Friday, May 22, 2009
Head-to-head: Newspaper lovers vs. online news junkies

The sluggish economy has hurt the newspaper industry and we were curious how iReporters felt about it. We heard from people like JimMorrison1 who love the touch and feel of a printed paper (especially its crossword puzzles), versus wjoreilly who says online news is the wave of the future. Among the numerous responses, we also heard from paper readers davidjw and edwaters. On the online side, we got videos from iReporters like ejusten and journalism student krisitay

The responses really made us think, so we decided to try something a little different in presentation of the stories we received. The two videos you see here utilize kinetic typography, a technique where words dance across the viewing area as the speaker says them. The people speaking behind the words are the iReporters mentioned above. Are you a newspaper person, or do you like to get your news online? Click on the thumbnails to take a look at the two sides, and then tell us where you stand in this debate.

May 23, 2009
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That came out awesome!  Nice work Nicole!

May 23, 2009
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With regard to "paper" vs "online"...I've gotten comfortable viewing stories on-line since I work in the IT industry. Viewing the computer display is second nature to me. 


At the same time, there are "some" aspects that are better supported (at present) by hard-copy...crosswords being one example. I would also think the "classified" section which you can take it with you & hilite the "ad" of interest easily is one, and the special sale announcements/coupons for the local grocery/pharmacy/etc store are another.


Give it another 25-30 yrs, and the cell phone/PDA/pocket computer (like iPhone) "marriage" will probably make all hard copy print largely obsolete ( except for special circumstances) by proving coverage for ALL the current print features (incl those mentioned above) plus any others not mentioned. And the reasoning is simple...cost.


Digital info is cheaper to generate and distribute than print. So just as "printed" text replaced scribes hand-copying books, digital will end up replacing the mechanically printed medium at some point in the not too distant future.

May 23, 2009
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We've heard about the "sustainable forest" but the reality is there is no sustainability with population growth and global warming taking over/killing open forest land. 

I hate the idea that the printing presses will become dust-laden machines only seen in museums.  I LOVE books and newpapers. It is sad to see them fade away in my life-time.


Former Army Journalist

May 24, 2009
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Having been reading since before online news evolved I have many tree based sources of specific info I continue to receive. That being said I prefer my current info to arrive via the internet while it is still news and not history. I hope the print industry wakes up to an easily renewable pulp source like hemp for printed matter before all of our forests are gone forever.

May 24, 2009
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ed to make sure our veterens and volinteers , can have absolute assurance of having a roof over their head....NO MATTER WHAT !!!! Well that is my first on the topic , and be assured it won,t be my last. Thanks for hearing me out.



May 24, 2009
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There is nothing like a newspaper opened in front of you as you have breakfast, online reading can never provide that.  Reading as you sit in a tub, soaking out all the preasures of the day is not an advisable online reading activity.


I do read online articles constantly.  I also own several eBooks which I use for my job. But there is nothing like a physical paper book/news paper when you are trying to become comfortable. 


Will electronic reading take over paper reading materials? Sadly, yes.  Will this take away from the joy of reading?  Not for everyone. But, I must say that I much prefer paper reading material over electronic material. Chuckle, except when I am carrying it back and forth to work.  Or copying and pasting into code I am working on.


May 24, 2009
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There is nothing like a newspaper opened in front of you as you have breakfast, online reading can never provide that.  Reading as you sit in a tub, soaking out all the preasures of the day is not an advisable online reading activity.


I do read online articles constantly.  I also own several eBooks which I use for my job. But there is nothing like a physical paper book/news paper when you are trying to become comfortable. 


Will electronic reading take over paper reading materials? Sadly, yes.  Will this take away from the joy of reading?  Not for everyone. But, I must say that I much prefer paper reading material over electronic material. Chuckle, except when I am carrying it back and forth to work.  Or copying and pasting into code I am working on.


May 24, 2009
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May 24, 2009
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I think the last time I bought a newspaper was a little over 2 years ago...

May 26, 2009
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I prefer newspapers but have given them up to save trees. I get most of my news from ireports now. hahaaha no wonder my view of the world is so skewed. lol

May 28, 2009
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Newspapers are going the same direction as a horse and buggy when Henry Ford invented the car or records and 8 track tape. Sure a few nostalgic people will continue to enjoy a newspaper, but that number will only dwindle over time. Let the news companies adapt to the new evolutions of the internet or let them fade away. Companies that fail to adapt to a changing world tend to fail. The auto industry failed to adapt and we should not be bailing them out for that mistake. We should not help the newspaper industry either...

Adapt or fail.

May 29, 2009
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Thursday, May 28, 2009 

July 4th: California's New Crystal Night...

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May 28


Talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger - MSN Encarta




Subject: July 4th California's New Crystal Night

Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 20:15:07 -0700


July 4th: California's New Crystal Night...


Sadly history is slowly being repeated our moral majority slowly dwindles to once again fall upon the deafened ears of the many. While the few the blind; the disadvantaged, and our poor, fall's once again against the dawn slowly fading with no voice that calls or rings out in there defense.

No not today or will it ever be mentioned as this sinking ship being silently set adrift by the same echoes of the past. Once again sailed into the present saying in order to keep our ship afloat is to throw the least of our masses of those who remain over the edge. Not mentioning robbing the defenseless even further those on, Supplemental Social Security  incomes by this States own standard divisive mandates to aid our

Disabled, and Blind, of even the least fundamental means of support in basic income granted by our State of California. Within the level of those disadvantaged

who's by the incomes of a single qualifying disabled persons check is now being decreased again for a second time, from $907.00 to just $850.00 per month and is now being decreased by the State of California. Now deprived of income where even inflation by any standard of the State of California demands otherwise.

It is fact not a conspiracy of our many, and of those whom have no voice or ability to defend themselves or of those: being the poor, or of the disabled, and blind, by the same sacking of there homes by: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his own threatening statements canceling payments to our poor's welfare programs announced

today and just prior to our Day of Independence within just days of the Forth of 4th of July this 2009.

In the very face of own liberty by proclamation, by defending the weak and defenseless and in the aid of our poor united. Who was it that said; those the lend themselves to forget the past, are bound to repeat the past. Who has now, just as was then in germany on that fateful night to become what is known in our history as (Germany's Crystal Night) now unveiled is his truer beliefs Governor Arnold

Schwarzenegger in his very own statements now recently released are the very unveiling of his truer concepts of nationalism, who was born within the same concepts of Germany there in Austria, fathered by the same principles of the past he claimed to reject. To the demoralizing our poor by his statements claiming is better served to strip lower socioeconomic levels, to save the upper and middle classes. In his own statements he concludes to cut off all income to the welfare programs of those needy, for the survival of the rest of California, and it is the only way this sinking ship of Californian will survive!

By stripping there income in the very same dehumanizing process, as it was then in World War II, in his concepts now reversed of his own moral obligation to our poor, to the needy, to the defenseless, blind, and disabled. By the same concept of the survival of the fittest, is not only a very flawed concept of governing, but a extremely dangerous one. As we must know there is a conclusive moral here that we now overlooked. Is in the very basic morals to this fanatical story, is it may, and could, very well happen to anyone! That one day at any given moment a person should be right as rain, and on top of the world one minute, and then suddenly end up in a wheelchair the next. And just because you may say why should I worry about the poor or disabled or defenseless? Why should I care it certainly does not apply to me today, right?

Dead Wrong! The question you should be asking yourself is what kind of Governor who has now threatened to cut off the income of few, to care for the incomes of the many! Or what is such a big deal when it is only to this date a small deduction of a mere $57.00 of a single on a SSI Check is as equal to going into anyone person home, and removing $57.00 dollars in groceries, or utilities, or rent! For the fittest in his not so old ideals of fascism bringing back the now repeated history of late germany's same flawed concept that was ingrained in those same many falling to deaf ears of

of the needy that then spread to boarding concurred in the loss of what then became victims of millions even still remains as those same deaf ears remind us "we never knew" or "we were never told" that then remained silent and did nothing. In the survival of the fittest! It is we who then came to there aid that stood by our principles to defend the defenseless. And it was certainly not by the words, or deeds, of those as California's Governor Schwarzenegger

By first stripping our poor of there basic rights; and needs, of living, to even the most menial means of support. As it is by these few that above all deserve our aid and protection, the defenseless who are on the bottom. As to in blatancy say; well we are very sorry about your checks, but it is we the people that have now come to believe ( and we now need your money more then you do) for our own survival, and is in effect by the fact really being defined as subhuman, and are now those who are

in a state of becoming expendable.

And tomorrow my good friend is, it could be you!

I am not only calling for the resignation but the

impeachment of: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Donald Clair McQuary

Crestline, California


your comments are always welcome


viewa all my blogs here at:

June 4, 2009
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As the current trends shows us, the good old fashion traditional newspaper is quickly evaporating primarily because of the popularity & easy access to the internet (on-line) news, the older generation people are slowly passing away, and lastly the issues of killing tress for newspaper is a major concern for many. However I do believe that there will still be a demand for newspapers but just not the same high volume that it was once was accustomed to, before the internet.


A good personal friend of mine lost his job at the LA Times last year after 18 years of service because of this changing trend. He is fully aware of how the media is changing & how people are getting their news. His advice in general to others & himself was, "get with the program, get on the band wagon or find a new career". 

June 4, 2009
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I love newspapers but if I had to decide, on-line news is the way to go for me!

December 4, 2009
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