 8, 2009
Click to view mrs1210's profile

My entire family loves Chuck and have been following it since the pilot. When our daughter's grades started to drop she reminded herself that "the cool spies all went to college." And, the intersect vs folcrum (good vs evil) plots always keeps her spirits up that there isn't all bad out there in the world. I hope to see NBC keep an awesome show!!

May 8, 2009
Click to view JayLeigh's profile

I wouldn't say all that about chuck....but what I like about it is that its silly and that's all it ever claims to be.  Its just silly fun.


Unfortunately people watch this dancing, singing crap more....and its cheaper to produce, so its hard for scripted shows to stick around.

May 8, 2009
Click to view travian4's profile

Chuck is my favorite show I would boycott nbc if they cancel the show



May 8, 2009
Click to view azshai's profile

Chuck makes my Monday nights! If I have had a bad day of work, I like to come home and laugh a bit with Chuck and Casey! :)

May 8, 2009
Click to view adriana71's profile

I usually like these shows. I just never got into this one.

May 8, 2009
Click to view BigDFromUpAb's profile

I’m a huge fan of Chuck. Can’t wait for season 3 of Chuck. NBC is crazy not to renew CHUCK. We need a season 3 after that cliffhanger.


For CHUCK Fans, see my Custom Intersect Video Wall created with Motion and After Effects.


I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your own video wall like this in Apple’s Motion soon. In the meantime enjoy the video.


Watch the Custom Intersect Video and tell me what you think at


“Chuck Me”

May 9, 2009
Click to view labbaby's profile

Chuck must be saved! We need all the geek heros we can get. And Zac is way too cute to take off the air.

May 9, 2009
Click to view anoname's profile

I registered just to comment on Chuck. Josh Gomez and Zach Levi are both awesome and talented, and Chuck is the best show on TV right now.


Long Live Chuck!

May 9, 2009
Click to view CensoredNews's profile

Long Live Chuck!


Please NBC, do something right this year!



May 9, 2009
Click to view Margot707's profile

Chuck? Really? Watched it once and thought it was the dumbest thing on TV after The Office.

May 9, 2009
Click to view tcoveney's profile

If Fox TV can't market a show with Summer Glau as a fembot, what is this country coming to?

May 9, 2009
Click to view jugidomun's profile

Monday used to be a depressing day, but with Chuck, it became my favorite day. Chuck is the best show!

May 9, 2009
Click to view HeckRandy's profile

"Chuck" offers the hope that anyone can become extraordinary, save the day, and find their soul-mate in spite of - or because of - their limitations. While it's formula and gratuitous, it's also entertaining and in a tangible sense more real than the reality shows that are increasingly dominating and infecting our prime-time lives. Save Chuck or live with continually being voted off the island.

May 9, 2009
Click to view Tomm888's profile

YES CHUCK!  There are blogs all over the internet with Chuck fans demanding that the show be renewed.  Check Facebook or MySpace or even the iReports here!

It is not top of the line brain food entertainment, but it is fun.  The character Chuck always takes the high road when it comes to moral decisions and the right thing to do.  Chuck appeals to young and not so young in a lighthearted and appealing way.  I find it much more entertaining than watching obese people lose weight! What are those network suits thinking???


May 9, 2009
Click to view kevinsmom's profile

There is something wrong with the Nielson ratings - I don't buy it.  Everyone I know watches Chuck.  It is the smartest show on tv right now. Most shows I record then watch them the next day - I can't with Chuck!  I need my Chuck immediately!! 

May 9, 2009
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Ever since Chuck started, we've watched! Our whole family watches it!! It is the only program I get my husband to turn to when there is any sports on t.v.!!! I like the silliness of it!! What is wrong with a show that is just FUN???!!!??!

May 9, 2009
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I watched Chuck the first season, and then lost interest.  Then I discovered Sarah Connor....I have to say I was dubious at first, Terminator on tv...didn't think they could do it.  But they far exceeded my expectations.  Chuck is a good show, but Sarah Connor is AWESOME

May 10, 2009
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I just discovered Chuck recently and I'm attempting to catch up. I mean it's ridiculous but so charming. The character of Chuck is like a mixture of Jim from the Office and Seth Cohen from the OC, and I find him absolutely adorable. I need my fix of cute fictional characters! Basically, I support anything Josh Schwartz because honestly he is just amazing. Can we please save the few shows on tv that aren't completely terrible/"reality"?! Save Chuck!

May 10, 2009
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Please save Chuck. It is one of my favourites here in France, even though it is translated into French.

May 10, 2009
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Save Chuck and save it for 2 years at least. A show with potential and brainstorming story. We call it Chuck. Save Chuck no matter what the cost is. Love Chuck Love Sarah and LOVE MORGAN definitely. We want Chuck.

May 12, 2009

Bring back CHUCK

May 13, 2009
Click to view KCRep's profile

Who's Chuck?

May 21, 2009
Click to view HeckRandy's profile

Very glad to see Chuck is back for next season, even if it has to share a timeslot with Heroes. Chuck is our "Hero" anyway.

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